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Dancing Ribbons Pack of 6
A great way to develop gross motor skills and to encourage creative movements, and twists and turns to create enormous loops of swirling colours. The whirling sound created by the fabric tail adds to the spectacle. Absorbing entertainment for children, whether watching the action or playing with it themselves.
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Outdoor Music Stand
A fantastic 3 piece music set which is the perfect addition to any Early years setting or outdoor classroom and will allow children to engage with music out and about. A fantastic resource for all playgrounds.
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Urban noise maker
This 3 sided Urban Noise Maker includes a variety of musical instruments, consisting of 2 dust bins, a metal coal scuttle, charm bars, a wash board, a bicycle bell and a horn. Can be used indoors and outside and being height adjustable it can be used for various age groups.
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Wind Chimes Deluxe Pack of 3
Wind Chimes Deluxe Pack of 3 contains a high quality range of wind chimes which are ideal for use in your Sensory Garden.​​​​​​​ Set of 3 wind chimes. Hang them from your in your outdoor music area, garden or playground to hear their calming sounds.
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