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8 Piece Mud Kitchen Bowl Pack
A super shiny set of metal bowls in a variety of shapes and sizes perfect addition to mud kitchens out and about or for messy play indoors. A great addition for your messy play setting.
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Bugs Life and Planter
Working in groups, children can plant seasonal vegetables & fruit in this Bugs Life & Planter. They can also learn how to become self-sufficient while creating a home for all the local creepy crawlies. Made from pre-treated Scandinavian Redwood which is guaranteed against rot and insect infestation for 10 years.
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Double Messy Play Table
This table is a great addition to your outdoor area, includes 2 plastic basins (W26 x D23 x D19cm) with taps to drain, ideal for holding sand, water or mud. The additional middle tray also has a tap for even more play, discovery and learning opportunities.
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Messy Corner Kitchen
This outdoor Messy Corner Kitchen will allow children to collaborate through messy play whilst encouraging social engagement. A larger mud kitchen, children can use the Messy Corner Kitchen for a variety of role play activities.
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Messy Multiplay Table
Built to last, the messy multi play unit can be kept outside in all weathers and is ideal for small gardens and indoor play areas. Includes 4 bowls and inset holes for tools, Play-Tec® shelving and castors for easy maneuverability. ​​​​​​​With solid Play-Tec® plastic tops the children will have endless messy fun together. 
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Messy Play Zone
The double play zone combines the mud kitchen and messy zone. Built to last, these units can be kept outside in all weathers and are ideal for small gardens and indoor play areas. With solid Play-Tec® plastic tops the children will have endless messy fun.
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Mud Kitchen
Built to last, this Mud Kitchen can be kept outside in all weathers and is ideal for smaller settings and indoor play areas. ​​​​​​​The roomy unit features a solid Play-Tec® plastic top, for easy cleaning and durability, with 4 grooved rings, a sink with bowl and taps, 2 cupboards with Play-Tec® plastic doors and a wooden shelf area. Size: W122 x D46 x H128cm.   
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Mud Kitchen Large
Freestanding large mud kitchen and messy play unit, with large lower storage shelf. Supplied with 3 removable containers for mixing and exploring a range of materials, plus two small shelves for pots, utensils and accessories.
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Mud Kitchen small
Outdoor play is important for a child’s development. Not only does outdoor play provide an opportunity for children to participate in physical activity, but it also allows them to explore and discover what nature has to offer.
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Outdoor Chalkboard Table
This outdoor chalkboard table is a great resource to encourage children’s mark making – their first steps towards writing. Mark making often flourishes in an outdoor environment and so this table is the perfect resource to help develop children’s creativity and imagination.
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Outdoor Multi Kitchen
Made from advanced exterior birch plywood, our outdoor multi kitchens can be left out in all weathers. Ideal for use as a mud kitchen, each unit has a removable metal sink and feature anti finger-trap hinges - ideal for group play. Manufactured by Millhouse.
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Outdoor Water Cascade
This Outdoor Water Cascade unit will provide endless fun for your outdoor area. Add boats or ducks to the trays and watch what happens as the water cascades from the top to bottom level and beyond. Use alone or with the other items in this range (Outdoor Square Messy Table, Outdoor Double Messy Table) to create an even longer cascade.
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Outdoor Wooden Group Discovery Table
A large outdoor wooden table with a storage shelf and plastic basins. Enough space for lots of children and table space to experiment. Children can transfer materials from one bowl to the other.
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Outdoor Wooden Water Channelling Unit
A great opportunity for quality messy play experiences. One side has the pump, shelves and channelling whilst the other can also be utilised as a play space. Made from Scandinavian Redwood. The wood has a 10 year guarantee against rot and insect damage.
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Outdoor Workbench
Our Outdoor Workbench is a multi-purpose workhorse for your outdoor area – use as a mud pie kitchen, an outside home corner workbench, or as a handy outdoor woodworking bench. With great space underneath for extra storage and a large worktop for group play.
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Sand and Water Tray Rock Pool Red
This sand and water tray comes complete with a rock wall feature and multiple waterfalls. It's easy to store and comes fully assembled, so the work is already done for you!
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Square Messy Play Table
Manufactured from high quality durable pinewood which has natural patterns and grains for an authentic natural look. Pre-treated to provide maximum resistance against rot and decay. Supplied flat pack for easy assembly.
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Tufty Tray Set
Made from tough plastic it can be used on the floor or desk and includes a lift-off tidy tray. Young explorers find it useful for imaginative play, painting, science exploration, sand & water fun and even potting plants.
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Wooden Tray Activity Centre
This compact wooden unit with removable trays is ideal for smaller, compact spaces. Featuring a low shelf for extra storage, this sturdy unit is ideal for exploring materials, mark making, water play and creating messy mixtures. Fill the trays with a variety of materials and experiment with textures and forms.​​​​​​​
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