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Tactile sensory stimulation involves the sensation of touch and texture. Autistic children with tactile sensory issues may have difficulty tolerating the sensations generated as they dress or groom themselves, or even as they chew food.
Therapists work with tactile-sensitive individuals to desensitize them to unavoidable textures and touch sensations. 

Our amazing range of sensory toys and special needs items
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1 Up Bobble ball
This ball is compact with clever sensory technology that once activated comes alive with flashing lights creating giggles as it jiggles
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1.2 metre Giant Dino Mirror
This mirror giant is bound to please! 1.2m high and 600mm wide and made from our specially selected hammer tough plastic safety mirror.Can be used both indoors and outdoors
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122CM Bubble Wall Panel-Colour Changing
Bubble wall panels transform a room into a whole new sensory experience as it draws interest and grabs attention as the bubble wall panel goes through the colour changing motions and the moving bubbles.
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16 Domed Mirror panel
The convex mirror domes provide a distorted, fun and interesting view of the world for children to explore.
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24 Bubbles Sensory Mirror
Self awareness, funny and crazy reflections - a new generation of moulded mirrors for children. Designed to be mounted on the wall.
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26 pack of Alpha Bean bags and crate
These bean bags are great for helping children learn the alphabet and ideal for playing a wide range of early literacy, letter and phonics games.
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3 Giant Big Bubble Mirror
Children love to explore and nothing amazes children more than self exploration and the natural curiousity of there own faces and body
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3 Play Tyres- Outdoor play
Promoting physical development and gross motor skills, there are plenty of opportunities for children to explore with this resource.
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30cm Mood Block
 The Mood Cube is the ultimate in portable mood lighting, and looks amazing is it gently fazes through various colours
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4 Button Recordable Card
The A4 size is suitable for even the youngest school children while providing four separate recording buttons each with up to 10 seconds recording.
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4 Domed Mirror panel
The convex mirror domes provide a distorted, fun and interesting view of the world for children to explore.
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4 in a Row Game
A large version of the traditional 4 in a row game with a sturdy frame and smooth finished wooden black and red counters.
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5 Peg Boards and Pegs
The set includes 5 square Pegboards each with 100 holes. 1,000 assorted coloured mushroom Pegs and a leaflet containing creative ideas.
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58cm Clear Water Play Table
Ultra strong clear, purpose-moulded sand and water tray with lightweight tubular steel frame.
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60cm Peanut Ball
Peanut balls are great for promoting balance and aid in developing muscles, coordination and balance and promoting sensory calming through play
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9 Bubble Outdoor Mirror
Strong moulded safety mirror, with excellent optical quality. Discover light and reflections with this fascinating convex 9 bubble convex mirror.
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9 Bubble Outdoor Mirror-Gold
Strong moulded safety mirror, with excellent optical quality. Discover light and re?ections with this fascinating convex 9 bubble convex mirror.
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A Giant Top
Develops children’s physical coordination while they play, made of strong plastic for both indoor and outdoor play.
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A Roller Board
You can create an infinite number of games and activities around this child-friendly, circular scooter. Kids can peddle by hand, form a train, play hand-over-shoulder and much more all while developing balance and coordination.
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A Whizzy Dizzy
Delivery 8th Janaury 2016-Fun comes full circle! Kids won't be able to keep the smiles away when they climb onto the Whizzy Dizzy and start spinning.
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A worry and Wonders Bag
Can be used at home as way of parents and children to discuss worries together, or in small groups or with children with special needs
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A2 Colour-Changing Light Panel
Children will be drawn to and fascinated by these new colour changing light panels allowing them to explore, experiment and discover a new world bathed in coloured light.
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A4 Sized Mirrors - 10 Pack
A fantastic value Set of 10, A4 sized plastic mirrors. These can be used with self adhesive backing so can be set in place if required on a wall or within an sensory room.
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Abili Sensory Stepping Stones
The Sensory Stepping stone Balance Pods are the ideal tool for proprioception, reducing tactile defensiveness, and coordination therapy.
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Acetate Sheets
A perfect resource for babies, toddlers and young children as they explore light, colour and shape.
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Acrylic Large Safety Mirror
A delightful mirror measuring a whopping 1.1 metre providing a wide space for self exploration and play.
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Acrylic Medium Safety Mirror
A delightful Large mirror measuring a whopping 550mm providing a wide space for self exploration and play.
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Active Tuff tray and Stand
These versatile tuff spot trays are simply superb and the added benefit of this package is that the Tuff tray comes with an height adjustable stand,making it the complete package to get up and running with your sensory play ideas straight away. ​ 
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Active World Adjustable Tuff Tray Stand
Designed to securely hold our Active World Trays, this improved stand now has the advantage of being adjustable to 4 height positions.
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Active World Tray
Why not fill it up with sand and hunt for squidgy sparkle letters, fill it with water and sail a boat you made yourself, or use it as a giant inspection tray for minibeasts?
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Active World Tray Cover
This waterproof cover fits snugly over the tray using elastic and a toggle. Suitable for indoors and out. Wipe clean, hand wash.
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Activity Ball Collection
Each high contrast ball has a different surprise that will bring a smile to their faces and stimulate their vision while they play.
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Activity Mirror
Our Activity mirror has the added feature of a sensory bar (fixed to wall) which has colourful wood toy manipulatives
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Activity Physio Roll
The Physio Activity Roll has coloured small balls inside the roll itself.
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Activity Sound Ball
With the transparent clear casing you can see the balls inside swirling around creating a great visual effect
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Activity Water Tray And Stand
This large activity water table features two basins for water, deep and shallow.
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Aero Blocks
Aeroblocks is a unique inflatable building system for encouraging creative play. Each block is lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and easy to connect using the Velcro® connectors. Made from furniture grade vinyl, the blocks are sturdy enough to withstand up to 145lbs in weight.
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Aku Textured Ring pack of 4
The Aku ring is designed with textured bumps, which transmit a pleasant sensory impulse. The peculiarity of this tool makes it suitable for various applications.
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Alfred The Rainbow Caterpillar
A squidgy stretchy caterpillar covered in tiny rubber hairs that gives hours of tactile amusement.The rainbow coloured effect gives it an tactile fun feel
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Alphabet Bean Bags -Pack of 26
A set of 26 square shaped beanbags in assorted colours, showing each letter of the alphabet, in both the lower and upper case formats.
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Alphabet Mirror Set
Made from tough double sided acrylic mirror and using a clear lower case font these numbers and letters are perfect to handle draw around and play with.
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Alphabet Stampers
These stampers have easy-grip handles and are sturdy for use by young children and come in a carry case enabling them to be used indoors and outdoors.
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Amaza UV Bubble Mixture
A high quality, specially formulated water based liquid for use with all makes of bubble machine. This solution produces lightweight bubbles which react to UV light giving an extra special UV glow effect.
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Amazing Boat Set Pack of 20
Fantastic set of various bath boats ideal for water play or bath play.
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Amazing Tangles Away Hair Brush
The Tangles away detangling hair brush will end those morning tantrums for those who are sensitive to touch and cannot tolerate traditional hair brushing.
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Amazing Tower Slope
Encourages bending and stretching, fine motor skills, cause and effect reasoning and visual tracking.
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Amigo the Stretchy Lizard
No matter how you like to fidget, these realistic reptiles will respond to your movements by snapping back into shape and getting ready for the next adventure. Pull them, stretch them, squeeze them and snap them
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Amoeba Putty
Putty comes complete with a set of wiggly eyes. Bounce it, stretch it,mould it!
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Anatex Deluxe Mini Play Cube
A wonderful activity center for Sensory play areas, homes, doctors waiting areas, schools, and waiting rooms.
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Anatex Mirror Sculpture Maze Panel
As beads travel along the wires in front of these “lunar mirrors”, their shapes and sizes change.
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Anatex Seahorse Wall mirror
The Anatext Seahorse Mirror Panel features a fun house mirror that changes shapes and sizes as one moves up and down from the head to the tail!
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Anemone Sensory Mittens
When kids’ hands wander into their mouths, slip on our Anemone Sensory Mittens. They’ll love the fuzzy sea-like tentacles, both because they’re super-soft and redirect kids from scratching or biting.
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Animal Balloon Buddies
Textured balloon shaped animals where the bodies inflate to become an over weight version of the animal
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Animal Bean Bags Set of 3
The animal bean bags are a new addition to our range.  A fantastic choice that will brighten up any environment whilst encouraging creativity.
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Animal Bean Bags Various Styles
Our Animal Beanbag sets are a bean bag game designed to provide tactile stimulation, sensory integration activity and upper extremity strengthening
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Animal Hottie Cuddle Toy
The toys have special wheat bags inserted inside which can be removed and heated in a microwave to give the toy a warm feel with a scent of lavender
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Animal Print Water snake
Children love the sensation of the sliding slippery texture of the snake, and trying to hold it is great practice for hand strength and coordination.
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Animal Twisters
These Colourful Animal Twisters are an amazing fiddle and fidget toy which will keep a child's fingers occupied and the mind focused.
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Aquadoodle Jungle Magic Sounds
Fill the special pen with water and press on one of the sound spots to activate a jungle sound ,Jungle Magic Sounds combines no mess, drawing with water and fun animal sounds.
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Ark Brick Stick Chew
Made in the USA! ARK's Brick Stick Textured Chew Necklace provides a safe, wearable, discrete, and cool solution for those who need to chew.
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tactile toys
Our amazing range of tactile toys has many varietys of tactile touch experiences.

From smooth to squeezy through to textured our tactile touch and feel range has something for everybody.

Tactile toys allow a child who is tactile defensive to explore various other types of sensation.

Our tactile toys can help children for whom tactile discrimination is an issue and the tactile toys allow the child to work with various other textures through play.

Therapists work with tactile-sensitive individuals to desensitize them to unavoidable textures and touch sensations.

This is accomplished gradually over time using tactile products which provide propioceptive feedback, gross motor control, and muscle movements

Using tactile toys can also help with Fine motor skills and Hand and eye co-ordination.

Your child will love to explore the various tactile toys and experience the various textures and feeling of the toys.


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