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Balance and Balancing Toys
Balancing tools that are fun and help develop sensory integration and muscle response. These toys help promote and build stronger muscles through balance, coordination, and movement,great for children with special needs.
Bean Bags and Sensory Cushions
A delightful range of sensory cushions and bean bags allowing you to create the perfect sensory room with both style and comfort in mind. Relax on our stunning bean bags and sensory cushions.
Bubble Tubes
A Bubble Tube is a must for any sensory room and enviroment. The Colour changing colours of the bubble tubes create a calming and relaxing multi sensory environment which will calm and relax children and adults alike.
Christmas Gift Ideas
Christmas gifts are one of our specialities here at Sensory Education You'll find the perfect Christmas gift ideas for a loved one and exciting Christmas presents for your children and the best stocking fillers, no matter what your budget is we have something for everyone.
Christmas Stocking Fillers
Few things are more special than that feeling of discovering the stocking fillers and gifts that have been left on Christmas morning. It’s a huge part of every childhood, and increasingly, a big part of being a fun-loving adult too! Our collection has something for everyone, with a range of delightful toys, amusing gadgets and more. Browse through our huge selection today and you’ll see we cover a range of different price points, making them ideal for either completely filling a stocking, or just used as a few top-up gifts.
Cyber Monday Sale
Our Cyber Monday Sale offers are back bigger than ever with some exclusive discounts and special offers.
Fibre Optics
A stunning range of Fibre Optics include Side Glow Sparkle Harnesses, Star Carpets, Star Ceilings and portable Sensory Boxes.The perfect addition to any Sensory Room, White Room or Black Room, Fibre Optics provide visual and tactile rewards,which children simply love.
Flashing Toys and Light up toys
Flashing toys and light up toys are a great way to encourage concentration and focus and are a great visual processing resource. A fun way to engage children and distract them and work with eye tracking skills and hand to eye co-ordination. Use as a reward and provide a great distraction in times of distress all glow and light up toys provide a great way to provide happiness on the move. Glow in the dark toys are all charged by natural light or room lighting which is absorbed and ready to produce stunning effects in darkness. Glow in the dark toys provide a stunning addition to any sensory room and sensory enviroment and children will the glow in the dark effects as they glow around the room providing a great source of focus. Glow in the dark resources are an excellent way to stimulate and engage in a UV sensory room as the lighting from the sensory uv lighting ensures that all glow in the dark toys look stunning when reacting. View our range of sensory glow in the dark toys and our amazing sensory light up toys which are perfect for sensory play or even the school disco or holiday parties.
Light boxes and resources
The exploration of light and shadow is an excellent learning experience for young children. Fun and creative resources for enquiry based learning. Provides a sensory play experience which encourages exploration and discovery
Our stimulating and inspiring range of mirrors include reflection and diffraction resources, and include both glass and acrylic safety mirrors. Mirrors help to promote self-awareness, and to babies and young children they present “Hello Me”. Mirrors are ideal to open a window of discussion and communication, to encourage inquisitive minds, stimulate curiosity, visual scanning, tracking and focusing, and to look at our wonderful world that bit closer. Mirrors are also the perfect portable tool to promote speech and language therapy skills. Use mirrors in your room or setting on the walls, ceiling, doors and cupboards for stunning effects to reflect daylight or lighting, provide a point of interest and focus, and to add a new dimension of experience.
Musical Play
Grab their attention with our fantastic selection of musical instruments, excellent for actively engaging children living with special needs, autism, sensory impairments and hearing challenges.
Pre Filled Christmas Stockings
Our best-selling pre-filled Christmas stockings are the handiest shortcut you can find in the run up to Christmas. What you get is a traditional red stocking with a white trim that is absolutely packed with amazing stocking fillers and gifts. All you need to do is hang it on the mantle, slide it under the tree or place it at the foot of a bed on Christmas Eve. It couldn’t be simpler.
Putty and Dough
A fantastic range of ultra tactile putty and dough which will engage children and adults alike and help the child to focus and relax.
Role Play and Imagination
Our extensive range of Role Play Resources will provide everything you need to initiate and encourage children to join in imaginative play within an home or school setting.
Sensory lighting
Looking for sensory lighting at the right price? Sensory Education provide a wide range of sensory lighting to light up your rooms. From calm sensory lights to musical sensory lighting we have a wide range of sensory lights to suit most budgets so get your sensory lights at the right price and rest assured that your sensory lighting needs are taken care of. Our Sensory lighting is the largest choice in the UK.
Sensory Play
Sensory play is important for young children, giving them endless ways to develop and learn. All types of play are essential for children’s development and early learning
Soft Play
A soft play Room is a perfect place for special needs children to push their physical boundaries, to explore and learn in a safe environment and build new skills in a fun and safe area, Create a world of brightly coloured tunnels, dens and slides in your soft play area
Stretchy and Squidgy
A delightful range of tactile and difficult to put down squishy, squeezy and stretchy sensory toys. This extremely tactile collection of sensory toys are fabulous to explore the touch and feel with their squidgy and variable textures. Ideal resources to introduce Play based Therapy, Embodiment Play and Sensory Play
Traditional Wooden Toys
Sensory Education offer a fine collection of traditional wooden toys suitable for many ages from Babies,Early years,through to older children. Wooden toys are designed to last and have a traditional durability which makes them a timeless classic. From traditional wood to bright coloured wooden toys we have a wooden toy to engage any child.
Tuff Spot Trays
Tuff spot Trays allow imaginative sensory play and activities with sand or water,from messy play to small world play the sensory play possibilities are endless with a Tuff Spot Tray.

Our amazing range of sensory toys and special needs toys and Equipment
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Triple Multi Colour Mirror Set
A safe, soft collection of mirrors and much more! Made from high impact resistant, non shatter plastic, the safety mirrors are sewn into generous foam shapes, to give concave, convex, and flat reflection.
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Triple Unbreakable Mirror
This triple mirror has three clear methacrylate mirrors. The two side mirrors can be turned for profile observation and the central mirror can be wall-mounted. Colourful aluminium frame. 
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Triplet Toy
Quut Beach toys provide fun and entertainment for your children whilst on holiday and on the beach. The Triplet is a multifunctional toy with use as a shovel to dig holes, a sifter to remove stones for smooth sand, a rake to make patterns and the handle can be used as a water funnel.
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Trumpet Step Set
The Trumpet Step set is ideal for developing balance, identification and sequencing skills. These brightly coloured discs. Many different games can be created using the 6 discs. Wipe down fabric tops with durable non slip base for indoor and outdoor use. Three of the 33cm diameter discs make a sound, making it great for many games and activities. Wipe down fabric tops with durable non slip base for indoor and outdoor use.​​​​​​​
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Tub Tunes Symphony Set
You've heard of singing in the shower, but now there's a symphony in the tub with the Alex Tub Tunes Symphony Bath Toy Set The instruments within the Alex Tub Tunes Symphony Bath Toy Set were designed specifically for use in the bath, where everyone knows the best acoustics in the house reside! 
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Tuff Tray Mirror
This scratch resistant Tuff tray mirror insert can be easily added to the Tuff Tray to create a world of sensory play. The Tuff Tray mirror is easy to remove for cleaning and storage between uses. The Tuff spot tray is durable yet light weight so its easy to store your Tuff tray mirror away when not in use. The Tuff tray mirror offers superb value for money
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Tuff Tray Play Set Superheroes
Enter a super world of adventure with our Superhero Tuff Tray Accessory Kit! From characters and vehicles to blocks and mirrors, this exciting tuff tray play kit provides you with everything you need to create inspirational, multi-sensory learning opportunities in the early years’ curriculum.
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Tuff Trucks Set of 3
The Tuff trucks are beautifully proportioned and detailed making them look and behave realistically, the tyres will leave big track impressions in soft surfaces as they are manoeuvred around.
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Tunnel Climber Set Sand And Sea
This fabulous soft play set is perfect for the Early Years' settings.  In an attractive Under the Sea print, the set comprises 5 pieces; tunnel, steps, 2 mats and a ramp.  Made from wipe clean phthalate free fabrics with fire retardant foam.
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Tunnel Climber Set Woodland
This fabulous soft play set is perfect for the Early Years' settings.  In a bright Woodland print, the set comprises 5 pieces; tunnel, steps, 2 mats and a ramp.  Made from wipe clean phthalate free fabrics with fire retardant foam.
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Turn and tell clock
This wooden, learning clock will really help. It's cleverly designed: the hands rotate with a gentle click, marking off the minute as they go; the clock face has large red numbers to match the hour hand, and small blue numbers to match the minute hand. It also features a segmented, coloured disc to help children visualise "quarter past" and "half past".
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Twinkle Starfish Giant Soft play Floor Cushion
The Under the Sea™ Twinkle Starfish Giant Floor Cushion is a large and comfortable giant soft play cushion with varying soft textures that children can cuddle up to. The Under the Sea™ Twinkle Starfish Giant Floor Cushion is comfortable enough to relax in and stimulate play.
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Twirling Sound Pipe
Spin the Twirling Sound pipe around to hear different and equally fun sounds whilst also providing auditory stimulation they  can be used as a manipulative to help with both finger and arm strengthening.  A fantastic sensory resource that children will love to explore.
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Twirly Whirly Rainmaker
The Twirly Whirly Rainbomaker is a delightful real musical instrument which creates a captivating combination of sound and colour. By turning the Rainbomaker, baby will be able to watch as the colourful beads cascade through the tube, creating fascinating sounds and visual effects that will delight young children. Measuring 30cm in length, the Twirly Whirly Rainbomaker is strong, durable and comfortable for little hands to hold
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Twist and lock blocks
The wooden Twist and lock blocks are a simple but effective fiddle fidget toy. Bend or twist the wooden twist and lock blocks and keep children focused during quiet time or moments of stress. Coloured wooden blocks are strung together with elastic which allows them to be locked and angled to make shapes and figures.
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Twist and Shake Rainmaker
A new twist on the traditional rainmaker. The Twist and Shake Rainmaker is 20 cm in length with lots of colourful beads and the gentle sound of falling rain. The Twist and Shake Rainmaker is a delightful sensory toy that can be tipped, twirled, shaken and rolled.
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Twist and Turn Puzzle
This highly educational wooden toy provides early learners with an introduction to different shapes, colours and textures. Twist and Turn each of the brightly coloured wooden squares, triangles and circles to slide them down one of three sturdy pegs until they reach the base. As an added twist, the wooden squares must be slid down the peg in order of size - biggest to smallest! Helps to develop dexterity and concentration.
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Twisty Rope Linelite Tubing
The Twisty Rope Linelite is a flexible plastic rope which glows brightly under the influence of UV blacklist, just like normal line lite but with added rippled texture. A sensory tactile treat that children will love to hold and explore as it glows under the Uv light. A stunning effect,why not hang some from the ceiling or a wall and watch the room come to life.
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Two Handed Magnifier Glass
Grab your magnifying glass and head out into the garden to discover a tiny world, enlarged! This classic magnifier, with a Bigjigs twist, features two handles and a large wooden design that is easy for little hands to grasp and hold whilst exploring. A useful educational toy, our sturdy and robust magnifier is ideal for hunting minibeasts, studying insects and plants, examining small objects, reading small text and even playing spies and detectives!
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Two Seat Block Colour Sofa
The Two Seat Block Colour Sofa is a brightly coloured classic sofa for the school and nursery setting. Creating a colourful focus point for children to sit and relax. The Two Seat Block Colour Sofa is a comfortable and stylish addition to any classroom and early years setting.
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Two way tactile panel Fishbone
The Two way tactile panel Fishbone Two-way tactile module develops tactile skills, interactive activities and noise stimulus. The Two way tactile panel Fishbone  panel houses a variety of spinning objects.
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Ultimate Fleur Rollercoaster Table
The Ultimate Fleur Roller coaster Table is a wonderful activity centre for homes, schools, waiting rooms, doctors' offices, and any play area!  Children play for hours on end, while learning basic skills such as colour recognition, counting, eye-hand co-ordination, and co-operative play.
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Ultimate Slime Party Pack
The Ultimate Slime Party Pack is a definite must-have for those looking to create an array of vibrant slime sculptures. Perfect for throwing, shaping, and even splatting upon any surface, this 5-piece pack of multicoloured slimes is sure to keep your little one entertained for hours on end. Each stored in their own handy test tube, this pack of sensational slimes is sure to inspire an array of quirky creations.
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Under the Sea Ocean Counters Set of 72
These modern, colourful counters are a great way to liven up a variety of maths activities. Ideal for developing counting skills, sorting and patterning, these soft rubber counters are wipe clean - perfect for hands-on use. Counters feature six different ocean animals in six different colours (orange, green, yellow, red, purple and blue). Set of 72 ocean themed counters comes in a handy storage tub and includes an activity guide.
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Understanding Feelings Pack
The Understanding Feelings set has been designed to help children to learn about a range of feelings and to enable them to communicate more effectively with others. Set includes 13 acetate faces all with different feeling expressions. These can be placed on a table, window or light panel. Also included in the pack; an A3 poster of these expressions plus 3 blank white face-shaped boards for use with wipe off markers, 3 blank acetate faces and 3 face-shaped mirrors to observe self-expression.
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Unicorn Magic Putty
Look inside this tub of sparkling Unicorn Magic Putty and you might just discover the secrets of all unicorns. Of course, you might just find a little unicorn figure at the bottom, but that's good too! And besides, what could be more fun than a tub of glittery Unicorn Magic Putty.
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Unicorn Night Light
A delightful unicorn night light that lights up and glows. This cute unicorn illuminates to provide a calming night light for young children in the dark. Just press the switch to activate the LEDs inside, causing them to light up and slowly shift through a range of colours, such as blue, red, green and purple.
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Unicorn Squashy Squarbie Bean Bag
This majestic Unicorn pattern Squarbie ™ Bean Bag features pink and white unicorns, colourful rainbows, pretty butterflies and magical stars that will be loved by toddlers and young children. Super comfy, and versatile; lay flat as a giant floor cushion for lounging or napping, or have lots of fun shaping into lots of positions from a snug hammock to enjoy some cosy reading time or sit up straight and use as a bean bag chair.
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UV Mirror with Strands
Discover reflection, expression, highly fluorescent colour and light and create a mesmerising sensory environment with this UV mirror. ​​​​​​​Create a fascinating sensory environment with light and colour to aid visual stimulation and perception with this fantastic UV mirror.
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Uv Reactive Smart Putty
Tin of UV sensitive putty that changes colour when you shin UV light on it. Mould, stretch, bounce and even watch this putty melt as you play with it. The light from the UV torch included with the set causes the putty to change colour, only reverting back to its original shade when it is left in regular light.
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Uv scarves Pack of 3
Light weight and colourful watch as these UV scarves shine vividly under UV Black Light. Easy to hold and handle the light weight scarves are soft and delightful to hold.
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UV Sensory Glow Kit  Large
A large bag full of fun and exciting tactile toys that are UV reactive too, this large sensory kit has all you need for successful sensory play for individuals and groups. Each large kit comes complete with a medium UV blacklight strip, a large UV torch and a small UV torch to allow you to shine on the toys for striking fluorescent effects that encourage visual tracking and an understanding of light and colour. All of the toys can be bundled together in the handy carry bag included for easy storage and transportation.
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UV Sensory Waterfall
A wall mounted waterfall which produces an amazingly bright glowing effect when used with a UV light. Even under everyday white light the colours radiate much more intensely than competing products. Created from strips of stretchy PVC, the Waterfall stimulates the visual senses whilst also providing a great tactile experience.
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Vibrating Massage Sensory Cushion
A cosy circular cushion that your child will love to hold. Soft and plush with a surface wash velour cover available in a range of colours. Internal gentle vibrators give a soft vibration which is perfect for sensory simulation.
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Vibrating pillow cushtie cushion
Cushties are ultra-soft pillows, providing comfortable, gentle and uniform support for resting on. The new Vibrating Cushtie features a pleasing vibrating motion in its soft squishy body.
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Village Shop
Welcome to the new and improved Bigjigs Toys Village Shop! Brightly coloured and lifelike this Village Shop is ready to be stocked with fresh produce and treats for customers to buy. Includes a chalk board to display opening times and special offers,
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Weighted blanket
Weighted blankets have long been used with children and adults with a range of diagnosis including ADHD, ADD, PDD-NOS, those on the Autism Spectrum, Sensory Processing Disorder, Bi-Polar Disorder, Dementia
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Weighted Lap Pads
Weighted Lap Pads apply calming deep pressure to the lap and upper legs whilst the user is sitting down making them ideal for use in the classroom, at reading time, at the table, in the car etc.   As well as being fire retardant these Weighted Lap Pads are made of a material that is water resistant making them easy to care for and wipe clean.
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Weplay Children's Push Trike
This Weplay Range of trikes, bikes and scooters are made from heavy gauge steel to withstand rigorous use in the playground!  Our extensive range can help children promote team play and role play. The Weplay Children's Push Trike is a quality addition to any early years setting for outdoor play.
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What’s Inside? Soft Feely Box
Little ones can’t wait to get their hands inside this adorable box…and find out exactly what’s inside! ​​​​​​​The soft, machine-washable box is packed with 10 different sensory objects for kids to feel and explore—like a pretty butterfly with crinkly wings, a cute lion with a corduroy coat, a shiny frog for tots to squeak and more.
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Wiggle Waggle
This adorable Animigo Dancing Penguin enthusiastically waddles around, merrily flapping his wings and making sweet, braying squeaks. He has soft, downy feathers that are lovely to stroke and his big eyes look up at you with a mixture of curiosity and adoration.
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Wooden Boulders
A set of 18 large, tactile wooden boulders, these beautifully crafted blocks are immediately engaging, they catch the imagination of children of all ages. They invite creative and imaginative play, they’re open ended and offer many uses. They promote the development of speech and language skills, motor skills and spatial awareness. The blocks are made from solid wood and have smooth edges.
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Wooden Community People Blocks
Chunky wooden blocks colour printed on both sides with real images of people from a range of communities, perfect for young children to engage in imaginative play and develop their descriptive language skills. The 20mm birch plywood blocks are smooth to touch and easy for small children to handle.
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Wooden Eco House With Furniture
Move into your very first eco friendly home and make your voila dolls feel right at home! This Eco-House With Furniture by Voila was developed to familiarise children with the ecological aspects of a modern home. The basic features of an ecological house are represented visually: large windows to maximise airflow and interior lighting, solar panels silk screened on the removable roof panel, a wind turbine to generate electricity, a tank for waste-water treatment, colour-coded bins for recycling garbage, as well as plants grown for aesthetic and practical purposes.
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Wooden Police And Prisoner Figures
Set of three police officers ready to sound their sirens and speed off to catch the prisoner! All happy and ready to work, the three police officers are dressed suitably ready for a day of putting baddies behind bars, and the prisoner is dressed in a prisoner's uniform, ready to be locked up! With flexible, poseable arms and legs, each of the figures can stand or sit, and this means that no emergency is out of bounds!
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Wooden Quoits
Enjoy an afternoon in the garden with a classic game of quoits. Just like you may have seen at a fairground, the game challenges players to throw rope hoops over the target pegs. The set includes five rings and is great played in groups. You can stick with the classic 'highest score wins' game style or play a few different variations of the game depending on the number of players.
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Wooden Threading Fruits 24 Pack
Threading fruits promoting hand-eye coordination and sequencing skills. Large chunky pieces are easy for small hands to manipulate. Excellent too for sorting, matching, sequencing, and to promote discussions about healthy eating.
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Wooden Wheels Toy Cars
This traditional wooden toy car is designed to look like an iconic British vehicle, such as a London bus, police car, ambulance or fire engine. Each one features four free-spinning wheels to keep the action rolling. Order more than one to receive a variety of designs.
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Woodie the worm
You will love our Woodie Worm character. Woodie Worm is a jointed worm made of wood and painted in lots of lovely bright and appealing colours with a happy face. Woodie Worm will provide hours of bending and twisting and makes a fun fidget toy for your fiddlers and fidgets.
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