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eyp direct school supplies

If you would like to switch supplier from eyp direct please feel free to browse our website and if you have any questions please get in touch.
Many customers whom have switched from EYP Direct  have noticed our prices are much better, our service much quicker and are delighted to have switched.
We here at Sensory Education however have taken over many independent contracts from EYP Direct and now handle the supply of goods to school customers and now own the Domain brand assets of EYP Direct.

EYP Direct were a rival company whom ceased trading in 2018 and some schools were sad to see the closure of EYP Direct Ltd however working alongside our management team we were able to take swift action to acquire the domain brand assets of EYP Direct.
Many customers have been in touch to ask if we can take over supply contracts from EYP Direct Ltd.
We are proud to confirm we have taken over the domain brand assets of EYPDIRECT and are delighted to have acquired the goodwill of the customer base through the brand assets.

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