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Clock work and wind up toys
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60 Minute Jumbo Timer
Bright colours, large displays, and audio and visual cues combine to keep your child on time!
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Animal Eco Torch Pack of 4
The delightful Eco friendly torch is dynamo powered which to put it in simple terms is powered by winding up the torch.
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Artic Penguin Race
Parents will remember enjoying this engaging Penguin Race over 20 years ago and it is still as much fun for youngsters today.
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Balloon Helicopter
Pocket Money Value Baloon Helicopter but wow what a fantastic effect which will rise 20 feet into the air and higher! An interactive and rewarding experience which children of all ages young and old will love.
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Cars Click Clack Track
Watching the cars tumble down, flipping between the alternating ramps is mesmerising, not to mention the beautiful click clack sound they make on their downward journey.
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Clockwork Acrobatic Animal
Ever seen a bear, seal or monkey do a handstand? Us neither, but we'd definitely deem such a feat as acrobatic. Enjoy the thrill of such an animal walking forwards on its hands with this incredibly cute clockwork toy. Simply wind it up and watch it go!
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Clockwork Bath Buddies
These little clockwork toys are ideal bath time friends! Simply wind them up and set them loose in the water and watch as they propel themselves forward with their moving limbs.
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Clockwork Caterpillar
This highly amusing and novel Clockwork Snake slithers and slides from side to side in true snake like fashion. Simple wind up action, great to get their little fingers exercising! Highly entertaining action
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Clockwork Owl
Wind it up, set it loose and have a hoot! Once it gets going this owl shuffles its legs from side-to-side and flaps its wings, taking a tour of the surface it's on in the process
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Clockwork Robot
Forget the Terminator and HAL 9000, it's clunky cute robots like these that we love! Wind them up and set them down to make them stroll forward towards whatever robotic task they have to carry out.
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Clockwork Russian Dolls
Russian dolls are well known for their impressive doll-within-a-doll quality, so we thought we'd give them a new trick to try. Wind up this brightly coloured Matryoshka figure and then watch as it plods along the surface you put it on.
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Clockwork Santa
Our Clockwork Santa is made from tin for a timeless, retro charm, and will be a sure hit this Christmas. Simply wind him up, place him on a flat surface and watch him plod along! Small and cute, Clockwork Santa makes a perfect stocking filler for little ones to discover on Christmas morning.
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Clockwork Snake
This highly amusing and novel Clockwork snakes walks and slides from side to side in true snake like fashion.
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Clockwork Steam Train
As far as train propulsion systems go, clockwork may not revolutionise National Rail, but it sure makes a great toy train engine! Jut wind up the clockwork mechanism and set this little wooden train loose
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Desk Timers Starter Kit 6 pack
This kit is ideal for setting time limits for activities and keeping children with concentration difficulties focused on the task.
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Extra Large Colour changing top
Set this top spinning and marvel as the gears wheels inside twist around, making delightful blocks of colour as they go.
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Giant Clockwork Teeth
These Giant Clockwork Teeth just need to be wound up and then sit back and watch as they walk around chattering in an amusing fashion.
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Humming top
Metal spinning top, which emits a humming noise as it turns, changing in volume and tone depending on the speed. The top comes assorted in three vibrant designs including a pretty daisy-like flower, retro flying saucer, and funky, multi-coloured fish.
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Jack in the box
This traditional metal Jack-in-the-box is large and colourfully illustrated and contains a fabric clown. The handle is turned to play Pop Goes The Weasel, at the conclusion of which the figure springs energetically from the box.
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Kinetic Wheel
The Light Up Kinetic Wheel is quite a toy….run the wheel along the rails to create fabulous tricks that look even more impressive as the wheel lights up.
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Mars Runner
The Mars Runner is one of the most addictive wind-up toys we've had in a while! Crank the clockwork mechanism and then release the car to watch it drive off on its mission. After a few seconds a kicker will trigger on the car's underside, launching it onto its back and reversing the car's direction
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Monkey Tumbler
Simply place the adorable monkey figure at the top of his wooden tower and then drop him and he'll happily click clack down between the pegs.
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Music melody tin
This beautiful wind up tin music box is a great addition to any childs sensory toy collection. Colourfuly decorated with classically fashioned toy images.
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Mystery bag
Want to grab a bargain and get some mystery goodies as a little surprise? Then our fantastic surprise mystery bag is a fantastic way of getting some sensory goodies at an excellent price.
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Pull Back Aeroplane
Drag this plane back along a surface and release it to make the wooden aircraft speed along its runway at take-off speed. It won't actually become airborne, but you'll be surprised just how fast and how far it goes! Order more than one to receive a variety of designs.
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Rainbow Caterpillar Gears
Turn the gears slowly and watch each interlocking segment move the next, or see how fast your child can make the caterpillar "crawl" on the wooden base.
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Ready To Learn Sensory Kit
One of the largest challenges for a teacher is keeping your classroom pupils ready to learn Some children can be major fidgeters and others maybe tired and sleepy when needing to learn.
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Time activity mat
Reinforce time-telling skills by playing engaging games! Invites students to roll the cubes, then place the plastic hands or position themselves on the mat to show the time they have rolled. This activity mat reinforces time-telling in 5 minute increments. There is also a time number line along the bottom of the mat for elapsed time activities. 
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Time Timer Audible
The Time Timer was designed to help students understand the concept of elapsed time. This teacher-tested timer features a disappearing red disc that allows students to "see" time without knowing how to "tell" time.
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Turn and tell clock
The detailed clock face has large red numbers to match the hour hand, small blue numbers to match the minute hand, and a segmented color disk to help kids visualize "quarter past" and "half past."
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Just wind their key up and let them go go go!
Windup toys are lots of fun and they're not just for children either! 
We have a great range of windup clockwork toys.
Take a good look, you'll be amazed at the range of weird wind ups and cute clockwork's available.

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