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Alphabet Learning Puppet Set
Our cuddly soft alphabet puppets feature whimsical characters children will love—from an adorable alligator for A to a zany zebra for Z! Each big puppet has an uppercase and lowercase letter sewn on the front, so children learn to associate each character with a letter. 26 machine-washable plush puppets have working mouths and arms, and come with an activity guide. Each is approximately 12"​​​​​​​
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Alphabet Puppet Man
Alphabet Man is a comprehensive and versatile teaching tool, designed to help children learn and understand the alphabet. He introduces each letter of the alphabet in a detailed and ordered way, together with letter sounds, in a memorable and fun fashion.
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Anger is not for me Puppet Set
Suitable for anger management, being a good sport) This set is a simple, entertaining way to teach children about how to deal with others. Roger Referee is a fun character who can be used even outside of the scripts to encourage children that obeying the rules is the best way to have fun
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Animal Puppets Set of 6
The puppets enable good interaction opportunities to be created between peers and between children and teacher. Each puppet has its own unique character and design. A hanging loop enables them to be tidied away easily.
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Assorted Pack of 4 Puppets
Cute set of 4 cuddly hand puppets which are made of quality materials and are soft to touch and handle and act as a great imaginative play game, also great for group activities.
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Big Head Puppet Set-Boys and Girls
Set of 4 puppets. Happy and sad boy and happy and sad girl. A fantastic emotional support resource to teach and develop the feelings surrounding happy and sad. Engage in role play games and activities to encourage conversation surrounding feelings and emotion.
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Birdie Puppet Set
A delightful set of 6 Bird puppets which are a great resource for imaginative play and to allow engagement during play. Use the Birdie puppets to help with speech development and allow the child to create a world of make believe.
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Black and White Sensory Play Basket
A basket of soft, sensory black and white resources developmentally aligned for babies. Why not play peek-a-boo with the soft cloths or cover the animals up and play hiding games. All items are machine washable. Feel the different textures. There’s soft, smooth and crinkly. Find out which makes a noise. The contents are all stored in a beautifully made soft basket.
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Bullying Puppet Set
suitable for dealing with bullies, courage and friendship) This set comes with two separate plays and groups of puppets to teach children about two different types of bullies:
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Emotions Hand Puppets Pack of 6
A set of six bright multi-coloured puppets displaying different emotions. The puppet face shows one emotion and the word is printed on the puppet’s back. They are complete with dangly legs. Excellent for communication. Emotions are frightened, surprised, upset, happy, angry and sad.
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Folding Table Top Theatre
Puppets are a great way to encourage sharing and confidence between children, whilst allowing a strong insight into their development, understanding and emotions. These theatres encourage turn taking, capture imagination and help bring their performance to life.
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Hospital Patient Puppet
A great hospital patient puppet ideal for allaying fears of hospital or doctors appointments,
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Leave Me Outdoors Role Play Puppet Theatre
These outdoor role play booths will give little ones hours of pretend play fun. With a choice of a small or tall booth you can have a unit that ideally sized for your students. Why not put on a show with puppets or even use it as a pretend play shop counter. The new 'Leave Me Outdoors' range is the best way to take the classroom outside.
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Making Healthy Choices Puppet Set
A friendly chef helps children learn to identify and differentiate wholesome from unwholesome foods with the help of eight different stick puppets which you can make from materials provided in the teachers guide.
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Occupation Puppets
Re-enact day-to-day situations or show children how to communicate with policemen and doctors etc. to eliminate shyness. They can also be very useful for drama and made-up stories. Occupations featured are lollipop person, nurse, police, postie and doctor.
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Police Man Puppet
A great puppet with flexible joints making this a great toy for imaginative play and games
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Puppet Theatre
This classic Puppet Theatre is ready to put on a crowd-pleasing show! What show will be on today? Write on the chalkboard to advertise today's show, and let spectators know what time the next showing is. The theatre features red gingham curtains that can be tied up to open the show and then drawn shut to close the show!
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Rainbow Puppet Stage
Combine learning and fun with this creative Puppet Stage With additional six cubbies located in the back of the stage, children can store all their favourite puppets (not included) and materials for creating a show stopping performance.
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Speaky Squeeky Puppets Pack of 4
Here are four mitten puppets who cannot stop talking to each other. Each has its own character (happy, sad, crying and asleep), which can be used to for language development or imaginative play. Each puppet has a squeak in its mouth operated by the thumb and forefinger.
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