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Doll Houses And Accessories
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24 Mini Vehicles
Set of wooden mini vehicles for imaginative play. Vehicles include: 3 fire service, 5 construction, ambulance, police car, taxi, aeroplane, 2 racing cars, news van, school bus, tanker, 2 lorries, jeep, flatbed truck and 3 cars.
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Car Transporter
Wooden truck with car transporting trailer and four toy cars. The top section of the detachable trailer can be lowered to make a ramp up onto the trailer bed, making it a fully functional car loader that can easily accommodate the four wooden cars. This classic wooden car toy has a very appealing retro feel to it and is sure to capture the imaginations of children and parents in equal measures.
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Complete Dolls House
Every room in this charming wooden Dolls House is packed with features. Downstairs, there's a kitchen complete with its own wooden cooker and a wooden TV in the living room, while upstairs there's a fully furnished bathroom and bedroom.
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Doll Family
A four piece wooden Doll Family ready and waiting for all of the adventures little ones have in store for them! With flexible, poseable arms and legs, each of the figures can stand or sit, and this means that no playtime adventure is out of bounds! Set includes Mum, Dad and their two children (a Son and Daughter) who are all eager to move into a new home. A great addition to any wooden dollhouse or our Small World Playsets.
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Doll's House with Furniture
The living space expands over two floors and can be equipped and designed with the proper additional furniture for each room - fantasy knows no limits. New living spaces can be created over and over again! 22 pieces of furniture. Suitable bending dolls in various designs are available separately and fill the house with life
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Farm Family Figures
A set of 4 Farm Family Figures to help run the busy farm. The arms and legs are made from a bendy flexible material for extra play value.  Just what you need to run a busy farm - Mr and Mrs Farmer and their two children, a son and daughter! All happy and ready to work, the farm family are all dressed suitably ready for a day of looking after the animals and bringing in the harvest. With flexible, poseable arms and legs, each of the figures can stand
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Fire Fighter Set
Set of four firefighters ready to race to the rescue, put out fires, rescue cats out of trees and whatever else the imagination allows! All happy and ready to work, the firefighters are dressed suitably ready for a day of fire fighting. With flexible, poseable arms and legs, each of the figures can stand or sit and this means no fire rescue mission is out of bounds!
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Fire Station Playset
This brightly coloured wooden Mini Fire Station Playset is decorated inside and outside with features and is supplied complete with a fire engine, safety cone, fire, fire hydrant, firefighter's pole and two firefighters! The wooden handle and secure clasp ensure that this Playset is always ready to travel with your little one and all of the play pieces can be stored safely inside. Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials. Conforms to current European safety standards. Consists of 7 play pieces.
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Fire Station Set
Spark imaginative play with this delightful wooden Fire Station Playset from Tidlo. Perfect for any budding young firefighter, this extensive set features a firefighters pole and ringing bell, removable front roof for easy access and a fire training tower; a sloping ramp and swing open doors, two lockers, a control desk and chair, bunk bed, antenna and three fires to put out!
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Flexi Knight
Our colourful and cheery Wooden Flexi knight is both amusing and flexible and every child's fidget toy dream. Bendy,twisty fun is assured with this delightful flexi robot
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Furnished Open Plan Doll House
Neutrally coloured and beautifully constructed, the Furnished Open Plan Doll House from Tidlo provides truly open-ended play. This sturdy, solid beech wood framed dolls house features chalkboards on all sides so little ones can get creative and decorate the house as they please.
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Happy Architect Building Set 28 Piece Set
The Happy Architect Building Set  is a puzzle, Building set and dolls house all in one. This large Happy Architect Building Set is perfect for open ended play while developing fine motor skills. Early years construction set for making buildings and houses. Manufactured from thick and sturdy natural plywood. Develops fine motor skills. Walls can stretch up to a metre wide.​​​​​​​
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Happy Architect Tower Set  26 Piece Set
The ultimate toy for creative play!  Not only is there the satisfaction of designing and constructing the Happy Architect Tower,  once finished it is the perfect doll’s house or tower for imaginative based play. The Happy Architect Tower Set measures 50cm high,  the pieces slot together in a design that is great for developing a child’s motor skills.  
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Happy Architect Town Set 26 Piece
Endless imaginative creative play is to be had with The Happy Architect Town. Comprising of 26 pieces including a fire station, supermarket, post office, police station, jail, school and much much more, The Happy Architect encourages children to build their own town. Whether it be a number of small constructions or one big one, The Happy Architect Town then doubles as the perfect stage for playing with dolls and figurines.
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Heritage Playset Fire Station and Engine
This wooden Fire Station and Engine is supplied complete with four firefighters who are ready to jump up from their sleeping quarters, slide down the pole and into their bright red Engine when there's a fire that needs fighting! When they get to the scene they can roll out the hose and race up the collapsible ladder and then head back to the station when the work's done, park the Engine inside the Fire Station and prepare for the next emergency.
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Heritage Playset King Arthur's Castle
A timeless fantasy brought to life! The legendary King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table are replicated in the grandest of styles within the walls of this beautifully crafted wooden castle. With a working drawbridge, six impressively detailed figures and two horses, the stage is set for high drama.
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Heritage Playset Princess Palace
This beautifully detailed wooden wonderland includes not only a princess but also a king, queen, prince, maid and even a witch! Throw open the front gates and inside you'll discover a timeless courtyard featuring a bridge, a rope ladder, plus turrets and balconies to set the scene for a world of fun and role play possibilities.
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Heritage Playset Rose Cottage
What a beautiful wooden dolls’ house from BigJigs! Rose Cottage will delight and enthral lucky young dolls’ house owners who will spend hours playing with this gorgeous wooden toy. Rose Cottage opens via a front hinge to reveal four fully furnished rooms and a family of dolls who live in the cottage along with their cat and dog. Children will enjoy arranging the furniture in the four rooms and playing in the attic space (which can be accessed via the roof).
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Janod Fire Station Set
​​The action is non-stop at the new fire station and you’re going to have to help the fireman as they have another very busy day! This big wooden fire station features 3 different levels, is equipped with a manual elevator and has a landing strip for the helicopter!
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Large Wooden Home with Furniture Set
A quality wooden dolls house complete with its own range of furniture, ideal for building imaginative story lines and acting out real life scenarios. It has two open sides, windows and doors, making it easily accessible for children and keeping those little details. Ideal for increasing communication skills.
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Metallic Small World Play Fairy House Set of 3
Create an enchanted garden with these shiny, appealing mini cottages. A lovely abode for elves or fairies. Great for encouraging communication skills. In gold, silver and bronze, faceted with intricate detail.
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Mobile Flexi Cabinet with Dollhouse Top
An original and unique flexible mobile shelving and play system with a range of practical uses around the classroom.
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Outdoor Wooden Play House and Garage
This sturdy outdoor playhouse is made from pinewood and is treated with eco friendly and child safe NEXGEN, formulated to protect wood from fire, mould and insects. ​​​​​​​This Outdoor Play House is a great addition to your garden range. Children will love making a home for their dolls in this uniquely designed house, featuring three different floors.
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Sensory House
This Sensory House features lots of sensory fun including colours and textures, a roof made from fun mirrors and a magnifier too! Help to encourage colour recognition, colour mixing and spatial awareness. Made from Russian Birch plywood and European Beech wood (FSC).
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Small World Outdoor Dolls House
Ideal for outdoor imaginative play, this dolls house if made from 15mm covered Medite Tricoya with bull nosed edges and stainless steel fixings. Made in material to withstand the elements.
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Sunflower Cottage Dolls House
Sunflower Cottage is a 34 piece set that includes 25 pieces of furniture, a 6 member doll family and their 2 pets. Sunflower Cottage opens via a front hinge to reveal four fully furnished rooms and a family of dolls who live in the cottage along with their cat and dog. Children will enjoy arranging the furniture in the four rooms and playing in the attic space (which can be accessed via the roof).
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Tidlington Dolls House
The Tidlington Dolls House is beautifully constructed from beech wood, The Tidlington House is a 3-storey doll house delightfully decorated with five windows and an imposing Georgian front door. Two grand wooden staircases separate the ground and first floor, and hinged panels to the front and back of the Tidlington Dolls House can be opened to allow access to each room from either side - great for group play!
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Tidlo General Hospital
​​​​​​​This 30 piece Tidlo General Hospital Set includes an air ambulance, road ambulance, ward beds, privacy screens, surgery lights and tables, a heart monitor, MRI scanner and X-Ray machine; a clicking elevator, helicopter landing pad and an A&E ambulance drop off point.
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Wooden Community People Blocks
Chunky wooden blocks colour printed on both sides with real images of people from a range of communities, perfect for young children to engage in imaginative play and develop their descriptive language skills. The 20mm birch plywood blocks are smooth to touch and easy for small children to handle.
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Wooden Community Play Set
There are hours of fun to be had with this high quality Wooden Community Play Set. The Wooden Community Play Set is made up of 6 different roles found in our community, the "rooms" are interactive with connecting doors and windows, making creative play all the more engaging.
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Wooden Eco House With Furniture
Move into your very first eco friendly home and make your voila dolls feel right at home! This Eco-House With Furniture by Voila was developed to familiarise children with the ecological aspects of a modern home. The basic features of an ecological house are represented visually: large windows to maximise airflow and interior lighting, solar panels silk screened on the removable roof panel, a wind turbine to generate electricity, a tank for waste-water treatment, colour-coded bins for recycling garbage, as well as plants grown for aesthetic and practical purposes.
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Wooden Health Centre Play Set
This bright and colourful play set is ideal for role play and for introducing and promoting discussion for children visiting the Doctor, Dentist, or Nurse. A great addition to any Early years setting and the wooden health care centre is a great pretend play toy.
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Woodland Hideaway Outdoor Dolls House
For a world peopled with fairy folk, our Woodland Hideaway Outdoor Dolls House is perfect for small world play among twisted tree roots and grassy spaces. Open at the front and back to allow access for groups of children, the simplicity of design puts no limits on the scope for imaginative play. Made from pressure treated European Redwood timber (FSC), with a 5 year guarantee against rot and insect damage.
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