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Childminders Equipment and Supplies
Sensory Education have a wide range of equipment and supplies for Childminders,from outdoor play ideas through to indoor play and toys we have a wide and extensive childminders equipment range.
Classroom Essentials
Classroom resources for use in classrooms everyday.We have a wide range of classroom essentials from Glues to pens and furniture and much more.
Classroom Furniture
Furniture for your school, classroom or nursery. Explore our comprehensive range to support all of your lessons in and outside of your classroom!
Daily Living
Fed up of paying high prices for health aids? Allow Sensory Education to take the pressure of your pocket and help you live a more independent lifestyle.
Discovery And Mirrors
Our wonderful selection of Discovery and mirrored resources will inspire children. There is something for all age groups including the under three's and great ways to encourage children to discover and explore
Early Years Construction
At Sensory Education, we have sourced an extensive range of children’s construction toys for children in early years and primary education. Our range includes a selection of educational construction sets, preschool building toys and outdoor construction toys for children, boy or girl. Suitable for use in nurseries, primary schools, daycare settings and at home.
Early Years Furniture
Extensive range of early years and nursery school furniture. Everything you need including chairs, tables, storage, role play and changing stations. Our carefully sourced products are both practical and durable for use in any early years setting, providing you with exceptional quality
Latest in
View our ever growing range of special needs and sensory equipment by checking out this section. A wide range of new sensory toys is added daily
Our stimulating and inspiring range of mirrors include reflection and diffraction resources, and include both glass and acrylic safety mirrors. Mirrors help to promote self-awareness, and to babies and young children they present “Hello Me”. Mirrors are ideal to open a window of discussion and communication, to encourage inquisitive minds, stimulate curiosity, visual scanning, tracking and focusing, and to look at our wonderful world that bit closer. Mirrors are also the perfect portable tool to promote speech and language therapy skills. Use mirrors in your room or setting on the walls, ceiling, doors and cupboards for stunning effects to reflect daylight or lighting, provide a point of interest and focus, and to add a new dimension of experience.
Music and Movement
We have a wide range of musical toys and musical toy games which children will love. View our wide range of musical toys now
Outdoor Resources
Outdoor Resources For Schools and Settings.From early years to upper primary, we've got hundreds of resources for different areas of outdoor learning.
Physical Development
Physical Development ideas aimed at those within the early years settings and those with special needs. Preschool resources for both indoor and outdoor play that provide exciting opportunities to develop physically and keep early years children healthy, improving their gross and fine motor skills.
Role Play and Imagination
Our extensive range of Role Play Resources will provide everything you need to initiate and encourage children to join in imaginative play within an home or school setting.
Sand Water And Messy Play
Sand, water and messy play resources for early years are perfect for getting stuck into experiential play. Support your provision whether you are setting up a sand corner or looking for exciting ways to experiment with water.
Sensory Dens
Sensory dens make a great alternative to a sensory room and we have an extensive range of dens from Dark dens through to Soft Play dens.
Sensory Furniture
Our collection of classroom furnishings feature tables, chairs, soft play furniture, activity centres and play panels that are appropriate for special needs children, from pre-school to school age. Browse our selection of items designed specifically for classrooms, schools, daycares, waiting rooms, doctor's offices, clinics and homes.
Sensory Integration Therapy
We are proud to present a full range of UK Sensory Integration Therapy tools and equipment. This method of autism therapy can help children and adults suffering from sensory processing issues (also known as “sensory integration disorder”) by stimulating their senses in a structured, repetitive way. The theory created by Jean Ayres in the late 1960’s concluded that the brain adapts and process sensory messages received, and that this will allow children to react to sensations more efficiently
Sensory play and education kits
A collection of sensory themed and educational kits designed to provide sensory fun and engagement through play.
Sensory Tools for Calm & Focus
Encourage focus and attention in your classroom or help a child settle down, we have tools and strategies to assist you. Children with autism, sensory integration challenges and attention issues will reap the benefits of being offered solutions to calm and engage.
Soft Furnishings
Keeping children comfortable when they are at School or nursery is vital in keeping them happy, entertained and making sure they get the best out of the learning experience. Our range of classroom soft furnishings for nurseries and classrooms contains a variety of products to keep children comfortable, from soft, wipe clean rugs and carpets for babies to roll around on to seating areas for toddlers to play, socialise and learn about the world..
Special needs computers
Our special needs computer devices make it easier for children and adults with special needs to type on a keyboard and navigate online. These computer aids are designed to help individuals overcome vision or physical dexterity issues and use a computer with greater ease and control. We offer a variety to choose from, including keyboards with large, color-coded keys, oversized keyboards, unique keyboard layouts, keyboard protection and on-screen keyboards. Check out our selection to discover the correct computer access solution.
Timers and Visual Effects
A wide range of visual effects and special needs timers which will allow children to focus on objects and allow them to also keep time.
Traditional Wooden Toys
Sensory Education offer a fine collection of traditional wooden toys suitable for many ages from Babies,Early years,through to older children. Wooden toys are designed to last and have a traditional durability which makes them a timeless classic. From traditional wood to bright coloured wooden toys we have a wooden toy to engage any child.
Tuff Spot Trays
Tuff spot Trays allow imaginative sensory play and activities with sand or water,from messy play to small world play the sensory play possibilities are endless with a Tuff Spot Tray.
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View our entire range of classroom and nursery furniture and furnishings.We have a wide range of school equipment for all settings.

Our amazing range of sensory toys and special needs toys and Equipment
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4 Pack Balance Stepping Clouds
The Weplay Balance Stepping Clouds help to develops a child balance movement and coordination whilst improving their self confidence and agility.
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4 Pack Circular Chalkboards
This delightful pack of 4 Circular chalkboards will make the perfect addition to all outdoor play areas. Mark Making made fun with these perfect focal points. Allow Children to create and engage with experimental art play.
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4 Pack Elegant Classroom Seats
Great value stackable metal framed classroom chairs that are lightweight, robust and practical. The plastic moulded one piece ergonomic seat and back are designed for correct seating posture and have plastic feet to prevent scratching. Available in 3 sizes. Delivered assembled in packs of 4.
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4 Pack Family of Ducks
​Includes a large duck and 3 little ducklings which all light up and flash in different colours creating a sensory mood, ideal for use in a dark den. Size: large duck approximately 6.5cm, small ducks approximately 4.5cm.
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4 Pack Fruit Cushions
As health and well being become increasingly important classroom topics , our fun fruit range is the perfect new addition to the teaching environment. These waterproof discs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Bright and fun, these cushions can be used for seating, stacking or rolling. Wipe clean.
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4 Pack Games Carpets
An amazing collection of durable games carpets, to make play convenient and fun. All carpets have a non slip backing making these perfect for indoor fun when the weather is poor. Each carpet measures 100cm x 100m
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4 Pack Geometric Perception Cushion
Baby Moves Geometric Perception Cushion Bold black geometric shapes to hold children's gaze and develop vision Shapes match the Perception Panel and are ideal in the Curiosity Corner. Comfortable for both adults and toddlers to sit on. Play peek-a-boo or stack them high, there are lots to do with these cushions. Detailed activity sheet included.
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4 Pack Giant Hand Mirrors
The Giant Hand Mirrors​​​​​​​ come as a set of 4 hand mirrors,the Giant Hand mirrors are visually stunning and create an area of self exploration that children will love to explore. The Giant hand mirrors can be used both indoors and outdoors making the Giant hand mirrors a versatile sensory resource 
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4 Pack Invicta Paint Scrapers
This set of paint scrappers are perfect to add a new dimension to painting techniques while letting you explore interesting designs, tracks and effects of overlapping colors. Sold as 4 per set
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4 Pack Large Acrylic Mirror Panels Set
Made from scratch resistant acrylic these mirror panels are safe and ideal for any classroom or nursery setting. Children are drawn to mirrors for the observation of themselves and objects. The convex mirror domes provide a distorted, fun and interesting view of the world for children to explore. They can be sited inside or outside and come with sticky pads and corner fixing brackets for attachment to any flat surface.
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4 Pack Magnetic Plastic Framed Whiteboards
Magnetic write on / wipe off whiteboards with plastic frames in four colours, a versatile resource ideal for a range of uses.
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4 Pack Mega Sand Timer Kit
This pack of 4 various timed Mega Sand Timers with moulded end caps and thick surrounding walls are durable enough for the classroom, clinic or home. For easy identification each timer is colour coded and they’re perfect for use in games, timing experiments and as a behavioural tool.
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4 Pack Mini Fruit Stool Bean Bags
The Mini Fruit Stool Set is printed with the name of the fruit in English, French and Spanish. Introduce languages into the classroom, whilst encouraging students to learn about the food they eat.
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4 Pack Mixed Colours Sensory Liquid Tiles
The sensory liquid tiles are a wonderful visual and tactile experience, that really does encourage you to move around and explore the surfaces. The sensory liquid floor tiles contain flowing colours that swirl around as you move about on them. 
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4 Pack Mixed Sensory Ball Set
Pack of 4 textured balls that develop your Children's tactile senses & gross motor skills. Hours of fun for babies & bigger kids - yes you can include yourself in this too
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4 Pack Mixing Wooden Spoons
Children are being creative when they use materials in new ways, combine previously unconnected materials and make discoveries that are new to them. Great for sensory play and early years activities ranging from messy play through to art projects. Messy play enables children to do all these things.
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4 Pack Nature Range Cushion
A lovely set of Nature cushions to brighten up any sensory corner or reading corner. A practical and stylish solution for brightening up your cosy areas, reading corners or sofas and children will love the delightful spring themed cushions.
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4 pack of Colour Changing Mood Cubes
Place colour change mood cubes around your home or in a single room for soothing colour change light. Light by a colour change LED, each cube phases through a rainbow of colours in a mesmersing display that's ideal as mood lighting or for use in sensory rooms. Each cube woks independently of the others and can be placed anywhere to gently illuminate your space and they're just the right size to be handled as part of a sensory activity.
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4 Pack of Rainbow UV Spine Balls
The Sensory Colourful UV Spine Balls make a great visual and tactile resource in any sensory space. The Sensory Colourful UV Spine Balls are supplied in a set of four different colour combinations. The Sensory Colourful UV Spine Balls are UV reactive, firm and bouncy, yet soft to touch.
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4 Pack Quilted Beanbags
The quilted outdoor beanbags are designed with children in Key stage 1 & 2 in mind. Sold as a set of 4 beanbags they are great flexible comfortable seating. Manufactured from durable wipe clean quilted fabric for that extra level of comfort and stability. They can be used both indoors or outdoors.
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4 Pack Quilted Indoor and Outdoor Mats
These quilted square mats are the smallest of our range of quilted mats and each mat can seat individual children in comfort. With a quilted fabric pattern for durability and style, easy to wipe down and clean, they can be used both indoors or outdoors. 
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4 Pack Round Liquid Tiles
Sensory liquid floor tiles provide a visual and tactile experience, that encourages movement and the exploration of surfaces. These round liquid floor tiles measure 50cm across.
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4 Pack Secondary Fruit Stool Bean Bags
Our fruit bean bags aren’t just for little ones, teens can use them too! Comfortable with an educational edge, introducing multiple languages in the classroom.
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4 Pack Sensory Odd Balls
A set of four inflatable balls in distinctive and unusual shapes and with different surface textures and colours. Great fun for throwing, catching, rolling and bouncing as the irregular shapes make them bounce and roll in unpredictable directions, challenging expectations and hand-eye coordination.
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4 Pack Sensory Touch Cushion
Our fantastic pack of 4 Sensory Touch cushions are a welcome addition to a classroom, keeping distracted minds comfortable and relaxed. Made of 4 different fabrics with distinct textures, the touch cushion helps children to keep stress at bay. Fabrics include indoor/outdoor, faux suede, faux leather and corduroy.
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4 Pack Shimmer Style Pencil Grip
These super-soft pencil grips are ideal for younger children, encouraging a comfortable grip on the pencil for writing practice. Also suitable for long periods of intensive writing, such as exams. Supplied as a great value pack of 4 in a delightful shimmer colour effect making these stylish and practical.
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4 Pack Shiny Scatter Cushions
Beautiful soft scatter cushions in shiny fabric. These cushion sets are great to create comfy areas around your setting. Each set contains 4 cushions 40 x 40cm . Covers are removable for washing. Actual fabrics and shades will vary due to availability.
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4 Pack Small Nursery Bean Bags for Early Years
A safe, soft seat for little learners yet hard wearing and practical for a nursery and early years environment. Constructed from robust, durable and waterproof polyester, these bean bags are lightweight enough to be moved around independently by young children and can be completely wiped clean with soapy water.
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4 Pack Solid Beech Stackable Chairs Mixed Colours
This set of mixed colour wooden classroom chairs are available in three sizes and are stackable up to three chairs high. Supplied as a mixed pack of colours
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4 Pack Squirting Baby Bath Toys Ducks
The 4 Pack pack of Squirting Duck Bath Toys Set features 4 adorable squirting ducks,which are guaranteed to help bring a splash of colour to your toddler's bath time. Perfect for supporting healthy sensory development, as well as good hand-eye coordination, this cute and colourful set of bath toys
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4 Pack Super Shiny Silver Sensory Balls
Smooth, domed shapes to stack, balance, roll and explore. Develop fine motor skills with this engaging open-ended resource. Subtle pastel colours lend themselves to sorting as well as small world activities.
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4 Pack Tactile Colourful Rainbow Slime
Let's get messy with this wonderful Rainbow Slime! Make shapes or figures or simply squeeze between your hands! Pull, squish and create all kinds of fun shapes with this super stretchy slime.!​​​​​​​ Non-toxic and suitable for children over the age of  3.
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4 Pack Textured Balancing Discs
This Textured Balancing Discs can be used for strength and stability exercises, and can also develop balancing skills. The Textured Balancing Disc's are​​​​​​​ stable yet moving platform for standing or seated exercises. The Textured Balancing Disc​​​​​​​s can be inflated to match the required level of stability and is also suitable for swimming exercises.
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4 Pack Textured Sensory Chews
This set of 4  Sensory Chews offer superb value for money and is suitable for children with sensory processing needs and those whom need a little help with Oral Motor Skills Development.
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4 Pack Training Marker Cones
Coming in a pack of four, these plastic cones are versatile for lots of outdoor games: set them up in a line for football dribbling practise or running in a line, use them as markers for a game of rounders, or use them as distance markers for throwing games. Great for encouraging active play and a fun way to get fit, a little bit of imagination is all that's needed to create lots of fun games.
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4 Rectangular Coloured Room Dividers
This set of 4 Rectangular Coloured Room Dividers vinyl panels can be used to create a colourful room divider. Can be used and attached horizontally or vertically
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4 Seater Quilted Bean Bag Bench
This 4 Seater quilted bench can seat up to 4 children at a time and can be used either indoors or outdoors. Manufactured from wipe clean quilted fabric, bean filled and are light weight and comfortable. Available in 6 bright attractive colours.
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4 shelf book case
Manufactured from 15mm MDF and flat packed for efficient storage and simple assembly.The 4 shelf bookcase is supplied with red uprights and a mix of yellow, green and blue shelves, making them particularly attractive in early learning and primary teaching environments
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4 Sided Easel
The 4 Sided Easel is perfect for little artists wanting to explore painting and drawing activities. The 4 Sided Easel acts as a great aid for teachers and children alike. ​​​​​​​This 4 sided easel is at an ideal height for Early Years children to use.
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4 Square Coloured Panel Dividers
This set of 4 vinyl panels can be used to create a colourful room divider. Being easy to clean they are great in Early years and school settings and help create separate zones within a large area. Our 4 Square Coloured Panel Dividers room dividers and partitions are ideal for use in schools, nurseries, day care centres or at home in a child's room or play area.​​​​​​​
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40 Large Shelf Mobile Drying Rack
Large 40 shelf mobile drying unit takes up to A2 size paper. It is ideal for moving between classrooms. Comes complete with lockable castors and has a plastic coated finish for easy cleaning.  The Large 40 shelf mobile drying unit is suitable for up to A2 sized paper.A great way to dry and store artwork
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40 Pack Squidgy Sparkle Tessellations
Develop math, colour mixing and patterning skills with these squishy, glittery animal shapes in eight different colours. Animal shapes include elephant, dog, bird, fish and lizard. Make tessellating lines, blocks or create your own patterns. Practice colour mixing by layering different colours over each other. Largest shape measures 12.5 H x 12.5cm W. Ages 3yrs+
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40 Piece Dinner Service
This brightly coloured Dinner Service set features everything your little will need to host the perfect dinner party, including a teapot, cups, saucers, plates, cutlery, a casserole dish, salt and pepper shakers, a serving tray and much more! Encourages creative and imaginative role play. Consists of 40 play pieces.
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40 Shelf Mobile Drying Rack Double Sided
Designed to meet the drying requirements for the screen-printing industry, whilst being versatile and functional. Papers can be left to air dry on the open mesh trays of the rack, utilising the available floor space to the maximum.
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40 Shelf Table Top Dryer
This 40 Shelf Table Top Dryer, paint dryer has perfect spaced shelves for easy use. 20 shelves on each side finished in epoxy coated resin for easy cleaning. The 40 Shelf Table Top Dryer takes up to A3 size paper.
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400 Piece Connecting Straws Tub
These flexible, plastic, construction straws each measure 20cm in length. The set includes over 400 pieces of flexible plastic straws and connectors. The set is packed into a handy storage box. Construction resources help to promote a variety of cognitive and physical skills. They encourage problem solving and logical thinking to solve issues such as balancing blocks, where the next piece goes and how to make the structure that they want to build.
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420 Piece Button and Bobbins Lacing Rolling Set
A fantastic set for Stimulating creativity, the Educational Button and Bobbins Lacing-Rolling Set is great for sequencing, counting, threading and rolling activities. The set contains 300 buttons, 72 bobbins, 24 headers and 24 laces.
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432 Piece Cool Crazy Connectors
Intricately designed, the Cool Crazy Connectors link together easily allowing children to build a variety of stable constructions. Great for the classroom or at home, Cool Crazy Connectors are a fun way to encourage logical thinking, shape and colour recognition, and for teaching children basic construction skills.
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444 Piece Shape Number and Geometry Buttons Set
The Educational 12 Shape, Number and Geometry Buttons is a great set for counting, sequencing, threading activities, learning numbers and geometries. 12 different shapes represent numbers from 1 to 10, with holes on each shape to match each number. Encourages matching and sorting skills, as well as hand/eye co-ordination and manipulative skills. Supplied in 6 bright colours, with laces. Includes 12 shapes in 6 colours. Ideal for use in the classroom or at home. Conforms to current European safety standards.
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5 minute ClearView Magnifying Sand Timer
An innovative new design for our best-selling sand timers. The ClearView lens comes with 2x magnification, enabling children to closely observe the smooth-running coloured sand flow from one end to the other. The sand timer can be placed on a table top and observed from the side, or watched from above providing a visual demonstration of the passing of time.
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5 minute Giant Sand Timer Stool
This enormous stylish sand timer stools acts as a seat and timing device! Just like a standard egg timer, it is simply rotated to set the sand flowing through the device and to time events. ​​​​​​​The 5 minute Giant Sand Timer Stool is ideal and strong enough for little children to sit on and time events.
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5 minute Sand Timer
Virtually indestructible 5 minute sand timer with moulded end caps and thick wall surrounds. For easy identification each sand timer is colour coded. 5 minute Sand Timers are perfect for use in games, accurate event timing and experiments.
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5 Pack Bath Water Flutes
Excellent entertainment for young children at bath time! Filling the clear bath water flute tubes with varying quantities of water to produce different musical notes. Brightly coloured and containing song sheets to follow, the Bath Water Flutes even float on the water so they aren't lost in the bottom of the tub.
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5 Pack Bubble Tubs
Use the fantastic value pack of 5 Super Bubble tubs to create a world of sensory wonder on a budget. They are a great multi-sensory pocket money item for all ages! Filled with safe and non toxic bubble fluid, and supplied with a wand.
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5 Pack Large Geometric Shape Mirrors
Mirrors are made from 2mm polystyrene which are shatterproof but flexible. Mirrors help to promote self-awareness, and to babies and young children they present “Hello Me”.  Mirrors are ideal to open a window of discussion and communication, to encourage inquisitive minds, stimulate curiosity, visual scanning, tracking and focusing, and to look at our wonderful world that bit closer.  
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5 Pack of Aroma Playdough
All of these beautifully smelling Aroma Doughs are supplied in separate sealed bags and come inside a useful, reusable storage tub. This Childs Sensory Aroma Dough is easily packed away in this reusable tub for easy storage and transportation. This set is designed for both individuals and group play. Each aroma dough is made with a different colour and scent allowing child to distinguish through sight and smell. This Childs Sensory Aroma Dough will make play time fun and exciting for the child. The dough is soft and malleable to touch and is made from normal wheat flour.
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5 Pack Recordable Voice Pad Set
Our new 5 pack Recordable Voice Pad Set is an exciting addition to our Voice Recordable Range.  Record and playback 40 seconds of speech, music or sound effects via the built-in microphone and Speaker. Includes a removable clear cover, a dry wipe insert and an inset Mirror. 
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5 Pack Sparkle Cylinders
Young children will love building with these 5 beautifully crafted set of Stacking Sparkle Cylinders​​​​​​​. The Stacking Sparkle Cylinders​​​​​​​ vary in size and each one has a different sparkly, acrylic surface. The Stacking Sparkle Cylinders nest neatly inside one another and are an open-ended, versatile resource that children will love.
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5 Pack Ultra Pencil Grips
A carefully researched design of larger, softer and more comfortable pencil grip, offering more control. The Pencil Grip is a revolutionary applied technology that works with the body's natural physiology to gently place fingers in the proper position so that users can learn how to hold a pencil properly.
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5 Pack Uv sensory bracelets
These stretchy UV bracelets are very fun and colourful. They are perfect for playing in the dark. They can be placed on the wrist or ankle, or stretched between two objects, such as small poles.  ​​​​​​​Their exposure to UV light increases their brilliance and enhances any gaming session in the dark! Diameter: 10/12 cm
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5 Peg Boards and Pegs
The Pack of 5 Peg Boards plus 1000 Pegs are Ideal for counting, patterns, sequencing & geometry work. Contents: 5 white Peg Boards, 1000 pegs in 5 bright colours. The The Pack of 5 Peg Boards plus 1000 Peg​​​​​​​ also comes supplied with a leaflet containing creative classroom ideas.
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5 Piece Chef Set
This Green Toys Chef Set is a classic collection of kitchen essentials for aspiring gourmets. Safe, non-toxic; contains no BPA, PVC, phthalates or external coatings. Meets food contact safety standards. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Guaranteed to produce hours of Good Green Fun! Consists of 5 play pieces.
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5 Piece Light up starter set
An exciting array of coloured, twinkling sensory lighting to explore in the Dark Den. The Light up starter set contains a stunning selection of sensory resources that will captivate and engage children through the world of play.
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5 Piece Pencil Grip Posture Correction Set
A complete set of effective pencil grips, to cover everything from specific needs. They are made of softer ​materials that are easy to hold and won't slip down the pencil.
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5 Piece Solid Hardwood Kitchen
5 Piece Solid Hardwood Kitchen is made almost entirely from beautiful rubberwood. Individual units can be placed in different configurations to suit the available classroom space. The 5 Piece Solid Hardwood Kitchen Units provide storage for play food and kitchen utensils. Pack contains a tall fridge freezer with shelves, microwave with turntable, cooker with 4 rings and an oven with a shelf, sink with double cupboard and a washing machine.
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5 pocket clear book display
Strong and durable, lightweight and safe this 5 pocket clear book display unit is ideal for book storage and display. Clear overlapping pockets provide for maximum storage whilst ensuring contents are visible for quick retrieval by the inquisitive reader.
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5 Section Bench with Clear Cubbies
The 5 section bench with clear cubbies is the ideal solution for your seating and storage needs. Cubbies can store shoes, games, classroom accessories and much more. The bench will fit neatly in the classroom or hall.
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5 Senses Dominoes
A fun game to help children understand and explore the role of the five human senses in everyday life. Children classify objects according to the ways in which they relate to the senses.
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5 shelf book case
Manufactured from 15mm MDF and flat packed for efficient storage and simple assembly.The 5 shelf bookcase is supplied with red uprights and a mix of yellow, green and blue shelves, making them particularly attractive in early learning and primary teaching environments.
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5 sided Easel Set with 5 Clear boards
If you prefer not to make your own easel configurations (by mixing various boards) then you can purchase complete sets. Each easel frame includes a removable (for cleaning) stationery tray with paint brush raising receptors (or use to store pens) and 4 spill-proof paint pots! All boards have 2 moveable clips to attach paper or card for painting, drawing etc.
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5 sided Easel Set with 5 Magnetic Chalkboards
If you prefer not to make your own easel configurations (by mixing various boards) then you can purchase complete sets.Each easel frame includes a removable (for cleaning) stationery tray with paint brush raising receptors (or use to store pens) and 4 spill-proof paint pots! Magnetic Chalkboard (indoor use only) – ideal for both magnets and chalk. Each easel frame includes a removable (for cleaning) stationery tray with paint brush raising receptors (or use to store pens an magnets) and 4 spill-proof paint pots!
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5 Sided Easel with 5 Dry Wipe Boards
If you prefer not to make your own easel configurations (by mixing various boards) then you can purchase complete sets. Each easel frame includes a removable (for cleaning) stationery tray with paint brush raising receptors (or use to store pens) and 4 spill-proof paint pots! All boards have 2 moveable clips to attach paper or card for painting, drawing etc.
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5 Station Art Easel
This five station painting stand has been designed to save space whilst allowing up to five children to paint ot drawer at one time.
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50 Shelf Mobile Drying Rack Double Sided
Papers can be left to air dry on the open mesh trays of the 50 Shelf Mobile Drying Rack Double Sided drying rack, utilising the available floor space to the maximum. Each tray is fixed with a positive lock mechanism that holds the tray securely in place providing equal shelf spacing and provides sufficient space for airflow between the shelves.
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500 ML Jumbo Metallic Slime
This large plastic barrel is filled with Jumbo Metallic Slime which is a colourful tactile treat which is calming and relaxing and provides an outlet of focus. Stretch out the sensory fun with our no-mess Jumbo Metallic Slime that really shimmers! Super-shiny and ultra-stretchy, this irresistible Jumbo Metallic Slime provides hours of tactile exploration as kids squeeze, twist, fold and pull—then put it back together again
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500 ML Jumbo Neon Slime
Jumbo size 500ml version of our Neon Slime. This large plastic barrel is filled with vibrant neon-like Jumbo Neon Slime. Pop off the lid and slide it out onto your hand to enjoy the unique tactile sensation of this Jumbo Neon Slime.
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500mm Round Light Panel
deal for group work where children can access the light panel from all sides. Stylishly designed, it provides for a bright arena of evenly dispersed white light for use in any area of the classroom but it is particularly impressive in a dark corner where quiet focussed observation is more easily achieved. It comes with a safe low voltage power supply.
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54 Pack Giant Threading Buttons
54 giant Threading buttons in different shapes and colours enabling sequencing and sorting through tactile discrimination. ​​​​​​​The Giant Threading Buttons are great for honing fine motor skills, boosting dexterity and hand-eye coordination, these colourful buttons are great fun to fiddle with.
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54 Pack Translucent Cube Set
An engaging alternative to traditional wooden sets, our Translucent Cubes add colours and difference to your classroom. Manufactured from a hardwearing but lightweight plastic, this pack of 54 cubes come in a range of bright and bold colours with flat surfaces allowing them to be stacked on top of each other. Alternatively, use to educate your pupils on patterns, sequencing or general shapes with each cube suitable for use with children from 18 months and onwards. They are also ideal for play alongside light tables or panels.
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56 Pack Matching Pairs  Feelings and Emotions
This set of 56 cards is printed with real life photos of various feelings and emotions, featuring a variety of ages, male & female and different ethnic backgrounds. There are 2 each of 28 photos so children can play Matching Pairs. Blank on one side, flip over the discs and find the matching pairs. Use to improve memory skills whilst playing a game of recognition. Photos depict a variety of common feelings and expressions that can stimulate conversation.
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58cm Clear Water Play Table
This generously sized 58cm Clear Water Play Table with a water release valve in the tray's bottom for fast and efficient emptying. Strong tubular frame with castors for easy movement. Size: height - 58cm. Tray size: 110 x 60.5 x 21.5cm.
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6 Bin Classroom Storage Organiser
Colourful, strong, durable and safe with no sharp edges. The 6 Bin Storage Organiser holds a variety of activity materials and toys. The bins can be stored flat or at a display angle as shown, they are removable making them ideal for toting toys to play areas. The construction table top is designed to fit leading brands of building blocks. The frame is designed flat packed for quick and easy assembly. Each pack includes a rack and 6 bright storage bins as shown.
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6 Box Planter with Hanging Rail
Garden box with back rail, 6 inner planters, 3 hanging baskets and castors. ​​​​​​​Create an instant gardening area for your whole school to enjoy.
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6 Box Planter with Protective Cover
The most compact of our school garden range, this high quality planter is ideal to start off your school garden. Made from 50mm thick spruce wood obtained from sustainable sources and pressure treated to ensure longevity these units look great and will last.
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6 Deep With Wicker Baskets
Part of our stock classroom storage range, conforming to BS16121 and available for immediate dispatch. Units are manufactured from 16mm Beech faced MFC with ABS edging and Solid Beech beading.
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6 Metre LED Multi-Colour Rope Light
These Fantastic Rope lights are a fantastic, practical, long-lasting, relaxing, affordable addition! The Rope lights have colour chasing lights which children and adults alike love to watch. The rope light is fully controlled by a function box which allows you to choose from 8 Sequences from fast to slow to fade in or fade out or chase the rope it really is the light to suit the mood.
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6 Pack Baby Sensory Rubbabu Balls
Perfect for the development of gross motor skills as well as sensory enhancement. Children can grip and catch these balls easier than traditional versions thanks to the clever shapes and the soft and squishy materials. When held, children can appreciate the soft and smooth texture and notice the pleasing squishyness, while increasing their sensory awareness.
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6 Pack Balance Riverstones Stepping Stones
The River Stones are inspired by stepping stones in a river with each side of the triangle varying in steepness and difficulty.The purpose is to jump from stone to stone without touching the floor. You can vary the position of the stones to create more challenging paths for children.
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6 pack Easy Grip Balls
A lovely pack of 6 textured sensory ball measuring 11cm meaning its easier to grip and children will love the textured feel of the hedgehog ball. The ball is covered with little knobbly bumps and makes this a softer ball to teach touch and texture.Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, these balls are a lovely addition to a sensory area, providing a tactile stimulus. Supplied in 6 bright colours.
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6 Pack Large Water Balls
The feeling of water inside the ball and the figures floating is a new experience for every baby! The set of six contains six 100mm(Dia) balls, filled with water with assorted figures floating among colourful beads. Great Sensory Balls which encourage play and spike curiosity. ​​​
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6 Pack of Fleece Balls
This set of 6 brightly coloured Fleece Balls are lightweight, made from cotton and approx 9cm diameter. The Fleece Balls are ideal for learning to throw and catch great for using with small children as they are very easy to throw, to catch or to handle.
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6 pack of Step a Logs
Sturdy, flat-topped stepping logs connected with adjustable rope and a ribbed platform to prevent slipping. Children will gain confidence and improve balance as they progress from stepping over short gaps to jumping over wider gaps. Made from strong plastic, these logs can support the weight of an adult
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6 Pack Recordable Talking Metallic Gold Stars
A set of six beautiful  Recordable Talking Metallic Gold Stars with a 30 second recording feature and pocket for your own inserts. Each  Recordable Talking Metallic Gold Star also includes a hook for hanging and a lock feature to keep a message. Press the shiny silver star button to play.
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6 Pack Sensory Rainbow Cascade
Our highly attractive Sensory Rainbow Cascade sensory liquid timer sets contain colourful oil and water in a range of designs. ​​​​​​​When the Sensory Rainbow Cascades are turned upside down they provide a variety of ways for the droplets to fall or rise.
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6 Pack Sensory Textured Bean Bags
This set of sensory bags is designed to help children learn through play, by providing sensory stimulation. Included in this set are 8 sensory window bean bags made for your young ones to explore. The Sensory Window Bean bags are a flexible learning resource, giving an exciting sound to go along with the varied textures. Your children will love playing with this set and discovering the different sensations it provides!
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6 Pack Small Quilted Bean Bag Pouffes
Ideal for group activities or quiet reading indoors or out. Very portable with carry handle on the side so you can take your classroom or reading area anywhere.  Soft touch quilted design can be used indoors or out. 
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6 Pack Square Vinyl Cushion Pack
Square Vinyl Cushions Ideal for floor time or perfect for a reading corner environment. A set of six supplied in mixed colours
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6 Pack Tactile Ball Set
The amazing set of 6 Tactile Balls are the perfect tactile exploration toy. Each ball has its own unique surface and texture and makes each ball a joy to behold. When squeezed the ball makes a Squeak sound making it a truly satisfying and rewarding game.
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6 Pack Traffic Sign Set
Excellent for road safety, traffic awareness or just looking for something different for role play. Easy to assemble and pack away. Can be used indoors and outside. A set of large common road signs, ideal for role play. These signs can be used indoors and out to add an element of excitement to learning about road safety and the world around us.
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6 Pack Translucent Colour Bucket Set
Fun stackable Translucent colour buckets, the perfect size for children to use in exploration play with sand and water, or for colour mixing and matching. Colours match the Translucent Colour Jug Set so can be used together for extended play value.
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