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sensory toys Music and Movement ideas for parents and schools
We hope our selection of music and movement school and parent resources will both inspire you and provide you with everything you need to get your pupils Singing, playing, Performing, composing and learning and moving around 
We have a wide range of musical ideas for younger children through to older children and each and every music idea is designed with durability in mind.
Take a look at our early years music range and get your children moving and grooving.

Our amazing range of sensory toys and special needs toys and Equipment
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1 Up Bobble ball
This ball is compact with clever sensory technology that once activated comes alive with flashing lights creating giggles as it jiggles
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10 Mirror Ball Stringlights
A fantastic addition to any sensory room, bedroom or dark den these stunning disco ball string lights are battery powered for ease of use in a den or next to a bed.
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10 Piece Early Years Music Set
A colourful and practical 10-piece set of percussion instruments, ideal for young children to learn about sound and rhythm, and encouraging group participation in songs and dance. Contents: 2 hand bells, 2 grip rattles, 3 hand shakers, 2 rainmakers and an ocean drum in a convenient drawstring storage bag.
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12 Pack Hand Markers
The floor markers are popular for multiple activities to help lay out fun physical activities and challenges. They can also be used for cross curriculum activities such as maths and movement.
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13 Piece Sensory Lighting Kit
Complete easy to use kit containing an array of interactive activities to use in a dark den for exploring action, light and movement. Sensory stimulation and a great fun session that pupils will find uplifting and enjoyable whilst aiding their physical and communication skills
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18 Piece Sensory Lighting Kit
Anyone would be delighted to receive one these fantastic 18 piece sensory lighting kits This set contains 18 items that either light up, flash, change colour and move for visual, mesmerising and fun entertainment.
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180cm Fun Tunnel
Children love exploring tunnel spaces but this clear design means that supervisors can see what is happening, and the child can feel less confined than is a solid wall structure where they can’t see what is happening outside and where they are in the tunnel relative to the ends.
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24 Pack Mirror Block Set
A fantastic 24 pack of mirror blocks to aid shape recognition and block building skills. A great way to develop self awareness and focusing skills.
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28 Piece Balancing Path
Allow children to gain confidence and a sense of achievement whilst improving their balance and coordination. This balancing path consists of 28 detachable pieces in 6 colours which can be slotted together to form a variety of walking paths with the 4 connectors. Made of high density plastic with non slip surface.
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3 Pack Activity Wall Set
Set of wall activity panels to engage children in cross-curricular learning. Panels are styled as a brown horse with wire beads and moving gears, a yellow giraffe with fruit puzzle blocks to mix and complete, and a black and white zebra with colourful shapes to identify and match.
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3D Magnetic Blocks
3D Magnetic Blocks - A challenging set of magnetic shapes which will allow children’s imaginations to run wild, whilst experimenting and making endless models. Red blocks attract blue blocks and vice versa, allowing easy model building whilst learning about magnetism.
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5 Pack Bath Water Flutes
Excellent entertainment for young children at bath time! Filling the clear tubes with varying quantities of water produces different notes. Brightly coloured and containing song sheets to follow, the Water Flutes even float on the water so they aren't lost in the bottom of the tub.
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5 Pack Tactile Weighted Bean Bags
Using the beanbags will provide upper extremity exercise, heavy work, and tactile exploration. Use as a fidget toy, and for any bean bag games. Make them part of your sensory exploration station.
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6 Pack Baby Sensory Rubbabu Balls
Perfect for the development of gross motor skills as well as sensory enhancement. Children can grip and catch these balls easier than traditional versions thanks to the clever shapes and the soft and squishy materials. When held, children can appreciate the soft and smooth texture and notice the pleasing squishyness, while increasing their sensory awareness.
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8 Note Xylophone
Lets make music with this colourful and durable xylophone which is great for young and old alike and makes a great gift.
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9 Piece Band Percussion Set
This set of 9 different percussion instruments is a great starter kit for anyone who wants to make a variety of rhythmic sounds. The set includes a headed tambourine, a pair of wooden maracas, and many more. Specifically designed to encourage group interaction, participation and attention.
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A Giant Top
Develops children’s physical coordination while they play, made of strong plastic for both indoor and outdoor play. Develops children’s physical coordination while they play, made of strong plastic for both indoor and outdoor play.
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A Whizzy Dizzy
A balancing, tea cup style apparatus that develops gross motor skills. Sit on the whizzy dizzy and rotate the wheel to spin yourself around! Great for developing shoulder muscles and balance and coordination.
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A3 Recordable Postcards Single
Encourage children to enjoy speaking and listening activities with our recordable speech bubbles. Simply write and record your message, interesting fact or quote on to the speech bubble.
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Abili Sensory Stepping Stones
The Sensory Stepping stone Balance Pods are the ideal tool for proprioception, reducing tactile defensiveness, and coordination therapy. Supplied as a pack of 6,this creates endless possibilities to aid development skills such as balance,gross motor skills etc.
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Activity Motor Skills Cube
Fun and games on 7 sides to train fine motor skills, shape and colour recognition and logical thinking! Sturdy combination of solid wood and plywood. On 6 sides and the top you can find a memory game, activity loops and labyrinths, a puzzle and an abacus. The resilient wooden elements offer great playing options for several children at the same time!
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Activity Physio Roll
This ball contains little balls inside making this ideal to promote three dimensional sight and co-ordination. It is also very light and ideal for balance and co-ordination. Approximately 90cm long with a diameter of 55cm
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Aeroplane Activity Wall Panel
Activity wall made in five pieces, each with a different set of manipulative activities to encourage hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills including: a clock with moving hands, wire bead maze, magnetic pens, shape maze and interlocking gears. The aeroplane comes fully assembled with fixing holes and attachment screws for easy fitting to a wall.
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African Adventure Music Kit
An earthy multicultural resource. Presented in a Bolga basket. Sixteen items including masks, woven Kente cloth, and percussion all from Africa. Includes twenty 'teachers help' guided activities focusing on key stages 1 and 2 Music, Art and Design.
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African Music Basket
Thirteen authentic instruments all made in Africa contained in a Senegalese basket, including hosho maracas, co-co shaker, caxixi, m’bira thumb piano, small djembe drum, rakataks, monkey drums, moroccan flute, gourd shaker and juju raffia shaker.
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Animal Bean Bags Various Styles
Our Animal Beanbag sets are a bean bag game designed to provide tactile stimulation, sensory integration activity and upper extremity strengthening
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Animal Bells
These delightful Halilit Animal Jingle Bells have a comfortable easy to hold grip and they reward with a bright sound.
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Animal Boom Box
Our Animal boom box reward children with funny sounds. When the Animal boom box is pressed they make noises of various animals.
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Animal Castanets
These brightly coloured wooden Castanets make a perfect first musical toy. Ideal as an early introduction to sound and rhythm and a great way to encourage creativity.
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Animal Shapes Shakers Set of 3
The brilliant Halilit Animal Shaker Set contains three colourful and enchanting musical creatures: a Fishy Shaker, a Knocking Snail and a Jingly Ladybug. The yellow and blue fish contains shaker beads for a gentle swishy sound whereas the Knocking Snail has a single large bead and makes a gentle knocking sound which is still soft enough to be attractive to small children. The Jingly Ladybug holds tambourine jingles which makes a delightful jingly sound when shaken.
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Animal Voice Shaker
Our Animal Voices Shaker rewards movement with funny sounds. When these Animal Sounds unique containers are shaken or upturned they make noises of animal characters. A fantastic toy which combines imagination and cause and effect through one fun and funky toy.
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Artic Penguin Race
Parents will remember enjoying this engaging Penguin Race over 20 years ago and it is still as much fun for youngsters today. Three playful penguins are magically hoisted up the moving 'ski lift' and then slide quickly down the winding slope, accompanied by a rhythmic, jolly cheeping sound.
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Astro UFO Light Projector
An incredible multi coloured light show that ticks all the boxes, the UFO Astro Light Projector can be placed on your ceiling, wall or any flat surface transforming your room in an instant.
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Auditory Sensory box
The fantastic Auditory Sensory Tub will encourage participation and movement through to hand to eye co-ordination and allow your child to develop and build communication skills through sensory play time.
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Awesome Sensory in an Instant Sensory Kit
A classic collection of sensory toys and sensory lighting all contained as a complete package.
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Awesome Sensory in an Instant Ultimate Kit
A classic collection of sensory toys and sensory lighting all contained as a complete package. Anyone would be delighted to receive one these fantastic sensory kits This extra large kit is the ultimate for visual stimulation.
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Awesome Sensory Kit 2
A classic collection of sensory toys and sensory lighting all contained as a complete package. Anyone would be delighted to receive one these fantastic sensory kits This large kit contains glow in the dark and light up items creating stimulation through visual aids.
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Awesome Sensory Starter Play Set
A classic collection of sensory toys all contained as a kit so you get to experience several sensory experiences as one purchase.
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B Jungle Jingles
The B Jungle Jingles set comes with a 10-bell tambourine with snake stick; Antelope slide whistle, Twister hand drum and two shaka-shaka giraffe maracas.
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Baby Bells
With a specially designed easy grip handle, this colourful baby bell by Halilit is ideal for tiny hands to hold and play and is perfect for baby’s first musical instrument.
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Baby sensory Music Kit
Our exclusive Baby Sensory Music Kit is the most amazing range of baby and toddler musical instruments and is suitable for 3 months plus. Our Baby Sensory Music Kit provides the perfect introduction to sound and rhythm and allows children to experiment and create there own groovy tune
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Baff Drum Rhythm Set OF 5
The cool stools look stylish, and are sustainably produced. Children will have lot of fun playing the music furniture and with the help of the free stickers, to mark the different sounds, young children are able to learn where to hit the bass and snare.
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Balance and trace board
A wobble board with 4 wooden balls. By standing on the board and placing their feet in the foot prints, children should use their balance and core muscles to roll the ball through the trail paths.
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Balance Arch Set of 2
Encourage active play and balance coordination with the Weplay Balance Arch, a versatile product that can be used either individually or as a combination. When used on its side the arch becomes a curvy balance path, when joined together they form a balance bridge children can interact with.
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Balance Beam
Great for developing balancing skills this walking beam is a childrens classic. Approximately 80cm x 14.5cm complete with angled brick and support Stimulates child’s balance and co-ordination
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Balance Beams Set 1
Includes a 3-way linking island and 3 beams - cross balance board, tactile balance board and a bridge balance board. Each balance board measures 96 x 20cm, and the 3-way linking island measures 39 x 37cm. Perfect for developing and stimulating balance, and collaborative play skills. These sensory balance beams are available in 3 different sets.
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Balance Beams Set 2
Includes a blue and orange central linking island and 5 beams - step balance board, irregular balance board, hill balance board, rock balance board and a high-low balance board. Each balance board measures 96 x 20cm and the central linking island measures 80 x 80cm.
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Balance Beams Set 3
This group set includes W-50 and W-51 - the ideal set for larger groups of children. Perfect for developing and stimulating balance, and collaborative play skills. These sensory balance beams are available in 3 different sets. There are no screws or assembly required – just click and go. The main body and balance boards are made from plywood offering strength and flexibility.
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Balance Board Maze
The maze in this balance board distracts from the balancing exercise thus making the challenge harder compared with a standard balancing board. While this board can take weight up to 80 kg, the footprint size makes it suitable for 3-10 years,
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Balance Board with Straps
A new and wholly unique balancing board for play and rehabilitation. The board consists of a hard plastic surface with non-skid elevations in artificial rubber to give a good foothold. This surface is supported by a soft  base that regulates the hardness of the balancing board using air pressure.
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Balance Course Intermediate Set
Exciting and challenging balancing system. The elements can be combined in countless ways so use your imagination to set up all the balance courses and landscapes you can build. The level of difficulty can be varied to suit the development levels of the children and can be built at heights ranging from 100 to 240mm -depending on how brave the children are
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Balance Course Starter Set
With the great flexibility of Build N’Balance, the level of difficulty can be varied to suit the development levels of the children
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Balance perception ball
The Visual Perception Balancing ball that has been designed for small children and babies to use to enhance their sense of balance. Ball is covered in an easy to clean vinyl in red, Black and Black and White patterns.
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Balance Resource Pack
Great set of 42 items that will train and develop one's balance and movement skills. This fun filled pack is brightly coloured. Can be used effectively for an individual or as part of group play, where socialisation and teamwork skills can also be developed.
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Balance Rocker Board
The balance board rocker allows children to practise balancing skills,and this works by building leg muscle strength and concentration.
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Balance Rocking whally Board
The WePlay® Whally Board is a fun balance board for kids!   Inspired by a jumping fish, Weplay Whally Board is textured with waves and bubbles on the surface to provide children with tactile stimulations to feet and inspire the imagination of fish roaming freely in water. This ergonomic balance board is designed for young children to either sit in or stand on for a fun rock balancing game. Comes in Blue or Sunkist colors. Kids can pretend they are riding on a whale or big fish!
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Balance Round Seesaw
This round seesaw amuses and excites children as it moves in all directions, this has been specially designed for children between 3 to 5 years of age. The Gonge Round Seesaw can be used by two children simultaneously for fun. The handles covered with soft foam provide a solid grip and prevents children from getting hurt. This is the perfect toy for developing balancing skills.
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Balance Spinning Top
Develop balance and motor skills with this fun spinning top. The safe and simple design is ideal for babies and toddlers. Made from durable, lightweight and easy clean plastic. Weighs less than 2kg. Measures 26.5 H x 68cm d. Ages 0mths+
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Balance Steps
Every successful step builds balance and confidence! Kids get better and better with each attempt at stepping across this series of 6 inverted buckets. Each bucket boasts a textured top The buckets connect to one another with rope that allows a gap between each step. Molded polypropylene buckets support up to 165 pounds.
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Ball Training Stand
A multiple target basketball stand with four hoops set at different height levels, great for group play and suitable for all ages. The three outer hoops turn into the metal frame for easy storage. Comes with a handy storage bag. Ring Size: 1 x D45cm. 3 x D40cm.
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Basic classroom percussion kit
A collection of essential percussion for the classroom containing enough instruments for 20 players. Each pack includes:
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Basket Ball Stand
Basketball Stand, is an oversized net that is the perfect height for a little one, it is a sturdy and weatherproof frame meaning you can keep it outdoors. The aim of the basketball stand is to help improve your aim which will also give you a sense of position in space.
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Bath Water Flutes
Water music! What could be more fun than taking a bath or swim and making music at the same time? Fill the flutes with water then play along
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Bean Bag Ball
Bean bag balls are an excellent way to involve children in a fun way and help develop gross motor skills along the way.
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Bean Bag Mystery Weight Pack
A set of 20 bean bags where size and mass are NOT as you may think. Bags weigh 60, 80, 100 and 120 grams, and are 13, 16, 19 and 22cm in size. Children will need to use their senses to vary the system of classification! Colours may vary.
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Bean Bag Throwing Mat
The child throws a bean bag or something similar on to the mat and has to make a word beginning with the letters it landed on.
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Bear Manipulative Wall Panel
An appealing manipulative wall panel in a bear design, providing a range of fine motor activities several children can enjoy at once.
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Bell Ringer Ball
Flexible ball, with a bell inside. Ideal for small fingers to hold through the ribbon holes. Roll or shake to make great sounds.The ball is light-weight and perfect for rolling, playing catch or to be used as a sensory and manipulative item.
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Bell Tree
The brightly coloured ribbons and shiny bells add to the captivating effect of this wooden Bell Tree. With its easy to grip handle and variety of different sounds, little ones will love to hold and rattle this classic toy time and again.
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Belly Bump Junior 2 pack
This pack of belly bump balls will soon become your child's favourite game, as well as having hours of fun it helps them become even more active than they already are, meaning lots of playful days and restful nights for mum and dad! These big belly balls turn your children into giant soft raspberries as they boing, bump, bop and bounce off each other giggling and having oodles of fun as they do! With 2 in a pack and suitable for children aged 3 and up, even your little ones won't have to sit it out!
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Bendy Wrist and Ankle Bells
Help your child’s co-ordination and physical development as well as their listening skills and concentration as they create a range of soft and loud sounds
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BigJigs Hand Shaker
These adorable wooden Hand Shakers are sure to delight little ones as they learn to play along in time to the music, make up their own or just enjoy creating lots of noise! The shakers are perfectly sized for little hands to grip and shake. Ideal as an early introduction to sound and rhythm, and a great way to encourage creativity. Helps to develop dexterity and coordination. Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials. Conforms to current European safety standards.
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Stimulates the senses, engages the imagination, and encourages creativity—from rocking, spinning, and sitting, to hiding under,and much more
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Bird Water Warbler
Fill this cute little finch-style bird with water, extend the mouthpiece and blow to create warbling bird-like sounds.
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Bluetooth Disco Ball Speaker
Your favourite sounds will play through the inbuilt when you play them through the Bluetooth Disco Ball Speaker! Connect wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet or any other Bluetooth enabled device to enjoy incredible sound and colourful lighting effects.
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Bluetooth Plasma Ball
For loud, crystal clear music with a twist, this speaker is the ultimate Bedroom addition ​With a glowing plasma ball sitting atop a powerful speaker, you can enjoy your favourite tunes, along with a cool light spectacle that will impress.
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Bluetooth Speaker Bulbs
Where there is light there should be music, and this amazing bulb is an amazing light effect and also acts as a bluetooth speaker so you can also play music from the amazing sensory bulb.
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Body Sox
What an exciting experience full of fun and laughter and with great sensory input. A fantastic way to teach spatial language with reinforced tactile information from the Lycra.
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Boomwhacker Tree
Play Boomwhackers from both sides, creating opportunities for your pupils to work together to compose, harmonise and improvise notes and rhythms. Includes two sets of removable Boomwhacker. Mallets not included.
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Botley The Coding Robot
Never coded before? No problem. I’m ready to use right out of the box and I will have your kids coding in minutes. I can be introduced to children as young as 5, but I grow with them as well – so we’ll have many fun years together!
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Bounce Me Yozo Ball
Drop a Yozo on the floor or give it a good nudge and it will manically giggle and vibrate.
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Bouncing Trampoline
Ultra strong trampoline with support bar made from tubular steel, reinforced springing and nylon padded skirt to stand the test of time.
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Bump and Go Bubble Train
The Bright and colourful Bump and Go Train makes authentic train noises and chugs along like the real thing, continuously blowing bubbles from its chimney while doing so.
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Busy Ball
Keep baby busy and promote early learning with Busy Ball. Busy Ball is filled with colors, patterns and textures and big enough for little hands to grab, hold and explore!
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Cage Bells
Introduce music to your infant or toddler with this stunning cage bell that little ones can hold securely with confidence! Maybe even better, everyone around can appreciate the pleasant, bright chiming sounds.
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Cage Bells Pack Of 3
Pack of 3 Cage Bells in assorted colours. A bright sounding bell that is safe for small hands. The bell is enclosed in a cage with an easy to hold handle. Cage Bell size: 12cm. Colours may vary. Age: 6 months+.
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Camouflage Fabric
This 2 metre x 1.5 metre sheet is colour patterned to blend in with any outdoor environment and can be used as a floor covering or draped to form a simple hide shelter.
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Can Crash Game
A fantastic set of 16 bean bags in a variety of mixed colours. A fun classic item that we all remember but the fact that this classic bean bag can help your child makes it a must.
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Cars Click Clack Track
Watching the cars tumble down, flipping between the alternating ramps is mesmerising, not to mention the beautiful click clack sound they make on their downward journey.
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Childrens Balance Footbridge
Bring the outdoors, in with the Balance Footbridge! A great product for young children to practice balance and weight distribution. Made from strong painted and lacquered plywood. Supplied flat packed for simple assembly.
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Childrens Therapy Body Exercise ball
Our fantastic therapy exercise ball is a great exercise and therapy tool.
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Childrens Up and Over Set
This soft play set has a ramp, steps and tunnel for children to explore climbing up, over and under. The pieces fasten together with hook and loop for safety. Wipe clean surface.
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Childrens Wallboard Animal Textures
Our animal textures board encourages children to touch, feel and discuss different soft textures and colours. Manufactured from 15mm PVC foam board.
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Childrens Wallboard Tactile Train
Children can explore and discuss different physical textures with our fun tactile train – four carriages with variances of rough texture. Manufactured from 15mm PVC foam board.
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Chubby Rainbow Bells
The bells are also numbered and so can be lined up and played by one child or they can be used by a group of children working together.
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Class 12 Pack Whisper Phone
WhisperPhone is an invaluable tool for helping with language processing, vocalization, articulation and enunciation. This set of 12 Whisperphones is perfect for use in a classroom or clinic.
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Class percussion pack
Percussion Classpack. Sufficient hand held percussion for up to 30 pupils
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Clatter Pillar
This fabulous Clatter Pillar makes a wonderful wave of sound that will delight children with a rewarding sound. Amazing  rattle sounds are made with the Clatter Pillar which is used across Pre-schools and nurseries across the world as its a well known product with fantastic input and musical education.
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Clip Clap
A row of bright, multicoloured, specially shaped discs which slide along for a lively clapping sound. With easy grip handle which is easy for little hands to hold. Suitable from 6 months +
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Clockwork  Tin Santa
Our Clockwork Santa is made from tin for a timeless, retro charm, and will be a sure hit this Christmas. Simply wind him up, place him on a flat surface and watch him plod along! Small and cute, Clockwork Santa makes a perfect stocking filler for little ones to discover on Christmas morning.
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