Colour Mixing Paddles

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Set of 6 transparent plastic flowers in primary and secondary colours. By overlapping the flowers, colour mixing can be demonstrated very cleverly.
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Product information:
Set of 6 transparent plastic flowers in primary and secondary colours.
By overlapping the flowers, colour mixing can be demonstrated very cleverly with the delightful set of colour mixers

Children love to hold them up and view the world in colours which create a fun learning experience.

Children love to experiment by combining more than one paddle to make up different colours

Supplied as a set of 6 colours 


DISCOVERY TIME - Give children the Colour Paddles and allow them to explore. Encourage them to examine the paddle shapes, colors, and textures. Allow children to discover colour combinations.

VIEWING COLORS - Use red, blue, and yellow paddles. Have children hold the red paddle up to their eyes. Ask them to describe what they see. Switch to the blue paddle. What does the blue view look like? Switch to yellow. Have children describe the yellow view. Red, blue, and yellow are primary colours.

MIXING COLOURS - Combining any two of the primary colours forms a third color called a secondary colour. Have children overlay two primary colour paddles up to their eyes. What happens? Have them find the color paddle that matches this new color mixture. Find all the combinations of the primary colours. These primary colour combinations create the secondary colours: green, orange, and purple.

COLOR PADDLE WHEEL - Have children create a Colour Paddle wheel! Help them trace three overlapping paddle shapes on a piece of paper. Children can color the paddle shapes with crayons or markers. Colour the three primary colors. Where the paddles overlap, color the correct secondary colour mixture.

COLOUR HUNT - Children can go on a colour hunt! Have them use the Color Paddles as guides to find items in the room that are the same color. See if children can find all six colours in the room. Who can find the most primary colours? Who can find the most secondary colours? Award the best colour hunters!

TEXTURE - As children work with clay, they can use the textured surfaces and beveled edges of the paddles. The paddle shape is perfect for scooping sand and other materials.

Size: 140 x 80mm.
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