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Bitty Bottoms seat cushion
The Bitty Bottom Cushion Seat measuring 8 in across contains crunchy beans for a smooth and more sensory experience.
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Childrens Wheelchair Gloves
Does your child have to wear boring looking wheelchair gloves? Not any more! They can now be the envy of all their friends with these funky wheelchair gloves.
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Flexzi 1 Table and Wheelchair holder
Flexzi is an adjustable support system for items like buddy buttons,ipads, mobile phones,sat navs and remote controls. It is made from one strand of flexible plastic segments which allows perfect positioning of your devices.
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Flexzi 2 Dual  Eco-Table and Wheelchair holder
Flexzi2 Eco Clamp is an adjustable support system for items like buddy buttons, Switch buttons,iPads, mobile phones, remote controls and sat-navs, ideal for wheelchair clamping
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Flexzi 3 Desktop System
This set comes with the heavy duty mounting stand which can be used on tables and a heavy duty case for ipad usage.
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Flexzi 3 with iPad case
The complete package to keep your ipads safe and secure with the all in one combo kit. This set comes with the heavy duty mounting stand which can be used on wheelchairs or tables and a heavy duty case for ipad usage.
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I Lounge
The iLounge pillow holds your tablet in place, so you don’t have to! With its unique and ergonomic design, this tablet holder can be used anywhere. Compatible with most tablets, the iLounge is the perfect accessory to keep you and your tablet comfortable!
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Louis The Ladybird Lap Weight
Made in a soft, plush material this lap weight is ideal for providing a deep, calming pressure for children who are anxious or need help with sensory processing.
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Manipulative House
A three sided free standing wooden structure with roof which allows several children or wheelchair users the space to enter and turn within the house.
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Multi Sensory Den Wheelchair Accessible
Never a barrier to participation these versatile, multi-function sets are easy to set up to help you create multi-sensory spaces for learning and play.
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Seat Belt Guard
Has your child learned how to unbuckle their seatbelt? Now you can keep your little angels safe with the seat belt guard
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Space Blanket
Our amazing space blanket is the perfect special needs sensory resource,the space blanket provides a rewarding crinkly noise which children love.
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Switch buttons pack of 4
A versatile and cost-effective alternative to the usual buttons, they are designed by MERU to meet the specific requirements of people with disabilities.
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Vibrating pillow cushtie cushion
ushties are ultra-soft pillows, providing comfortable, gentle and uniform support for resting on. The new Vibrating Cushtie features a pleasing vibrating motion in its soft squishy body.
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