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10 Piece Band Percussion Set
The Band Percussion Set of 10 different percussion instruments is a great starter kit for anyone who wants to make a variety of rhythmic sounds. The Band Percussion Set includes a headed tambourine, a pair of wooden maracas, and many more. The 10 Piece Band Percussion Set is specifically designed to encourage group interaction, participation and attention.
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10 Piece Early Years Music Set
The Early Years Music Set is a colourful and practical 10-piece set of percussion instruments, ideal for young children to learn about sound and rhythm, and encouraging group participation in songs and dance. The Early Years Music Set is a fantastic resource for any early years setting or home setting and children will love to explore the musical instruments within the Early Years Music Set.
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3 Piece Wooden Music Set
Strike up the band! This Wooden Music Set will help children to develop their musical flair from an early age and to understand more about how different sounds can work together. A colourful xylophone, hand bell and castanet are included in this set
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African Adventure Music Kit
Ready for an adventure? This is an exciting African 'Adventure' package which includes some hand percussion together with items such as African masks, Kente cloth and more. Ideal for KS1 & 2, a coco-drum, rainstick and other brightly coloured hand held items are included - A great and inspiring collection 'out of Africa'!!
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African Music Basket
Endless classroom uses! Each basket, handmade using naturally, locally available materials, is hand-woven in Africa. Thirteen authentic instruments all made in Africa contained in a Senegalese basket,​​​​​​​
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Auditory Sensory box
The Auditory box is an exclusive selection of carefully chosen sensory items offering a wide range of auditory sounds and musical rewards to engage children. The fantastic Auditory Sensory box will encourage participation and movement using key skills including hand to eye co-ordination and allow your child to develop and build communication skills through sensory play time.
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Baby sensory Music Kit
Our exclusive Baby Sensory Music Kit is the most amazing range of baby and toddler musical instruments and is suitable for 3 months plus. Our Baby Sensory Music Kit provides the perfect introduction to sound and rhythm and allows children to experiment and create there own groovy tune
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Basic classroom percussion kit
The Basic Classroom Kit from Percussion Plus is a collection of essential percussion instruments, enough for 20 players. This includes a variety of instruments and comes with all the necessary beaters, all stored in a handy plastic storage box.
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Bigjigs Bongos
Perfectly sized for little hands, our wooden bongos are ideal as an early introduction to sound and rhythm and a great way to encourage creativity. The bright and appealing design means creative children will want to play and learn at the same time!
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Boomwhackers 5 Note Chromatic Set
Wak-a-Tubes are brightly coloured plastic tubes that are played by striking against a hard surface such as the floor or hitting with a beater. They can also be played by tapping them against each other – a great way to create harmony. They are built to last, great fun for musicians of all ages to play, and a useful tool for teaching about ensemble playing.
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Cage Bells Pack Of 3
Pack of 3 Cage Bells in assorted colours. A bright sounding bell that is safe for small hands. The bell is enclosed in a cage with an easy to hold handle. Cage Bell size: 12cm. Colours may vary. Age: 6 months+.
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Chubby Rainbow Bells
A set of eight desktop bells which ring with different notes when tapped. Brightly coloured and easy to play, each bell is differentiated by colour and tone. The Rainbow Music Desk Bells are numbered, enabling them to be lined up and played by a single child or by a group of children working together, making them ideal for encouraging interaction and teamwork. Music sheets and nursery rhymes are included.
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Class percussion pack
Percussion Class pack. Sufficient hand held percussion for up to 30 pupils Suitable for Key Stages 1 and 2. A great classroom resource for children who will love the musical instruments and teachers will also value the quality of each musical piece.
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Classroom Percussion Value Pack
The Classroom percussion Value pack is ideal for schools and classrooms and offers a great value bundle for educators. Hand percussion and other untuned instruments are known to encourage musical development in early years, as well as motivate social and motor skills.
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Complete Music Set
This pack of 14 Musical instruments has been designed to encourage the very youngest in your setting to get involved in music. Children can bang, shake, jingle and beat on these instruments, all packed away in a handy storage box. 
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Drum and Rhythm Kit
A superb value Drum and Rhythm Kit for schools and early years settings that will encourage musical experiments through sound and make the perfect classroom addition. A delightful set of 10 traditional musical instruments.
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Early years music set
This fun and colourful Early years music set has 25 musical instruments for young children to enjoy. The Early years music set has a variety of sounds and instruments and they are supplied in this bumper handy storage tub. The early years music set will Will help children learn about sound and rhythm and encourage group participation in songs and dance.
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Halilit The Kids Band Gift Set
Start your own band with this fantastic 6 piece Halilit The Kids Band gift set! With a fantastic assortment of rattles, shakers, including Jingle Bell, Giant Train Whistle, Baby Tambourine, Twist and Shake Rainboshaker, Maracito and a play-along music CD, baby will be able to create lots of his own musical masterpieces!
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Halilit Toddler Music Carnival
Create your own music carnival with the Halilit Toddler's Music Carnival! This beautiful, richly coloured gift set includes a Mini Cage Bell, Baby Maraca, Clip Clap and a bestselling Rainboshaker, the perfect introduction to early year's music making. Cascading beads create gorgeous sounds and fascinating visual effects that will delight young babies. Suitable from 6 months +.
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Key Stage One Music Set
A complete Key Stage One Music Set for musical education!  A complete classroom music pack containing percussion instruments packed in a robust storage tub making this classroom music set perfect for music on the go at school
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Large percussion kit
This extensive percussion kit includes a variety of great quality instruments which make up the perfect set for percussionists. The kit is suitable for up to 17 players and is ideal for classrooms or music groups and workshops.
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Multicultural Percussion Instruments 20 Players
A set of easy to play instruments that create a variety of different sounds from around the world including Africa, India, Tibet and Indonesia.
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Music Set 1
This large 19 piece set of musical instruments contains a colourful collection of musical instruments that children will engage with.
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Music Set 2
This fun and colourful music set has 21 musical instruments for young children to enjoy. A variety of sounds and instruments are supplied in this bumper set and all supplied in a handy storage tub.
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Music therapy basics kit
We have developed this kit for music therapy play. Each percussion instrument has been chosen to initiate responses from both sound and sight
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Music therapy sight kit
We have developed this music therapy kit with a focus on sight. Each percussion instrument has something interesting for the eyes to see, from moving beads to flashing lights.
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Music therapy sound kit
We have developed this music therapy kit with a focus on sound. The combination of a wide range of percussion instruments give the player lots of different tones and pitches to hear
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Musical Bells Set Of 20
A fantastic set of 20 wrist and ankle bells supplied in a handy plastic storage tub making easy to store and just perfect for group play
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Musical Instruments Value Pack
The Musical Instruments Value Pack includes 1 Xylophone of 8 tones as beautiful as a rainbow. Its accurate tuning produces pleasant sounds in mini band.
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Ocean Quest Pack
Explore the sounds of the sea and weather with this inspiring pack featuring an ocean drum and nine further musical instruments. Contains twenty 'teachers help' activities focusing on English key stages 1 and 2.
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Percussion kit for 20 players
A superb value musical set for schools or charities wishing to create musical play sessions with ease. Take music anywhere with this selection of must-have class percussion, all stored away perfectly in a durable storage box easy to stack and store away.
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Rainbow hand bells
Play four popular nursery rhymes using colour-coded instructions on which bell to ring when. A single player could learn with practice, or a group could be given a bell or two each with a 'conductor' indicating whose turn to play - or creating musical mayhem!
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Rainbow Wrist Bells Set of 8
Set of 8 bells each with a velcro fastening wrist strap that helps children who are unable to grip. The bells are differentiated by colour and each sounds one note of the octave. Comes with an A4 sheet of music with the notes specifying the colour of the bell to be rung.
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Sensory Music Pack
A delightful sensory themed music pack,designed for classroom use and group work. A collection of musical instruments which will engage the children using the musical instruments in play.
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Sensory Scarves and Musical Movement games pack
A superb collection of 14 large Nylon Scarves,each measuring 1 x 1.5m and made from tactile soft touch material. By manipulating a scarf to go up or down, side to side, around and around, figure eight, and in an array of other directions and patterns, children are acquiring kinesthetic awareness (a subconscious sense of how the body feels when it moves in a certain way)  and developing their sensorimotor systems, both of which are prerequisites to cognitive learning. 
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Shake and Roll Musical Set
The Shake and Roll Musical Set is the perfect double act of musical sensory fun. Combining two of our greatest musical items in a double pack,the Shake and Roll Musical Set has sounds which engage and relax children using the musical toys. A perfect gift or just a great combination of musical treats to enlighten your children's senses.
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Small Carousel Bells
This unique instrument rotates on a plastic stand that supports a set of 8 musical bells that play different notes when tapped with the mallet as the bells spin. Very easy to play whilst giving kids a fun introduction to the musical scale.
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Small hands classroom pack
The best way for the whole class to get busy making music and interesting sounds! A fantastic quality selection of hand held percussion for early years. Supplied in strong storage box with lid. Contents may vary.
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Small Hands Music Set
The Small Hands Music Set is a perfect early years educational music set suitable from 12 months.  First Percussion Set - Small hands is a pack of musical instruments and sound makers specifically selected for toddlers and younger children packed in a robust storage tub.​​​​​​​
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Sound Prism Kit
Sound discrimination is an important listening skill and an essential precursor to early phonics teaching. Each of these colour coded sound prisms makes a different sound when shaken. Children will love to match the sound pairs, building their skills in an enjoyable way.
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South American Sounds Kit
A vibrant and fun instrument pack. Fifteen items from Latin America complemented by twenty 'teachers help' guided activities focusing on English and Music key stages 1 and 2.
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Trio Rattle Band
A delightful music band for the young musician. Perfect colourful rattles designed to develop early music and rhythm skills while incorporating the finest and safest materials. 
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Tub Tunes Symphony Set
You've heard of singing in the shower, but now there's a symphony in the tub with the Alex Tub Tunes Symphony Bath Toy Set The instruments within the Alex Tub Tunes Symphony Bath Toy Set were designed specifically for use in the bath, where everyone knows the best acoustics in the house reside! 
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Unusual sounds pack
This classroom pack is a collection of different sounding percussion instruments, each requiring very different playing techniques. The instruments are supplied in a strong cardboard box which is perfect for storage purposes.
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This well-made traditional washboard is ideal for use in any folk ensemble, offering a wide range of unique sounds. It has a solid wooden frame which houses a durable corrugated metal surface, making the instrument sturdy while not being too heavy.
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Wind Chimes Deluxe Pack of 3
Wind Chimes Deluxe Pack of 3 contains a high quality range of wind chimes which are ideal for use in your Sensory Garden.​​​​​​​ Set of 3 wind chimes. Hang them from your in your outdoor music area, garden or playground to hear their calming sounds.
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World rhythm pack
The Percussion Plus world rhythm pack includes 16 different sounds from cultures across the globe. Inside your large study plastic storage box comes a range of percussion instruments to be shaken, scraped, rattled and hit. Perfect for school music rooms and music clubs/workshops.
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World Trade percussion kit
We have designed this pack to take you on a musical adventure around the world. The kit includes 14 World Trade percussion instruments which are supplied in a plastic tub.
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