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24 Pack Mirror Block Set
Set of 24 hardwood Mirror blocks, each with a two sided mirror inside. Building with these Mirror blocks creates interesting and unusual reflections, adding an extra dimension to construction and small world play activities.
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3 pack of Mirror Trays
A set of 3 giant wooden blocks with double sided acrylic mirror inserts. Ideal for shape recognition and reflective pattern recognition. This set can be used with the Hollow Blocks  for simple block building. ​​​​​​​Made from European plywood for stability (FSC). Set of 3 shapes. Size of largest 41 x 38 x 10cm.
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3D Magnetic Blocks
3D Magnetic Blocks - A challenging set of magnetic shapes which will allow children’s imaginations to run wild, whilst experimenting and making endless models. Red blocks attract blue blocks and vice versa, allowing easy model building whilst learning about magnetism.
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68 Pack Jumbo Blocks
With blocks, the possibilities are endless! These beautifully crafted traditional blocks are ideal for stacking, building, and hands-on creative learning.
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Acrylic Block Set  Pk25
A set of 25 polished translucent acrylic blocks with a plane mirror, work cards and teacher’s notes included. The smooth colourful tactile blocks are designed to enable children to build patterns and sequences as well as create imaginative pictures:
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Bead Blocks Pack of 8
A beautifully crafted collection of wooden blocks, each containing an array of different beads. The clear windows are great for observation. There are two sets of four blocks so they make a lovely matching activity. This is a lovely way of combining a treasure-like experience with sensory and construction activities. Watch the beads bounce and swirl inside the smooth, highly finished bricks.
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Black and White Soft Cubes
A set of  5 Black and white sensory soft cubes, each with a lovely design. Each cube has a different surface and design to investigate with bright, bold, contrasting black and white colours. Designed to meet the developmental needs of young children. Wipe clean.
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Bristle Blocks 272 Piece
These unique, colourful blocks are an easy and fun way to improve hand/eye co-ordination, dexterity and colour recognition. Each block has soft bristles which interlock when pushed together, and stay attached until pulled apart. The pieces come in different colours and shapes, encouraging basic shape and colour recognition.
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Colour Sound Blocks
Colour blocks that are unique in shapes which allow many different sorting combinations. Children will learn sorting and matching colors with sounds to encourage fun play as well as to associate sounds with size and quantity. This toy stimulates curiosity, motor skills, and color differentiation.
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Coloured Outdoor Hollow Blocks
27 coloured wooden hollow blocks for large construction and small world imaginative play. Children can work as a team to build towers or bring story telling props to outside play. Use both indoors and out.
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Colourful Metallic Boulders
These blocks are suitable for use by babies from birth up to older children. Play is an important part of early childhood. Exploratory play and inquiry based learning encourages children to learn, develop and grow whilst they have fun.
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Contrast Cubes
Our set of 3 soft Contrast Cubes are safe and pleasant to touch and perfect for babies and young children. Each cube had 3 red sides and 3 black and white patterned sides. Made from cotton covered foam. Size: H15 x W15 x D15cm.
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Curiosity Soft Textured Cube
Great for encouraging investigation and language skills - predict and explore. There is even a side pocket to peek through! Discover what is hidden (contents not included). Machine washable.
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Giant Foam Floor Pattern Blocks 49pcs
This versatile set of 49 foam blocks are perfect for use on the floor or table top. Create beautiful designs, patterns and sequences using a variety of shapes and colours. Develop an understanding of different shapes. These blocks are soft and lightweight, allowing for quiet use. The sides of each shape are approx. 10cm in length.
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Giant Hollow Blocks 14 piece set
This imaginative set of 14 giant hollow blocks will provide endless play and construction possibilities for children to create and build on a grand scale, whilst providing an inventive and exciting outlet for energetic and active minds.
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Giant Hollow Blocks 40 piece set
40 Giant Hollow Wooden Blocks Bumper Set of large hollow blocks to inspire every budding builder! Large muscles and imaginations are hard at work when children build with these easy-to-grasp wooden blocks. The Hollow Blocks' durable construction will give years of service.
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Giant Hollow Blocks 52 piece set
Our fantastic sets of giant hollow blocks will provide endless play and imaginative construction possibilities. Children will be able to create and build on a grand scale whilst providing an inventive and exciting outlet for energetic and active minds.
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Guidecraft Magnification Blocks
Six stacking squares feature hardwood frames, and smooth, rounded corners and edges, with inset magnified acrylic windows. Ideal for exploring natural, tactile, and other detailed materials found inside or in nature. Enhance STEM-based activities with the 6-piece set, perfect for group play. Largest square measures 7”W x 7”D x 2”H.
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Guidecraft Rainbow Blocks
An adventure in colour, light and sound! Indulge your child’s appetite for exploration by combining blocks to form new colours and sounds, or stack the blocks in a different order each time to form new and exciting shapes. Smooth hard-wood frames with primary coloured plexi windows.
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Jumbo Wooden Blocks 52pcs
These natural Jumbo Wooden Blocks will delight your little one and provide hours of fun and learning opportunities as they create and build. Wooden blocks of all different shapes and sizes ensure that every play session is unique. When play time's over, all of the blocks can be stored away in the sturdy wooden tray. Helps to develop dexterity and co-ordination. Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials
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Metallic Boulder Blocks
These silver colour, metallic blocks can be used in a number of open-ended ways which will engage children of all ages.
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Mirror Cube Flexible Mirror
Bright soft play mirror cube promotes self awareness and dexterity and fun by interaction with the reflection. Geometric shaped flexible mirrors with no sharp edges and vinyl.
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Natural Outdoor Hollow Blocks
This massive set of wooden, outdoor hollow blocks makes building large constructions easy. These large, wooden, outdoor blocks are light enough for children to easily build their own large scale constructions. The wooden hollow blocks are modular for better building fun.
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Natural Sensory Cubes 5 Pack
Each Natural sensory cube is different. .  The Natural Sensory Cubes are a set of 5 small cubes designed for babies and small children. In a range of natural fabrics they are perfect for sensory activities. Great fun for patting, squashing and rolling. 
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Nest and Stack Blocks Pack of 5
This set provides limitless play and construction possibilities for children to create and construct, whilst providing an inventive and exciting outlet for energetic and active minds.  Made from high quality EVA without sharp edges ​​​​​​​A set of 5 construction boxes in 5 different colours
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Perception Spheres Pack of 8
The Perception Spheres come in eight different clear colours and are soft and warm to the touch. The very youngest children will enjoy handling the Perception Spheres in free sensory play or a part of a Treasure Basket collection.
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Play Softie Cubes
A multi colour collection of 12 cubes measuring 120mm each. Let babies and toddlers experiment and explore with these beautifully made soft cubes. They can stack and roll them safely.​​​​​​​
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Pom Pom Hollow Blocks 24 Pack
24 blocks containing a selection of sparkling pom poms encased by clear windows. A great way to combine a treasure-like experience with large scale construction.
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Rainbow Blocks Pack of 24
A great resource for energetic primary schools and nurseries, our Rainbow Block Sets are a colourful wonder to behold. Designed as part of our sensory collection, each block is manufactured from a hard wearing wooden frame with a range of transparent and coloured acrylic inserts. Encourage your pupils to hold the blocks up to their faces, use them with your existing lightboxes or simply show them how to build mesmerising castles - the opportunities are endless. This rainbow block pack are ideal for building on their comparison skills, shape recognition and colour mixing.​​​​​​​
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Rainbow Sound Blocks
Award winning stimulating sensory developmental toy consisting of 6 assorted colourful translucent blocks, packed in a wooden box. Each one is filled with various sized beads which make different sounds when shaken. Toddlers will discover colours, sorting and sounds whilst having fun stacking and peeping through the pretty colours. Lots to see, hear and do!
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Rubbablox Basix Rubber Building Blocks
Small rubber building blocks with connectable sockets. Very durable and flexible natural rubber blocks covered with nylon flock. Includes small and large pieces to encourage imaginative play and develop motor skills
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Rubbablox Bricks
The Rubbablox Basix set is a great, imaginative construction set. Contains 10 large blocks and 10 small blocks. Each piece is made from natural rubber, then covered with nylon flock. The advantages of using natural rubber are that it is more flexible, durable and stronger than synthetic foam.
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Sensory Blocks
A beautiful set of 16 building sensory blocks with natural hardwood surrounds and a variety of different centres that will excite the senses. Some of the sensory blocks are filled with liquid, others with glitter, beads and sand. Each sensory block in the set is unique. The Sensory blocks can be used for building, for creating patterns or as a stimulus to children's creativity on a light box.
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Sensory Junior Rainbow Blocks 40pc
A truly amazing adventure in color and light! One-third smaller than unit block size, Jr. Rainbow Blocks are a new challenge in creating structures and extending traditional block play. Smooth hardwood frames with inset, colorful, transparent acrylic windows are also ideal for color exploration and light table activities. Ages 2+.
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Sensory Wonder Blocks
As children play with the different sights, sounds and textures of the blocks, they will develop their hand-eye coordination and memory. There's 9 blocks each with a different colour, texture or sound to encourage the development of senses including sight and hearing. Includes texture matching board and cotton back for extra play value and storage.
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Toddler Moves Cube Set
Let babies and toddlers experiment and explore with these beautifully made soft cubes. A set of 5 different soft play cubes that can be used to build or placed side by side in height order. All the cubes come with pockets and can be used to sit on when they are not being played with.
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Wooden Boulders
A set of 18 large, tactile wooden boulders, these beautifully crafted blocks are immediately engaging, they catch the imagination of children of all ages. They invite creative and imaginative play, they’re open ended and offer many uses. They promote the development of speech and language skills, motor skills and spatial awareness. The blocks are made from solid wood and have smooth edges.
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Sensory Blocks
Sensory Education have a wide range of Sensory Blocks which are irresistible sensory learning tools that trigger your senses.
Sensory Blocks come in a variety of Sensory textures,structures,shapes and colours and even sounds.
The benefits of playing with Sensory blocks are endless, from touch,to sound through to vision and tactile play benefits.
Our sensory blocks are affordable and durable and we have a wide range of sensory blocks for all purposes from School use through to home use and much much more.

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