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26 Pack Transparent Letters
A set of colourful, transparent letters for the light box. Each of the letters measures approximately 5cm high. Excellent for promoting letter recognition in young children. Through playing with these letters on the light box, children can learn basic literacy skills.
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Applied behavior analysis program
Ever wanted to try a Applied behaviour analysis program and didnt know what it is or how to get going? This disc provides everything you need to get the program up and running and hopefully make a real diffrence to you and your childs lifestyle.
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Bee-Bot Kit
Bring Bee-Bot to life with our innovative Bee-Bot Talking mat: make him talk, sing or trigger moving models as he makes his around the mat.
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Colour Coded Keyboard
Helps remove confusion that a standard keyboard can cause by further breaking up, using colour, the different parts of the keyboard that we take for granted
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Easi Headphones
We are very excited to offer you our unique robust adjustable headphoneswhich can be used across the school or home with ease
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Easi-Ears Digital Audio Story Headphones
Easi-Ears®, a new digital audio system designed for primary schools an nurseries. Comprising of a set of six different coloured headphones, remote control unit, docking station for recharging and software.
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First Computer Station
This beautiful rubber wood and colourful MDF station offers the ultimate in comfort and accommodation for the modern computer set-up.
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Flexzi 1 Table and Wheelchair holder
Flexzi is an adjustable support system for items like buddy buttons,ipads, mobile phones,sat navs and remote controls. It is made from one strand of flexible plastic segments which allows perfect positioning of your devices.
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Flexzi 2 Dual  Eco-Table and Wheelchair holder
Flexzi2 Eco Clamp is an adjustable support system for items like buddy buttons, Switch buttons,iPads, mobile phones, remote controls and sat-navs, ideal for wheelchair clamping
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I Lounge
The iLounge pillow holds your tablet in place, so you don’t have to! With its unique and ergonomic design, this tablet holder can be used anywhere. Compatible with most tablets, the iLounge is the perfect accessory to keep you and your tablet comfortable!
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This funky crayon-style touch stylus will make using your iPhone, android or iPad as fun as finger painting! Although you might love using the latest gadget technology, you have to admit there’s something satisfyingly ‘old school’ about holding a crayon.
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Large Magnetic Gel Boards
Designed with a new 'chunkier' stylus that is easier for small fingers to grasp, these boards are great for handwriting activities.
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Pecs resource disc
This fantastic resource is ready to print and images can be resized. This package is suitable for anyone with communication difficulties. A fantastic addition to anyones visual aid collection, make your own Visual boards, Schedule Boards, Keyrings with ease with this fantastic collection of Pecs resources
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People who help us learning resources
A fine collection of resources teaching the "people who help us" knowledge. A fantastic way to allow children to understand the importance of people who help them
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Rainbow Numbers Pack of 12
Set of 12 numbers from 0 to 9 (includes additional 0 & 1). Made in colourful acrylic. They are ideal for use on a light box to encourage numeral recognition. Numbers come with a hole at the top balance point so they can be strung up or pinned to a notice board.
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Recordable Speech Bubbles Pack of 3
Encourage children to enjoy speaking and listening activities with our recordable speech bubbles.
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School Rolling Media Pod
The Rolling Media Pod with tablet storage provides early childhood and primary teachers with an all in one media station.
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SEN Keyboard Dual Case
The colour coding on the keyboard will help young children identify consonants and vowels in an easy fun way.
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Social Stories Resource Disc
A Social Story describes a situation, skill, or concept in terms of relevant social cues, perspectives, and common responses in a specifically defined style and format. The goal of a Social Story is to share accurate social information in a patient and reassuring manner that is easily understood by its audience. Half of all Social Stories developed should affirm something that an individual does well.
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Special needs resource disc volume 1
Read to print special needs resources to make life that little easier. Visual boards and counting games and matching games and schedules and pecs symbols Reward charts,Weather boards, Toilet training, Routine Boards plus many more
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Special needs resource disc volume 2
The second disc filled with a combination of special needs learning resources for use by teachers or parents looking to stimulate there child and help there learning experiences. A fantastic collection of resources which will make the job of any teacher or parent that little less stressful. Fun and engaging for any child yet educational and useful.
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Switch buttons pack of 4
A versatile and cost-effective alternative to the usual buttons, they are designed by MERU to meet the specific requirements of people with disabilities.
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Talking Clipboard
With a sturdy plastic board for writing on, the Talking Clipboard features a child friendly clip with a difference - it has a 40 second record function with easy to use controls.
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Special needs software
Our special needs learning and software section has a selection of products aimed at helping a child with special needs learn using various methods best suited to the child.

With a range of software ranging from Pecs to Social stories we really do have a inclusive range of software and  inclusive technology all aimed at children with special needs.

Our special needs learning resources can be used at home or in schools and provide a valuable resource for senco's,

Many schools trust us to provide there senco resources as they know our software provides a great special needs learning resource at a fantastic low price.

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