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26 pack of Alpha Bean bags and crate
A set of 26 bean bags with the letters of the alphabet on - lowercase and uppercase These bean bags are great for helping children learn the alphabet and ideal for playing a wide range of early literacy, letter and phonics games. Learning through play at home, school and nursery.
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3 Role Play Colourful Tyres
These durable,Role Play Colourful Tyres are a great addition for indoor or outdoor play. The Role Play Colourful Tyres promote physical development and gross motor skills, there are plenty of opportunities for children to explore with this resource.
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6 Pack Tactile Ball Set
The amazing set of 6 TickiT Large Tactile Balls are the perfect tactile exploration toy. Each TickiT Large Tactile Ball has its own unique surface and texture and makes each ball a joy to behold. When squeezed the TickiT Large Tactile Ball makes a Squeak sound making it a truly satisfying and rewarding game.
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Bean Bag Joey Jump Game
The Bean Bag Joey Jump Game is a pivoted sturdy plastic platform for launching bean bags into the air ready to catch. The Bean Bag Joey Jump Game is great for hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. ​​​​​​​The Bean Bag Joey Jump Game set includes two bean bags and the platform features two launch spots on one end, with a footprint on the other indicating where to stamp.
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Constellation Ball
The Constellation Ball creates a sound like gentle rain falling down.  The Constellation Ball also is great for visual stimulation and children will love to watch the internal confetti effect swirl around the ball. Watch and listen as colourful confetti-like plastic pebbles inside the ball make the sound of gently falling rain!
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First play Junior Parachute Resource Kit
The First play Junior Parachute Resource Kit is a colourful and value pack containing two parachutes along with all the equipment you need to play 30 fun and exciting games supplied in a resource book. Allows upto 20 children to participate.
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First play Sensory Fun Ball Pack
A fantastic set containing over 100 different tactile balls. Great for use with large groups. Ideal for sensory and motor skills, hand/eye co-ordination and much more. Included in the set is a large storage bag along with a ball inflator.
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First-play Animal Beanbag Essential Tub
This selection of First-play Animal beanbags have a soft and colourful Vinyl Cover for tactile stimulation. With multiple uses, the beanbags can be used for traditional beanbag activities, as well as for teaching younger children about different common animals.
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Giant Hollow Blocks 52 piece set
Our fantastic sets of giant hollow blocks will provide endless play and imaginative construction possibilities. Children will be able to create and build on a grand scale whilst providing an inventive and exciting outlet for energetic and active minds.
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GOSH Junior Space Hopper
Hop for a great cause! Our Junior Space Hopper has been given a fabulous purple makeover in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity. It feature's the charity's iconic logo and the encouraging words "Hop for GOSH" on its front. And the best bit?Each sale of the space hopper will donate 10% of every 'Hop for GOSH' space hopper sold to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity (Registered charity no. 1160024).
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Honey Hill Weplay Balancing Toy
The Weplay® Honey Hills containers stemmed from the natural shape of honeycomb, Honey Hills adopts the concept of tactile container and turns the paths into challenging routes with different levels of heights. Textured path and the container concept offer different tactile experiences and stimulation. From the stepping game, kids can enhance their motor skills and stabilise the emotions. Also good for balance and sensory stimulation. 
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Junior Space Hopper
The giant Junior Space Hopper inflates to 60cm so that children can sit on it, hold on to the antennae and bounce about enthusiastically. Apart from anything else, The Junior Space Hopper is good wholesome exercise
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Light Up Space Hopper
The Light Up Space Hopper is a junior sized translucent purple space hopper with flashing LED light balls inside, when you bounce, this cute alien styled hopper lights up and flashes with colourful light! The Light Up Space Hopper is brilliant fun for outdoor play, this light up space hopper measures 60cm diameter when inflated making it ideal for kids looking spectacular with motion activated flashing lights!
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Number & Dot Bean Bags  Pk10
Numbered Bean Bags come in a set of 10 bright colours that are numbered and dotted visually stimulating the user. The Number & Dot Bean Bags  Pk10 are great for throwing and catching games but most of all they are perfect for number games.
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Play Tyres Set of 10
This Play Tyres Set of 10 is made up of durable, colourful play tyres will make a great open ended addition to indoor and outdoor classrooms. Roll them, stack them or build with them, they’re perfect for physical development and imaginative play.
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Shapes Bean Bags
The Shapes Bean Bags Pack of 12 contains shape bean bags which can reinforce an understanding of shape through symbols, words and the shapes of the beanbags themselves. The Shapes Bean Bags are ideal for throwing and catching games whilst identifying shapes.
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Wooden Balancing Beam
 Build confidence coordination and balancing skills with this wooden balancing beam. The Wooden Balancing Beam includes 4 blocks and 4 long balance beams, simple to set up and put away at the end of the day.
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