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Sensory toys and Sensory lighting
sensory toys and sensory lights
Balance and Balancing Toys
Balancing tools that are fun and help develop sensory integration and muscle response. These toys help promote and build stronger muscles through balance, coordination, and movement.
Bubble Tubes
A Bubble Tube is a must for any sensory room and enviroment. The Colour changing colours of the bubble tubes create a calming and relaxing multi sensory environment which will calm and relax children and adults alike.
Clock work and wind up toys
A great range of Clockwork toys which is a great fun way to develop fine motor skills through play.
Fidget toys
Fidget toys are toys to help with focus, attention, calming, and active listening. Fidget toys come in all different shapes, sizes, and textures
Garden play
A range of special needs and sensory toys aimed at Children with special needs which will entertain and engage and really make outdoor play a sensory heaven.
Glow in the dark and light up toys
Glow in the dark and light up toys are a great way to encourage concentration and focus and are a great visual processing resource. A fun way to engage children and distract them and work with eye tracking skills and hand to eye co-ordination. Use as a reward and provide a great distraction in times of distress all glow and light up toys provide a great way to provide happiness on the move. Glow in the dark toys are all charged by natural light or room lighting which is absorbed and ready to produce stunning effects in darkness. Glow in the dark toys provide a stunning addition to any sensory room and sensory enviroment and children will the glow in the dark effects as they glow around the room providing a great source of focus. Glow in the dark resources are an excellent way to stimulate and engage in a UV sensory room as the lighting from the sensory uv lighting ensures that all glow in the dark toys look stunning when reacting. View our range of sensory glow in the dark toys and our amazing sensory light up toys which are perfect for sensory play or even the school disco or holiday parties.
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Sensory Bath and water toys
Bath times can be a challenge for those with special needs and we have a fantastic range of sensory toys and sensory lights which provide sensory play input within the water enviroment.
Sensory hampers and kits
Our sensory toy hampers provide a collection of sensory toys,fidget toys and sensory lighting providing a whole range of sensory play.
Sensory lighting
Looking for sensory lighting at the right price? Cheap disability aids provide a wide range of sensory lighting to light up your rooms. From calm sensory lights to musical sensory lights we have a wide range of sensory lights to suit most budgets so get your sensory lights at the right price and rest assured that your sensory lighting needs are taken care of.
Sensory Massage and Vibration
Considering that many adults enjoy a nice massage after a tough day, the notion that children and adults with Sensory Processing Disorder can benefit from massage therapy should not be surprising. A massage can chase away the tension of a stressful day, so children who have a stressful disorder would logically benefit.
Sensory Room Furniture
Whether it's a dark room, white room or softplay room then we can help,create the perfect sensory room with ease.
Soft play sensory room
Looking to make your sensory room safer and include a fantastic range of soft and safe sensory featyres then look no further
Special needs chew toys
Many Children with Special needs love to chew and rather than chewing jumper sleeves you can allow your child to safely chew on our amazing chew toys all designed for children with special needs. Using our fantastic special needs chew toys you can allow provide both tactile and proprioceptive therapy input. Chew toys are a great way to to practice both biting and chewing skills and help develop core oral motor skills.
Special Needs Mirrors
Mirror Mirror on the wall whos got the best sensory mirrors of them all – so simple and a great medium for self discovery: for exploring body, face, expression, gesture; your own and those of the person beside you.Mirrors stimulate curiosity, add a whole new dimension to a space, or simply focus a one-to-one moment.
Special needs music and sound toys
Music is a powerful means of engaging children with development disabilities and special needs and our fantastic special needs music range is fun and engaging and at a great price.
Special needs special offers
We will list our special offers in this section. All your sensory toys and health items will be listed on this page
Special Needs Timers
Timers are great visual aids for Children with Special needs and we have a great collection of timers and visual timers which are great for those with special needs
Tactile touch and feel toys
Our Superb range of Tactile sensory toys are a great way to explore the world of texture's and feels and provide stimulating sensory play time for those with special needs.
Treasure Baskets and Supplies
A fantastic range of Treasure basket goodies and complete sets ideal for sensory play.
Trikes and Bikes
A great range of trikes and bikes for children with special needs and throughout the early years environment
Uv sensory light and toys
A great selection of Uv sensory products from Uv sensory lighting to Uv sensory reactive toys
Visual effects
The Visual Effects sectioncontains a whole range of effects that provide dramatic moving colour and altering shapes that will mesmerize and encourage the watcher to concentrate on the reward.
Wall toys and Waiting room toys
Our wall panel toys immerse kids in positive sensory activities including visual tracking, fine motor development, cause and effect, social skills building and pretend play. They feature no loose pieces, are easy-to-clean to satisfy disease and infection control standards.
Weighted Therapy
A wide range of weighted products such as Weighted Blankets,Weighted lap pads and much more

Our amazing range of sensory toys and special needs items
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1 Pack Childrens ear defenders
These ear defenders are perfect for a child who covers their ears when it gets too noisy. They come complete with a comfortable padded head band.
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10 Pack of Animal Tactile Cushions
These cushion sets generate lots of discussion points and are useful for farmyard and jungle themes and discussing what animals one would expect to see when travelling around the world.
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3 Seat Block Colours Sofa
A brightly coloured classic for which is ideal for nurseries and schools.
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4 Button Recordable Card
A4 recordable card with 4 separate recording buttons, ideal to use for helping children with phonics, numbers or sequencing
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5 Piece Solid Hardwood Kitchen
Hard wearing 5 piece role play kitchen made almost entirely from beautiful Rubberwood.
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60 Minute Jumbo Timer
Bright colours, large displays, and audio and visual cues combine to keep your child on time!
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60 Second Jumbo Timer
Bright colours, large displays, and audio and visual cues combine to keep your child on time!
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60cm Peanut Ball
This peanut ball is a great physical therapy tool and is excellent for games and exercises targeting tactile stimulation.
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8 Note Xylophone
Lets make music with this colourful and durable xylophone which is great for young and old alike and makes a great gift.
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A Whizzy Dizzy
Fun comes full circle! Kids won't be able to keep the smiles away when they climb onto the Whizzy Dizzy and start spinning.
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A2 Colour-Changing Light Panel
Children will be drawn to and fascinated by these new colour changing light panels allowing them to explore, experiment and discover a new world bathed in coloured light.
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ABC Rainbow Jigsaw Carpet
These are designed to not only be functional learning tools but are also decorative additions to any playroom, bedroom or classroom.
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AbiliGrip Adapted Foam Grips Pack of 12
Abili Grips enable children with motor difficulty or a weak grip to hold just about any object,from pencils to knifes and forks or even paint brushes, these are an life enhancing and skill developing tool
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Acrylic Large Safety Mirror
A delightful mirror measuring a whopping 1.1 metre providing a wide space for self exploration and play.
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Acrylic Medium Safety Mirror
A delightful Large mirror measuring a whopping 550mm providing a wide space for self exploration and play.
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Active World Adjustable Stand
Designed to securely hold our Active World Trays, this improved stand now has the advantage of being adjustable to 4 height positions.
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Active World Removable Mirror
This quality plastic mirror has been designed to simply lay in the bottom of your Active World's tray, enabling you to transform the surface of your tray in seconds.
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Active World Tray
Why not fill it up with sand and hunt for squidgy sparkle letters, fill it with water and sail a boat you made yourself, or use it as a giant inspection tray for minibeasts?
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Activity Ball Collection
Each high contrast ball has a different surprise that will bring a smile to their faces and stimulate their vision while they play.
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Activity Mirror
Our Activity mirror has the added feature of a sensory bar (fixed to wall) which has colourful wood toy manipulatives
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Activity Physio Roll
The Physio Activity Roll has coloured small balls inside the roll itself.
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Activity Sound Ball
With the transparent clear casing you can see the balls inside swirling around creating a great visual
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Air pro Dark Den
Our easiest den to assemble yet! Simply use the included pump and in a couple of minutes you will have a Dark Den
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Aku Textured Ring pack of 4
The Aku ring is designed with textured bumps, which transmit a pleasant sensory impulse. The peculiarity of this tool makes it suitable for various applications.
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All About Me 2 in 1 Mirrors
Promote social and emotional development with the All About Me range.
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All About Me Mirror Boards
Children study themselves and their emotions in the mirror before drawing the facial features on the reverse
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All Around Learning Circle Time Activity Set
Help develop high self-esteem and positive attitudes as well as sharpening early maths skills and colour recognition.
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All Sorts Soft Play Kit
This set of 25 softplay shapes can be used for various activities including building structures for role play and constructing a variety of obstacle courses for physical play.
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Allsorts Colour Cushions set of 5
These fun sweet-like bean bags are sure to brighten up an class room, kids will love using them to sit on for story time .
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Alpha Bean Bag Pack
These bean bags are great for helping children learn the alphabet and ideal for playing a wide range of early literacy, letter and phonics games.
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Alpha Catch
Kids take turns tossing self-stick balls, catching them with the sticky catcher's mitts, and playing fun phonics games about the letters on each ball.
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Alphabet Mirror Set
Made from tough double sided acrylic mirror and using a clear lower case font these numbers and letters are perfect to handle draw around and play with.
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Alphabet Stampers
These stampers have easy-grip handles and are sturdy for use by young children and come in a carry case enabling them to be used indoors and outdoors.
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Amaza UV Bubble Mixture
A high quality, specially formulated water based liquid for use with all makes of bubble machine. This solution produces lightweight bubbles which react to UV light giving an extra special UV glow effect.
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Amazing Tower Slope
Encourages bending and stretching, fine motor skills, cause and effect reasoning and visual tracking.
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Anatex Blowfish mirror wall panel
The Blowfish Mirror Panel is captivating for children and adults alike
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Anatex Crab Mirror Wall Panel
The Crab Mirror Panel is both decorative and fun and makes a delightful addition to any waiting room or sensory room
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Anatex Deluxe Mini Play Cube
A wonderful activity center for Sensory play areas, homes, doctors waiting areas, schools, and waiting rooms.
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Anatex Seahorse Wall mirror
The Anatext Seahorse Mirror Panel features a fun house mirror that changes shapes and sizes as one moves up and down from the head to the tail!
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Animal 3D Science Viewer
Our Animal 3D viewer comes packed with amazingly lifelike photos and is super-easy for little ones to use:
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Animal Balloon Buddies
Textured balloon shaped animals where the bodies inflate to become an over weight version of the animal
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Animal Bean Bags Various Styles
Our Animal Beanbag sets are a bean bag game designed to provide tactile stimulation, sensory integration activity and upper extremity strengthening
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Animal Bells
These delightful Halilit Animal Jingle Bells have a comfortable easy to hold grip and they reward with a bright sound.
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Animal Boom Box
Our Animal boom box reward children with funny sounds. When the Animal boom box is pressed they make noises of various animals.
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Animal Castanets
These brightly coloured wooden Castanets make a perfect first musical toy. Ideal as an early introduction to sound and rhythm and a great way to encourage creativity.
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Animal Eco Torch Pack of 4
The delightful Eco friendly torch is dynamo powered which to put it in simple terms is powered by winding up the torch.
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Animal Hottie Cuddle Toy
The toys have special wheat bags inserted inside which can be removed and heated in a microwave to give the toy a warm feel with a scent of lavender
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Animal Paw Massager
The delightful Animal Paw Massager is the perfect way to beat the stresses of the day and sit back and enjoy
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Animal Print Water snake
Children love the sensation of the sliding slippery texture of the snake, and trying to hold it is great practice for hand strength and coordination.
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Animal Shapes Shakers Set of 3
Simple though they are, these shakers school your child in creativity, develop fine motor skills, and hone listening abilities!
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Animal Twisters
These Colourful Animal Twisters are an amazing fiddle and fidget toy which will keep a child's fingers occupied and the mind focused.
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Animal Voice Shaker
Simply shake or turn the animal voice shaker and listen as they make various animal noises.
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Answer Buzzers pack of 4
Answer buzzers are the perfect way to liven up any quiz game or turn taking exercise.
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Answer Lights
Count letter sounds and syllables or use for multiple-choice classroom games!
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Applied behavior analysis program
Ever wanted to try a Applied behaviour analysis program and didnt know what it is or how to get going? This disc provides everything you need to get the program up and running and hopefully make a real diffrence to you and your childs lifestyle.
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Aqua Spiral
Turn over the Super colourful Aqua Spiral and watch the liquid motion effect come to life with a mulitple colour changing effect.
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Aquadoodle Jungle Magic Sounds
Fill the special pen with water and press on one of the sound spots to activate a jungle sound ,Jungle Magic Sounds combines no mess, drawing with water and fun animal sounds.
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Ark Grabber
As a mouthing tool, ARK's Grabber® provides an excellent opportunity for the mouth to play through jaw movement, tongue movement, and oral exploration
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Ark Grabber XT
ARK'S Grabber XT® is an Xtra Tough version of ARK's Grabber®.
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Sensory Education customers include The NHS,Surestart,Local Goverment and many more – all making use of and endorsing our special needs toys, sensory toys, and sensory toys.

Many schools and parents use us to provide SEN resources and special edcational needs supplies and they are delighted with the service provided.

Our sensory toys are lower priced than our sensory toy rivals and we even have a fantastic sensory toy price match and we monitor the prices of our sensory toys rivals across the Uk and ensure our sensory toy prices are the best around.

Open up a magical world of sensory play and discovery with our fantastic range of sensory toys and special needs toys.

Our special needs toys and sensory toys enhance and develop skills offering your child the chance to enjoy sensory toys at some of the webs lowest prices.

Special needs toys and sensory toys can inspire and promote learning in all age groups and when your children start exploring our fantastic range of sensory toys you will be glad you found us.

Trust Sensory Education to dispatch our sensory toys fast from our warehouse.

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