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Fidget toys are very effective and provide helpful self-regulation for those with sensory needs.
Fidget toys and sensory balls are ideal for calming and alerting, to promote focus and concentration, decrease stress levels and too increase tactile awareness of fingers and hands,
Fidget toys are also a great way to strengthen hands and "warm-up" fingers before handwriting activities and fine motor skill tasks.
We also have a wide range of silent fidget toys for the classroom, quiet fidget toys that can help improve concentration and focus, and lots of great home use fidget toys that relieve stress at home.
Keep fingers and feet busy, minds focused, and bodies relaxed with all the affordable, amazing fidget toys from sensory education.
Browse our range of Fidget toy ideas below:

Our amazing range of sensory toys and special needs toys and Equipment
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Train Coach Sensory Panel
Promote the development of coordination and fine motor skills in young children. Children will enjoy moving the passengers round the bus, train or plane. Manufactured from 12mm MDF. Wall fixings supplied.
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Transformer Bot
 Transforming robot toy made from several wooden blocks linked together. Each block contains a series of grooves, allowing them to twist and lock into hundreds of different configurations. The standard formation is a robot figure, but the parts can be repositioned to form a variety of different car and vehicle shapes.
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Transparent Jingling 55cm Ball
This  Jingling Ball is a clear 55cm ball with bells within the ball which can be seen and heard when the ball is moved, rolled and thrown around. The jingling bells have clear sounds and provide bell sounds for very little effort. It is lightweight and ideal for exercise and rolling. High quality sensory therapy ball. Develops gross motor skills and balance. Great for auditory tracking for people with visual impairments. ​​​​​​​
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Transport Lacing Blocks
Stringing the easily grasped Transport Lacing Blocks promotes hand-eye coordination, fine motor, cognitive and visual perception skills. ​​​​​​​The Transport Lacing Blocks are deal for using in story-telling, each set includes 12 Transport themed wooden blocks and one lace.
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Treasure Basket Complete Set 10 months plus
Inspire curiosity and exploration for children aged 10 months and older with our Complete Set - designed for use with children aged 10 months and above. Providing the ultimate in multi-sensory learning experiences, the 48 treasures which fill the large basket (ensuring flexible use individually or in groups) have been carefully selected to inspire and support children's ongoing development, maximise sensory interest and play value. 
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Treasure Basket Light and Discovery
Whether it shimmers, shines, sparkles or uses light to great effect, this collection allows much intrigue for little people and big alike. Want to see how a bug sees? Can you see the rainbow when the spinner spins in the light? What does the world look like through a different colour? Many discoveries to be made and much fun to be had with our very shiny collection.
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Treasure Basket Maths
20+ natural and everyday items chosen to explore a range of mathematical ideas. Included are a variety of shapes, sizes and lengths; sets of pairs, threes and up to ten items. Encourage children to compare similarities and differences, use number names and count up to 3,5 and then more.
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Treasure Basket Starter Set
Inspire curiosity and exploration for children aged 10 months and older with our gorgeous Starter Set - designed to get you started and ensure your Treasure basket is unique. Providing the ultimate in multi-sensory learning experiences, the contents of this large basket are carefully selected to support children's ongoing development, maximise sensory interest and play value. 
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Treasure Basket Threes
Threes Treasure Basket has collections of 10 sets of three items which are in 3 different sizes or shapes. Made from everyday items or natural materials they provide different ways to sort, order by size and encourage mathematical vocabulary.
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Tree Sensory Wall Panel
Brighten up your classroom wall and engage children in practising and improving their fine motor and co-ordination skills with our wall mountable play panel.
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Tree With Ball Tube
Children can learn about speed, gradients and distances as they have great fun playing with our wall mounted tree ball run. Ball track (43mm diameter) is attached by Velcro and can be easily adjusted. Balls drop into ‘grass’ lined wood container. Includes 3 wood balls
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Tri-Chew Grabber
The Tri-Chew has ridges, bumps, and swirls on each end to simulate the various textures of food used for chewing.
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Tricky Tree
Cactus branches make an interesting 3D maze game and h​elps children develop hand / eye coordination
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Triple Glitter Putty
Stretch your creativity to its fullest with our Triple Glitter Putty. Use this Triple Glitter Putty to sculpt snowmen, snowflakes or go wild and create something new. Our Triple Glitter Putty has a variety of fun possibilities and is a super tactile treat. The Triple Glitter Putty is a colourful, glittery putty that can be squished, squashed and stretched into lots of different shapes​​​​​​​
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Tub Tunes Symphony Set
You've heard of singing in the shower, but now there's a symphony in the tub with the Alex Tub Tunes Symphony Bath Toy Set The instruments within the Alex Tub Tunes Symphony Bath Toy Set were designed specifically for use in the bath, where everyone knows the best acoustics in the house reside! 
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Tubie Floor Model
This freestanding, activity panel will encourage children to develop hand eye co-ordination and tracking. Watch the coloured balls disappear into the tubes and reappear at the end. If hands are kept gently on the tubes as the balls pass, gentle vibration can be felt.
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Tweezer Tongs Game
Children develop fine motor control, sorting skills and eye/hand coordination—with our engaging color sorting kit! Kids simply grip the tweezer tongs just like a pencil, then grab and sort the balls into the tubes by color—building the muscle control and coordination they need to begin writing! Kit includes an activity guide, 50 rubber balls in 5 different colors, one pair of blue 6" tweezer tongs, plus a color sorting tray with 5 removable, clear-view tubes.
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Twirling Sound Pipe
Spin the Twirling Sound pipe around to hear different and equally fun sounds whilst also providing auditory stimulation they  can be used as a manipulative to help with both finger and arm strengthening.  A fantastic sensory resource that children will love to explore.
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Twirly Whirly Rainmaker
The Twirly Whirly Rainbomaker is a delightful real musical instrument which creates a captivating combination of sound and colour. By turning the Rainbomaker, baby will be able to watch as the colourful beads cascade through the tube, creating fascinating sounds and visual effects that will delight young children. Measuring 30cm in length, the Twirly Whirly Rainbomaker is strong, durable and comfortable for little hands to hold
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Twist and lock blocks
The wooden Twist and lock blocks are a simple but effective fiddle fidget toy. Bend or twist the wooden twist and lock blocks and keep children focused during quiet time or moments of stress. Coloured wooden blocks are strung together with elastic which allows them to be locked and angled to make shapes and figures.
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Twist and Shake Rainmaker
A new twist on the traditional rainmaker. The Twist and Shake Rainmaker is 20 cm in length with lots of colourful beads and the gentle sound of falling rain. The Twist and Shake Rainmaker is a delightful sensory toy that can be tipped, twirled, shaken and rolled.
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Twisty Rope Linelite Tubing
The Twisty Rope Linelite is a flexible plastic rope which glows brightly under the influence of UV blacklist, just like normal line lite but with added rippled texture. A sensory tactile treat that children will love to hold and explore as it glows under the Uv light. A stunning effect,why not hang some from the ceiling or a wall and watch the room come to life.
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Two way tactile panel Fishbone
The Two way tactile panel Fishbone Two-way tactile module develops tactile skills, interactive activities and noise stimulus. The Two way tactile panel Fishbone  panel houses a variety of spinning objects.
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Ultimate Fleur Rollercoaster Table
The Ultimate Fleur Rollercoaster Table is a wonderful activity centre for homes, schools, waiting rooms, doctors' offices, and any play area!  Children play for hours on end, while learning basic skills such as colour recognition, counting, eye-hand co-ordination, and co-operative play.
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Under the Sea Ocean Counters Set of 72
These modern, colourful counters are a great way to liven up a variety of maths activities. Ideal for developing counting skills, sorting and patterning, these soft rubber counters are wipe clean - perfect for hands-on use. Counters feature six different ocean animals in six different colours (orange, green, yellow, red, purple and blue). Set of 72 ocean themed counters comes in a handy storage tub and includes an activity guide.
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Unicorn Magic Putty
Look inside this tub of sparkling Unicorn Magic Putty and you might just discover the secrets of all unicorns. Of course, you might just find a little unicorn figure at the bottom, but that's good too! And besides, what could be more fun than a tub of glittery Unicorn Magic Putty.
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Uv Reactive Smart Putty
Tin of UV sensitive putty that changes colour when you shin UV light on it. Mould, stretch, bounce and even watch this putty melt as you play with it. The light from the UV torch included with the set causes the putty to change colour, only reverting back to its original shade when it is left in regular light.
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UV Sensory Glow Kit  Large
A large bag full of fun and exciting tactile toys that are UV reactive too, this large sensory kit has all you need for successful sensory play for individuals and groups. Each large kit comes complete with a medium UV blacklight strip, a large UV torch and a small UV torch to allow you to shine on the toys for striking fluorescent effects that encourage visual tracking and an understanding of light and colour. All of the toys can be bundled together in the handy carry bag included for easy storage and transportation.
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Velvet Fidget Ball
It is so unique, you really need to touch and feel it to find out. It is sort of stretchy, very squishy and pretty awesome. Super tactile and visually appealing its a great fidget toy to squish and squeeze and has a very calming touch,
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Vibrating Massage Sensory Cushion
A cosy circular cushion that your child will love to hold. Soft and plush with a surface wash velour cover available in a range of colours. Internal gentle vibrators give a soft vibration which is perfect for sensory simulation.
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Vibrating pillow cushtie cushion
Cushties are ultra-soft pillows, providing comfortable, gentle and uniform support for resting on. The new Vibrating Cushtie features a pleasing vibrating motion in its soft squishy body.
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Vibrating Tactile Rattle Snake
This plush, friendly, lovable Vibrating Tactile Rattle Snake is the ideal partner for children who seek proprioceptive (deep pressure) and / or tactile input and need to do a lot of squeezing and touching. It features six squeezable sections!Each of the six sections has a different feel
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Weighted Lap Pads
Weighted Lap Pads apply calming deep pressure to the lap and upper legs whilst the user is sitting down making them ideal for use in the classroom, at reading time, at the table, in the car etc.   As well as being fire retardant these Weighted Lap Pads are made of a material that is water resistant making them easy to care for and wipe clean.
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Weighted Vests
The concept of the Weighted Vest is based on the Sensory Integration therapy technique of deep pressure providing the child with uncounscious information from the muscles and joints, also know as proprioceptive input.
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What’s Inside? Soft Feely Box
Little ones can’t wait to get their hands inside this adorable box…and find out exactly what’s inside! ​​​​​​​The soft, machine-washable box is packed with 10 different sensory objects for kids to feel and explore—like a pretty butterfly with crinkly wings, a cute lion with a corduroy coat, a shiny frog for tots to squeak and more.
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Wooden Spatula 2 Pack
The perfect size for little hands to grip, this Wooden Spatula can be used in the play kitchen to lift out bacon and eggs from the Bigjigs Toys frying pan. Encourages creative and imaginative role play. Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials. Conforms to current European safety standards.
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Wooden Wheels Toy Cars
This traditional wooden toy car is designed to look like an iconic British vehicle, such as a London bus, police car, ambulance or fire engine. Each one features four free-spinning wheels to keep the action rolling. Order more than one to receive a variety of designs.
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Woodie the worm
You will love our Woodie Worm character. Woodie Worm is a jointed worm made of wood and painted in lots of lovely bright and appealing colours with a happy face. Woodie Worm will provide hours of bending and twisting and makes a fun fidget toy for your fiddlers and fidgets.
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Word Construction
Build basic word building skills in young learners! An engaging way to help develop word building with your early literacy class!
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Fiddle and fidget toys are a great resource for helping your children when faced with new situations as they help reduce stress and anxiety.
Fidget toys keep busy fingers happy for a long, long time and provide a focal point for children.

The fiddle or fidget toy focuses your child's mind on an activity.
Try a fidget toy in the car or when waiting for a bus for example and allow the motion of movement to become a great distraction from the stresses around.
Fidget toys are used by Schools,Therapists,parents all over the world as Fidget toys have proven benefits for children who struggle to focus.

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