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Sensory Toys and Educational Equipment
We have a large range of Sensory toys, Educational equipment and early years equipment and now stock over 4500 products meaning we have a wide range of sensory toys, and educational equipment for our customers.
Sensory Education provide equipment to parents,schools, the NHS and all major charities.

We work hard each day to ensure our prices are the most affordable within the sensory toy, special needs and educational supplies business.
Our range of equipment varies from special needs toys through to standard classroom equipment such as tables and chairs and much much more.
We are often asked "Do you only supply to children with special needs" and the answer is simple.
When we set out in 2010 we wanted to provide a cost effective sensory toy business and over the years the sensory toy business have evolved so much and many children without SEN now also explore the benefits of sensory play in settings such as school, early years and at home.
Children of all abilities will love our exciting sensory based products and get great benefit from our sensory play resources.

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