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musical toys Musical toys and Musical play ideas
Allow children to explore the world of sound with our wide range of musical instruments and engage children with special needs such as Autism,sensory impairments and hearing challenges.
Allow children to experiment with sound levels, sequence and turn taking.

Great way to aid speech and listening skills through the world of sensory music play.

Musical Instrument Kits
Inspire creative learning with our high-quality range of musical instruments for children. From Colourful Pre School Musical Instrument Sets to Multicultural Music Instruments, you can be sure to find the right musical instrument that early years children are sure to love!
Musical Toys for Toddlers
Musical Toys for Toddlers are a great way to develop creative skills, motor skills and confidence in a young person. Our wide range of musical toys for toddlers brings music, joy and laughter into your classroom and home. Our Toddlers musical toys are fun and easy to play, perfect for children of all ages and abilities.
Outdoor Musical Instruments
Get your children out into the outdoors to explore our collection of outdoor musical instruments. Our Wide range features a popular range of outdoor music frames allowing children to be creative and make lots of noise

Our amazing range of sensory toys and special needs toys and Equipment
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Snazzy Castanet
These brightly coloured wooden Castanets make a perfect first musical toy. Ideal as an early introduction to sound and rhythm and a great way to encourage creativity. Helps to develop dexterity and co-ordination. Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials. Conforms to current European safety standards.
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Snazzy Harmonica
These brightly coloured wooden Harmonicas are sure to delight youngsters. No experience required - just blow and listen to the amazing sounds you can create! Ideal as an early introduction to sound and rhythm and a great way to encourage creativity.  Helps to develop dexterity and co-ordination.
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Sock Monkey Jack in the Box
Go ahead, turn the crank on this delightful Jack in the box toy which children and adults alike will love. "Pop Goes the Weasel" chimes merrily, and hearts race in anticipation. Sooner or later, this box is going to... POP! A monkey made from socks? What a delightful surprise! What genuine smiles. Send the Sock Monkey into action, and his antics bring repeat fun.
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Soothing Sounds Mood Projector
This Soothing Sounds Mood projector Light plays relaxing nature sounds with colour change lighting effects which children and adults alike will love, both a visual and relaxing light as featured on the BBC one show. The Soothing Sounds Mood Projector helps relieve stress and promote a calming and soothing effect. The stunning soothing sounds mood projector features a colour changing light to set the mood.
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Sound bank mirror plus
An easy to use record and play device with large buttons can record up to 30 seconds of sound and play it back with ease. The microphone pick-up and recording quality are of a high standard and the mirror allows children to see themselves speak when they are making a voice recording. This will entertain any child but it is a useful aid for helping children with speech and language (SLT) difficulties.
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Sound bank Wipe on Wipe Off pack
Large format surface which can be written on and then wiped, is also a recording device providing up to 30 seconds of clear recording time and instant playback.  Large record and play buttons for children to operate with ease.
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Sound Prism Kit
Sound discrimination is an important listening skill and an essential precursor to early phonics teaching. Each of these colour coded sound prisms makes a different sound when shaken. Children will love to match the sound pairs, building their skills in an enjoyable way.
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South American Sounds Kit
A vibrant and fun instrument pack. Fifteen items from Latin America complemented by twenty 'teachers help' guided activities focusing on English and Music key stages 1 and 2.
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Tactile Gridball
Explore spatial relationships and build manual dexterity with easy catch tactile grid ball The playground-tough Tactile Gridball play balls have a flexible woven design that gives children endless ways to grab and throw them, ensuring frustration-free play for players of all sizes and ages. Build manual dexterity with this easy to hold and catch ball. ​​​​​​​The Tactile Grid Ball works well as a manipulative and sensory aid.​​​​​​​
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Talk-Time Postcards A6 pack of 3
These innovative cards are just great for all children, especially those with special needs; they're interactive, hands-on and suitable for all ages.
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Talking Photo Albums Standard
Provides regular opportunities for many speaking and listening activities by combining literacy with ICT. Supports the new literacy framework especially focusing on photo sequences, presentations, hiding and revealing pictures and word recognition. 
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Talking Tiles Pack of 6
Talking Tiles are an exciting new addition to our Voice Recordable Range. The shape has recently changed from Square to Hexagon. Record and playback 80 seconds of speech, music or sound effects via the built-in microphone and Speaker. Includes a removable clear cover that allows you to create pictures, symbols, numbers, words or letters to match your recordings
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Talking Tin 20 seconds  Yellow
The 20 Second Talking Tins are proving to help children of all ages to develop their speaking and listening skills. ​​​​​​​The 20 Second Talking Tins allow you to record and playback your own voice messages, music or sound effects. 
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Talking Tin 40 seconds Red
These 40 second talking tins are proving to help children of all ages to develop their speaking and listening skills. The 40 second Talking Tins allow you to record and playback your own voice messages, music or sound effects. 
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Talking Tubes
Children will love to play with Talking Tubes - realistic telephone handsets and flexible interconnecting tubing. Ideal for indoors or outdoor play and for children listening to their own voices. Innovative, fun early years auditory skills resource that's simple to use and easy to clean. Comprises: 2 handsets and 3 metres of communication tube.
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Young children will enjoy grasping and shaking this colourful Tambourine from Bigjigs Toys. This delightful wooden instrument is ideal for early music making and developing a child's love of music. Designed for smaller hands to easily grip, this tambourine is lightweight and easy to hold, providing hours of creative hands-on play.
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Thunder Drum Shaker
Amazing dramatic effects can be achieved with very little effort with this thunder maker. Hold the Thunder Drum Shaker, then wobble or move it to be rewarded with amazing 'crashes'and thunderous rumbling storm effect sounds and echoes. This produces really great dramatic effects for music lessons, plays, shows, readings, weather reports or just for the fun of it!
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Touch and Tweet Bird
These Touch and Tweet little birds look wonderful sat on the table or surface thanks to their cute design, but the magic happens when you pick them up. Place one of the touch and tweet birds in your palm and it'll burst into a charming birdsong!
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Train Whistle
Get ready for therapeutic, musical fun with the Classic Train Whistle! Our  train whistle sounds just like an old-fashioned train. This is a great oral motor exercise that also provides helpful auditory feedback. A great cause and effect toy! Plastic whistle shaped like a steam train. Blow through the mouth piece on the rear of the cab to make a whistling sound. 
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Transparent Jingling 55cm Ball
This  Jingling Ball is a clear 55cm ball with bells within the ball which can be seen and heard when the ball is moved, rolled and thrown around. The jingling bells have clear sounds and provide bell sounds for very little effort. It is lightweight and ideal for exercise and rolling. High quality sensory therapy ball. Develops gross motor skills and balance. Great for auditory tracking for people with visual impairments. ​​​​​​​
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Trio Rattle Band
A delightful music band for the young musician. Perfect colourful rattles designed to develop early music and rhythm skills while incorporating the finest and safest materials. 
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Tub Tunes Symphony Set
You've heard of singing in the shower, but now there's a symphony in the tub with the Alex Tub Tunes Symphony Bath Toy Set The instruments within the Alex Tub Tunes Symphony Bath Toy Set were designed specifically for use in the bath, where everyone knows the best acoustics in the house reside! 
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Twirling Sound Pipe
Spin the Twirling Sound pipe around to hear different and equally fun sounds whilst also providing auditory stimulation they  can be used as a manipulative to help with both finger and arm strengthening.  A fantastic sensory resource that children will love to explore.
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Twirly Whirly Rainmaker
The Twirly Whirly Rainbomaker is a delightful real musical instrument which creates a captivating combination of sound and colour. By turning the Rainbomaker, baby will be able to watch as the colourful beads cascade through the tube, creating fascinating sounds and visual effects that will delight young children. Measuring 30cm in length, the Twirly Whirly Rainbomaker is strong, durable and comfortable for little hands to hold
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Twist and Shake Rainmaker
A new twist on the traditional rainmaker. The Twist and Shake Rainmaker is 20 cm in length with lots of colourful beads and the gentle sound of falling rain. The Twist and Shake Rainmaker is a delightful sensory toy that can be tipped, twirled, shaken and rolled.
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Unusual sounds pack
This classroom pack is a collection of different sounding percussion instruments, each requiring very different playing techniques. The instruments are supplied in a strong cardboard box which is perfect for storage purposes.
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Urban Dance Mat Deluxe
A large scale dance mat 200 x 150cm., with a super shiny mirror 100 x 100cm making floor moves so easy! A great way to introduce children to dance and movement. Dance encourages confidence, creativity, as well as individuality and originality.
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Urban noise maker
This 3 sided Urban Noise Maker includes a variety of musical instruments, consisting of 2 dust bins, a metal coal scuttle, charm bars, a wash board, a bicycle bell and a horn. Can be used indoors and outside and being height adjustable it can be used for various age groups.
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This well-made traditional washboard is ideal for use in any folk ensemble, offering a wide range of unique sounds. It has a solid wooden frame which houses a durable corrugated metal surface, making the instrument sturdy while not being too heavy.
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Wind Chimes Deluxe Pack of 3
Wind Chimes Deluxe Pack of 3 contains a high quality range of wind chimes which are ideal for use in your Sensory Garden.​​​​​​​ Set of 3 wind chimes. Hang them from your in your outdoor music area, garden or playground to hear their calming sounds.
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Wood sounds pack
This classroom pack is made up of a selection of wooden sounds from around the world. The instruments are supplied in a strong cardboard box which is perfect for storage purposes. The contents may vary depending on stock.
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World rhythm pack
The Percussion Plus world rhythm pack includes 16 different sounds from cultures across the globe. Inside your large study plastic storage box comes a range of percussion instruments to be shaken, scraped, rattled and hit. Perfect for school music rooms and music clubs/workshops.
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World Trade percussion kit
We have designed this pack to take you on a musical adventure around the world. The kit includes 14 World Trade percussion instruments which are supplied in a plastic tub.
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