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Parachute Play
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parachute play Parachute Play Games and Ideas
Parachute Play encourage co-operative, non-competitive games & reinforces turn-taking & sharing.
Perfect for children of all ages and abilities,
Play parachutes 
are particularly suited to primary schools,Nurseries,Youth Clubs and Play Groups and Special needs Play.
A wide variety of different games can be played and bean bags/balls can be introduced to widen activities. 


Our amazing range of sensory toys and special needs toys and Equipment
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4 Pack Sensory Odd Balls
A set of four inflatable balls in distinctive and unusual shapes and with different surface textures and colours. Great fun for throwing, catching, rolling and bouncing as the irregular shapes make them bounce and roll in unpredictable directions, challenging expectations and hand-eye coordination.
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6 Pack Baby Sensory Rubbabu Balls
They are really easy for kids to grip because of the flexible, yet durable material. Great to roll, catch and bounce! It’s one of those toys you just want to squeeze making them good fidget balls. These sport shaped balls are super soft and silky smooth to the touch!
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6 Pack of Fleece Balls
This set of 6 brightly coloured balls are lightweight, made from cotton and approx 9cm diameter. Ideal for learning to throw and catch great for using with small children as they are very easy to throw, to catch or to handle.
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Activity Sound Ball
With the transparent clear casing you can see the balls inside swirling around creating a great visual effect
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Alphabet Bean Bags Pack of 26
Teach and reinforce the alphabet with the Alphabet Bean Bag Set. This set includes 26 multi-coloured bean bags.
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Balance perception ball
The Visual Perception Balancing ball that has been designed for small children and babies to use to enhance their sense of balance. Ball is covered in an easy to clean vinyl in red, Black and Black and White patterns.
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Bean Bag Ball
Bean bag balls are an excellent way to involve children in a fun way and help develop gross motor skills along the way.
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As adults we tend to rely on and value the sense of sight but we must remember how sensitive and powerful a child's hands can be - and how important they are to the learning process! We so often use the phrase "hands-on learning" to describe the optimal conditions for education but we sometimes forget to strengthen the sense of touch so that a child's "hands-on learning" will be more refined, successful and joyful.
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Camouflage Fabric
This 2 metre x 1.5 metre sheet is colour patterned to blend in with any outdoor environment and can be used as a floor covering or draped to form a simple hide shelter.
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Cuddle Ball- Small
When squeezing and hugging, deep pressure can be calming and restorative for the child who is stressed or anxious. Shake the ball to hear the bell inside rattle.
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Flashing Pom Pom
These are simply an amazing sensory experience of light and tactile feel,Allow the ultra soft bristles to brush across your childs face
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Giant sensory scarves
Our stunning Rainbow organza scarves are super tactile sheets of luxury chiffon. The stunning rainbow scarves create stunning visual effects as they glide around the air. A fantastic product to provide texture and visual stimulation.
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Jumbo Easy Grip Ball Set of 4
Bounce, throw, catch and play—all are a breeze with the special texturing on our easy-grip rubber balls! Built tough for outdoor use, these lightweight balls have a super-high bounce that encourages coordination…and come in 4 colors to add variety to active play
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Jumbo Tactile Puffer Bracelet
The Tactile bracelets are portable and harder to lose as they go everywhere with you on your wrist and they provide great tactile input as well as being bright and colourful.
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Panic Pete
Panic Pete is the classic squishy toy. Just give his body a squeeze and his eyes, ears and nose will all swell and bulge hilariously. To get him back to normal, simply let go! He's a great novelty toy that's sure to never go out of style.
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Parachute games 2.4 metre
Parachute games are a lot of fun for both children and adults and are a great way to keep the children entertained and active. Parachute games are great to encourage cooperative, non-competitive play and to reinforce turn-taking and sharing
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Parachute Games 3.5 metre
Parachute games are great to encourage cooperative, non-competitive play and to reinforce turn-taking and sharing. Parachute play is a novel and fun way of encouraging new skills and development. Colourful and sometimes calming, it can create soft, whispering sounds, or loud rippling noises, depending on how quickly it is moved.
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Parachute Party Pack
This super-big parachute has a 10 inch diameter and has 8 handles. Comes with lots of game ideas. Perfect for a party…and complete with 100 plastic balls for more bouncy fun!
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Rainbow Bobble Bracelet
Circular bracelet made from colourful puffy bobbles. Each and every bobble is covered in tiny stretchy bits that make it a truly tactile experience when worn. Each bracelet is made up of blue, yellow, purple, green, pink and orange colours. 
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Rainbow Inflatables
These fantastic Rainbow Inflatables contain red, blue and green LED’s that go through flashing and colour change effects for fantastic sensory fun!
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Rainbow Wave Parachute
The Rainbow Wave play parachute encourages physical exercise for the whole body and is a highly effective way of developing co-ordination and balance.
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Sensory jingle ball set
This unique 21cm rubber ball, which will not deflate, features a jingle bell centre and a ribbed surface, for added auditory and tactile stimulation comes with 6 adjustable blind folds.
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Sensory Scarves and Musical Movement games pack
A superb collection of 14 large Nylon Scarves,each measuring 1 x 1.5m and made from tactile soft touch material.
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Sequin Fabric Sheet
This set of four sequin fabric is excellent for role play and dramatic play. Child can use this sequin fabric to create their own play spaces or small dens. The colourful sequinned fabric can also be used for dress ups and costumes, as well as for sensory and exploratory play.
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Shapes Bean Bags
12 shape beanbags reinforce an understanding of shape through symbols, words and the shapes of the beanbags themselves.
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Spikey Sensory Ball
The spikey sensory ball is super tactile and is easy to catch and hold and throw making it a perfect sensory ball for throwing and catching skills and also a great way to provide massage and stimulation through play.
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Swiss Cheese Parachute Target Game
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This visually stunning resource is an ideal tool for group activities and provides the perfect means for children to learn co-operation, physical co-ordination and improve their communication skills. A fun and interactive resource to encourage group interaction and a must for all schools. The main objective is manoeuvre the parachute in order to direct and guide the balls into the net basket
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Uv scarves Pack of 3
Light weight and colourful watch as these UV scarves shine vividly under UV Black Light. Easy to hold and handle the light weight scarves are soft and delightful to hold.
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