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Pre Filled Christmas Stockings
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Pre filled Christmas Stockings,Ready made Christmas stockings

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2 Pack Bumpy Block Stick
The Bumpy Block Stick Textured Chew Necklace is a cool and unique solution for children who need a sensory outlet when feeling nervous or fidgety. A wearable chew which can be worn under clothing so its hand whenever the child needs access to a calming sensory solution and it acts as a oral motor tool and also a great hand fidget.
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Awesome Sensory Gift Pack
The Awesome Sensory Gift Pack contains a delightful selection of Sensory Lights which offers a quick way to get gifts wrapped up on a budget and with ease. Not only will you get a stunning selection of sensory lights delivered you also get a discount for buying a package deal.
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Awesome Sensory in an Instant Sensory Kit
A classic collection of sensory toys and sensory lighting all contained as a complete package. The sensory in an instant kit provides both value and style at a reduced kit price. Anyone would be delighted to receive one these fantastic sensory kits
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Big Disco Spinner
Press the on button of our popular LED Spinner to be rewarded with amazing optical effects and changing LED light patterns. Our Flashing Big Disco Spinner Wand with flashing LED lights is out of this world! Kids will love to light up the night with this hand-held spinner that glows and spins at the same time.
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Flashing Pom Pom
These are simply an amazing sensory experience of light and tactile feel. Allow the ultra soft bristles to brush across your child's face whilst they adore the sensory light experience these fantastic light up pom pom's give off.
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Pre Filled Christmas Stockings

Our best-selling pre-filled Christmas stockings are the handiest shortcut you can find in the run up to Christmas. What you get is a traditional red stocking with a white trim that is absolutely packed with amazing stocking fillers and gifts.
All you need to do is hang the Pre filled Christmas stocking on the mantelpiece , slide it under the tree or place it at the foot of a bed on Christmas Eve and Christmas is taken care of with ease.

What’s in our pre-filled Christmas stockings? It’s a surprise! Each one is filled with fantastic little gifts that have been carefully picked to suit.

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