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Sensory Toys And Sensory Lighting
sensory toys Sensory Toys and Special needs toys ideas
At Sensory Education you can choose from our sensory balls, educational toys, swings and pretend play toys. Many of our sensory items are multisensory providing pressure, weight, sound, colour, tactile and messy play attributes.Parents and schools love our sensory products for their functionality and durability and affordability.
Balance and Balancing Toys
Balancing tools that are fun and help develop sensory integration and muscle response. These toys help promote and build stronger muscles through balance, coordination, and movement,great for children with special needs.
Bubble Tubes
A Bubble Tube is a must for any sensory room and enviroment. The Colour changing colours of the bubble tubes create a calming and relaxing multi sensory environment which will calm and relax children and adults alike.
Classroom and Nursery Furniture
If you're updating your school or nursery furniture, we have a wide range of resources to create exciting learning spaces like; tables & chairs, classroom storage, classroom furniture, office furniture and soft furnishings to suit all budgets and taste.
A great range of Clockwork toys which is a great fun way to develop fine motor skills through play.
Communication products
We have a wide variety of communication aids to assist communication. From simple understanding communication to more detailed communication we have the solution for your family.
Dens And Accessories
We have gathered all our den resources in one place, everything from the award winning Dark Den and the sensory play items that go with it to materials, fabrics, and pegs for creating your own dens.
Fidget toys
Fidget toys are toys to help with focus, attention, calming, and active listening. Fidget toys come in all different shapes, sizes, and textures
Fine and Gross Motor Skills
A fantastic range of resources which will help develop and maintain Fine and Gross Motor Skills.
Garden sensory play
A range of special needs and sensory toys aimed at Children with special needs which will entertain and engage and really make outdoor play a sensory heaven.
Glow in the dark and light up toys
Glow in the dark and light up toys are a great way to encourage concentration and focus and are a great visual processing resource. A fun way to engage children and distract them and work with eye tracking skills and hand to eye co-ordination. Use as a reward and provide a great distraction in times of distress all glow and light up toys provide a great way to provide happiness on the move. Glow in the dark toys are all charged by natural light or room lighting which is absorbed and ready to produce stunning effects in darkness. Glow in the dark toys provide a stunning addition to any sensory room and sensory enviroment and children will the glow in the dark effects as they glow around the room providing a great source of focus. Glow in the dark resources are an excellent way to stimulate and engage in a UV sensory room as the lighting from the sensory uv lighting ensures that all glow in the dark toys look stunning when reacting. View our range of sensory glow in the dark toys and our amazing sensory light up toys which are perfect for sensory play or even the school disco or holiday parties.
Imaginative Play Resources
Young children learn by imagining and doing. Have you ever watched your child pick up a stone and pretend it is a zooming car, or hop a Lego across the table as if it were a person or a bunny? Your child is using an object to represent something else while giving it action and motion. But this pretend play is not as simple as it may seem.
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Jumbo Carpet Puzzles
We use innovative technology to manufacture modern, colourful, bright and extremely hard-wearing Polyester Felt puzzles, designed specifically to aid children in their development. Each puzzle has large tactile pieces, ideal for small hands that fit together snugly and securely Designed to be used alone or by several children at once, our Jumbo-puzzles are ideal for the learning of key formative skills and the stimulation and development of children’s imagination. Jumbo-puzzles are made from 100% Polyester
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Light boxes and resources
The exploration of light and shadow is an excellent learning experience for young children. Fun and creative resources for enquiry based learning. Provides a sensory play experience which encourages exploration and discovery
most popular special needs toys
View our range of popular sensory toys which are selling well this past month
Music and Movement
We have an exciting selection of musical instruments, and sound makers to actively engage children and adults in making music and providing Movement.
Outdoor Play
We believe that children should be surrounded by resources which ignite imaginations and inspire learning; the outdoors provides some fantastic opportunities for this. It can be a place for being adventure, lively play and energetic play or just some peace and quiet.
Physical Development
Physical Development ideas aimed at those within the early years settings and those with special needs
Sensory Bath and water toys
Bath times can be a challenge for those with special needs and we have a fantastic range of sensory toys and sensory lights which provide sensory play input within the water enviroment.
Sensory hampers and kits
Our sensory toy hampers provide a collection of sensory toys,fidget toys and sensory lighting providing a whole range of sensory play.
Sensory lighting
Looking for sensory lighting at the right price? Cheap disability aids provide a wide range of sensory lighting to light up your rooms. From calm sensory lights to musical sensory lights we have a wide range of sensory lights to suit most budgets so get your sensory lights at the right price and rest assured that your sensory lighting needs are taken care of.
Sensory Massage and Vibration
Considering that many adults enjoy a nice massage after a tough day, the notion that children and adults with Sensory Processing Disorder can benefit from massage therapy should not be surprising. A massage can chase away the tension of a stressful day, so children who have a stressful disorder would logically benefit.
Sensory Play
View our delightful range of Sensory Play ideas aimed at children.Our wide range of sensory toys are suitable for all price ranges and need.
Sensory Room Furniture
Whether it's a dark room, white room or softplay room then we can help,create the perfect sensory room with ease.
Soft play sensory room
Looking to make your sensory room safer and include a fantastic range of soft and safe sensory featyres then look no further
Special needs chew toys
Many Children with Special needs love to chew and rather than chewing jumper sleeves you can allow your child to safely chew on our amazing chew toys all designed for children with special needs. Using our fantastic special needs chew toys you can allow provide both tactile and proprioceptive therapy input. Chew toys are a great way to to practice both biting and chewing skills and help develop core oral motor skills.
Special Needs Mirrors
Mirror Mirror on the wall whos got the best sensory mirrors of them all – so simple and a great medium for self discovery: for exploring body, face, expression, gesture; your own and those of the person beside you.Mirrors stimulate curiosity, add a whole new dimension to a space, or simply focus a one-to-one moment.
Special needs music and sound toys
Music is a powerful means of engaging children with development disabilities and special needs and our fantastic special needs music range is fun and engaging and at a great price.
Special needs special offers
We will list our special offers in this section. All your sensory toys and health items will be listed on this page
Special Needs Timers
Timers are great visual aids for Children with Special needs and we have a great collection of timers and visual timers which are great for those with special needs
Switch Toys and Switch Adaptors
These switch operated toys offer a quick, fun reward (e.g. movement, lights or music) for children who have severe learning disabilities, sensory impairments and/or physical disabilities.
Tactile touch and feel toys
Our Superb range of Tactile sensory toys are a great way to explore the world of texture's and feels and provide stimulating sensory play time for those with special needs.
Timers and Visual Effects
Our timers and visuals are ideal for teaching time to children with special needs. The visual timers provide the ability to judge how much time is left without having to know how to tell time.
Treasure Baskets and Supplies
A fantastic range of Treasure basket goodies and complete sets ideal for sensory play.
Trikes and Bikes
A great range of trikes and bikes for children with special needs and throughout the early years environment
Trikes and Ride Ons
Improving physical and creative development in children is vital, our fantastic selection of trikes and scooters are ideal for helping children become active and improve not only physical activity but also group play and team-work through play.
Uv sensory light and toys
A great selection of Uv sensory products from Uv sensory lighting to Uv sensory reactive toys
Visual effects
The Visual Effects sectioncontains a whole range of effects that provide dramatic moving colour and altering shapes that will mesmerize and encourage the watcher to concentrate on the reward.
Wall toys and Waiting room toys
Our wall panel toys immerse kids in positive sensory activities including visual tracking, fine motor development, cause and effect, social skills building and pretend play. They feature no loose pieces, are easy-to-clean to satisfy disease and infection control standards.
Weighted Therapy
A wide range of weighted products such as Weighted Blankets,Weighted lap pads and much more

Our amazing range of sensory toys and special needs items
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1 Pack Childrens ear defenders
These ear defenders are perfect for a child who covers their ears when it gets too noisy. They come complete with a comfortable padded head band.
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1 Up Bobble ball
This ball is compact with clever sensory technology that once activated comes alive with flashing lights creating giggles as it jiggles
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1.2 metre Bubble Tower- Freestanding
Our delightful bubble wall creates the ultimate sensory calming oasis that you and your children crave. A delightful product which will enhance your sensory room with a fantastic array of colours and calming influence.
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1.2 metre Giant Dino Mirror
This mirror giant is bound to please! 1.2m high and 600mm wide and made from our specially selected hammer tough plastic safety mirror.Can be used both indoors and outdoors
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10 Football Lights
Set of 10 brilliant white LED football string lights. These football lights are ideal for a bedroom night light or to hang within a sensory den. 
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10 Metre LED Multi-Colour Rope Light
These lights are a fantastic, practical, long-lasting, relaxing, affordable addition! They are certainly one of the safest soothing light options out there.
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10 Shelf Spring Loaded Dryer
This floor standing heavy duty 10 shelf spring loaded drying unit comes complete with 2 castors to enable the unit to be easily moved between classrooms.
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10cm Large Globe Stress Ball
Our Large Globe Stress Ball is a well made and lightweight foam ball with the world at the palm of your hand. Travel around the world in seconds with this soft and squishy stress ball which can be squeezed and squished and when you release the ball, just like magic it returns to its normal shape.
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10cm Light up vibrating massager toy
Just the right size to fit into the palm of your hand, this tactile massager gently vibrates through three pads positioned for optimum pressure. Each of three pads lights up for extra sensory effects combining with the gentle vibrations for a real relaxing treat.
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10ft TP Genius Octagonal2 Trampoline with Igloo Door Entry
Features the new with IGLOO™ door entry system. This unique patent protect design provides a super safe bounce back system to keep jumpers safely on the trampoline. Fun crawl through tunnel and no zips to fail!
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10ft TP Genius Round2 SurroundSafe™ Trampoline
Brand new for 2015, the Genius Round2 trampoline features the new with IGLOO™ door entry system.
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122CM Bubble Wall Panel-Colour Changing
Bubble wall panels transform a room into a whole new sensory experience as it draws interest and grabs attention as the bubble wall panel goes through the colour changing motions and the moving bubbles.
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12ft TP Genius Octagonal2 Trampoline with Igloo Door Entry
Features the new with IGLOO™ door entry system. This unique patent protect design provides a super safe bounce back system to keep jumpers safely on the trampoline. Fun crawl through tunnel and no zips to fail!
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12ft TP Genius Round2 SurroundSafe™ Trampoline
Brand new for 2015, the Genius Round2 trampoline features the new with IGLOO™ door entry system.
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12ft TP Trampeazee Trampoline
This fantastic 12ft trampoline is a great way for youngsters aged six and up to burn off energy. It features stylish arched green uprights and a fully enclosed safety net with zip door to protect children from falling.
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14ft TP Genius Octagonal2 Trampoline with Igloo Door Entry
Features the new with IGLOO™ door entry system. This unique patent protect design provides a super safe bounce back system to keep jumpers safely on the trampoline. Fun crawl through tunnel and no zips to fail!
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16 Domed Mirror panel
The convex mirror domes provide a distorted, fun and interesting view of the world for children to explore.
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16 Pack Play Bean Bags
A fantastic set of 16 bean bags in a variety of mixed colours.
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2 Sided Seat & Browser Unit
A two sided seat and browser unit for children to sit and look through their favourite books. For up to four children.
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20 Balls Kit Multi Sensory
A selection of 20 balls with different textures, colours, density and bounce
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20 Shelf Spring Loaded Dryer
This floor standing heavy duty 20 shelf spring loaded drying unit comes complete with 2 castors to enable the unit to be easily moved between classrooms.
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24 Bubbles Sensory Mirror
Self awareness, funny and crazy reflections - a new generation of moulded mirrors for children. Designed to be mounted on the wall.
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25 Piece Playground Windmill Sensory Set
This lovely Windy Playground Sensory Set contains everything you need to create a stimulating garden or playground.
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26 pack of Alpha Bean bags and crate
These bean bags are great for helping children learn the alphabet and ideal for playing a wide range of early literacy, letter and phonics games.
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2m Circular Tell The Time Carpet And Accessory Pack
A Tell The Time 2m circular carpet ideal for teaching the time and designed to support many of the front-of-class teaching aids.
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3 Giant Big Bubble Mirror
Children love to explore and nothing amazes children more than self exploration and the natural curiousity of there own faces and body
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3 Play Tyres- Outdoor play
Promoting physical development and gross motor skills, there are plenty of opportunities for children to explore with this resource.
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3 Seat Block Colours Sofa
A brightly coloured classic for which is ideal for nurseries and schools.
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3 Shelf A4 Maple Bookcase
This quality maple bookcase is supplied complete with 30 A4 corrugated board library boxes (please specify colour required – packs of 10 – red/blue/yellow or green).
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3 Sided Mini Bookrack
This mobile unit is an ideal addition for the smaller classroom or setting. With 3 easy to access sides it can accommodate up to 75 books face on.
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30cm Mood Block
 The Mood Cube is the ultimate in portable mood lighting, and looks amazing is it gently fazes through various colours
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360 Stunt Racer
The wheels and other prominent features on the car’s body light up, giving an enhanced air of spectacle as it moves and spins in its own special way.
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4 Button Recordable Card
The A4 size is suitable for even the youngest school children while providing four separate recording buttons each with up to 10 seconds recording.
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4 Domed Mirror panel
The convex mirror domes provide a distorted, fun and interesting view of the world for children to explore.
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4 in a Row Game
A large version of the traditional 4 in a row game with a sturdy frame and smooth finished wooden black and red counters.
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40 Large Shelf Mobile Drying Rack
This large 40 shelf (up to A2 size paper) is ideal for moving between classrooms.
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40 Shelf Table Top Dryer
This 40 shelf sturdy paint dryer has perfect spaced shelves for easy use.
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5 Pack of Aroma Playdough
AromaPlay™ Playdough is a wonderful silky smooth dough filled by smell
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5 Peg Boards and Pegs
The set includes 5 square Pegboards each with 100 holes. 1,000 assorted coloured mushroom Pegs and a leaflet containing creative ideas.
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5 Piece Solid Hardwood Kitchen
Hard wearing 5 piece role play kitchen made almost entirely from beautiful Rubberwood.
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58cm Clear Water Play Table
Ultra strong clear, purpose-moulded sand and water tray with lightweight tubular steel frame.
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6 pack of Step a Logs
Encourage confidence and a sense of achievement result from improved co-ordination, balance and correct movement with these Step a logs
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6 Pack Special Needs Sand Timer Kit
This pack of 6 Large Sand Timers with moulded end caps and thick surrounding walls are durable enough for the classroom, clinic or home. For easy identification each timer is colour coded and they’re perfect for use in games, timing experiments and as a behavioural tool.
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6" Infinity Laser Mirror
Colourful LEDs and mirrors create a mesmerising infinity tunnel effect in this unusual mirror.
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60 Minute Jumbo Timer
Bright colours, large displays, and audio and visual cues combine to keep your child on time!
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60cm Peanut Ball
Peanut balls are great for promoting balance and aid in developing muscles, coordination and balance and promoting sensory calming through play
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8 Childrens Play Panel Set
This set comes complete with 8 panels in total; ball track, bead tracker, cog illusion wheels, coutning tile, mirror, whiteboard mirror, clock tower and door!
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8 Note Xylophone
Lets make music with this colourful and durable xylophone which is great for young and old alike and makes a great gift.
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8ft TP Genius Octagonal2 Trampoline with Igloo Door Entry
Features the new with IGLOO™ door entry system. This unique patent protect design provides a super safe bounce back system to keep jumpers safely on the trampoline. Fun crawl through tunnel and no zips to fail!
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9 Bubble Outdoor Mirror
Strong moulded safety mirror, with excellent optical quality. Discover light and reflections with this fascinating convex 9 bubble convex mirror.
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9 Bubble Outdoor Mirror-Gold
Strong moulded safety mirror, with excellent optical quality. Discover light and re?ections with this fascinating convex 9 bubble convex mirror.
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A Giant Top
Develops children’s physical coordination while they play, made of strong plastic for both indoor and outdoor play.
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A Rocking Rody Hopping Horse
This amazing set includes a Rody Hopping Horse and Base which can be used together or you may wish to use Rody without the base outside.
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A Roller Board
You can create an infinite number of games and activities around this child-friendly, circular scooter. Kids can peddle by hand, form a train, play hand-over-shoulder and much more all while developing balance and coordination.
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A SensaTrak
Just the slightest movement inside the Sensa Trak provides children with a variety of motor and sensory input
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A Space light
A lovely star projector light that projects onto the surrounding walls with ease and really lights up the room with a fantastic light effect.
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A Visual Timetable Wall Hanging
Create a visual timetable to help organise a child's day with this handy wall hanging
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A Whizzy Dizzy
Delivery 8th Janaury 2016-Fun comes full circle! Kids won't be able to keep the smiles away when they climb onto the Whizzy Dizzy and start spinning.
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A worry and Wonders Bag
Can be used at home as way of parents and children to discuss worries together, or in small groups or with children with special needs
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Sensory Education customers include The NHS,Surestart,Local Goverment and many more – all making use of and endorsing our special needs toys, sensory toys, and sensory toys.

Many schools and parents use us to provide SEN resources and special edcational needs supplies and they are delighted with the service provided.

Our sensory toys are lower priced than our sensory toy rivals and we even have a fantastic sensory toy price match and we monitor the prices of our sensory toys rivals across the Uk and ensure our sensory toy prices are the best around.

Open up a magical world of sensory play and discovery with our fantastic range of sensory toys and special needs toys.

Our special needs toys and sensory toys enhance and develop skills offering your child the chance to enjoy sensory toys at some of the webs lowest prices.

Special needs toys and sensory toys can inspire and promote learning in all age groups and when your children start exploring our fantastic range of sensory toys you will be glad you found us.

Trust Sensory Education to dispatch our sensory toys fast from our warehouse.

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