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Special Needs Computers
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Chatter Tracker
The Chatter Tracker will help you to keep the noise level low. The Chatter Tracker uses a traffic light method, as the noise gets louder the lights move from green to amber to red. When the light turns red a siren goes off to indicate that the noise is too loud - the siren stops as the noise in the room lowers. 
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Computer Station and Bench
This Kids Computer Desk comes complete with a separate bench which can be stored neatly underneath when not in use.
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Early Years Computer Station
Made from maple melamine and designed to coordinate with the rest of the PlayScapes range, this Early Years Computer Station is the ideal workspace for young children. Storage within the unit is safe and efficient with the PC tower and cables being stored at the back of the desk so that they are not easily accessible by children. With the storage at the back of the unit, it means that the full width of the unit can be used for workspace and there is ample room to accommodate 2 children.
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First Computer Station and Bench
A neat  Computer station and bench unit that includes cable management holes and a sliding keyboard shelf. Manufactured in 15mm vinyl faced MDF. Supplied flat packed but easy to assemble with simple instructions included.
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Iphone 4 Protective Case
Featuring three form-fitting layers and a self-fixed screen protector, it guards against impact damage, scratches and dirt.
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Pecs resource disc
This fantastic Pecs resource disc resource is ready to print and images can be resized. This Pecs resource disc package is suitable for anyone with communication difficulties. A fantastic addition to anyones visual aid collection, make your own Visual boards, Schedule Boards, Keyrings
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School Rolling Media Pod
The Media Pod provides educators with an all-in-one media station. The optional iPad mount creates an interactive listening centre, allowing you to enhance your traditional audio functions with new digital options. To ensure classroom mobility, the Media Pod comes with a rolling frame. It works with all generations of iPad, holds six standard sized head phones
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SEN Keyboard Dual Case
A fun and educational way to introduce your children to the world of computers! kids of an ever younger age are learning how to use computers but are sometimes hindered by the standard keyboards, aimed at adults. The innovative kids keyboard gives them a fun and colorful way to interact and play with their pc/laptop. The color coding of the keys allows children to identify the various groups of keys within the keyboard, aiding learning and progression. Additionally, the keyboard is damage and spill resistant, made from a tough polymer, meaning that the keyboard will last longer than a standard one in the hands of young people. Make learning fun for your child with this excellent educational product.
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Special needs keyboard lowercase
Ideal for those with special needs - The larger keys and uncluttered layout make the task of inputting less challenging, and the oversized letters easy to spot.
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Special needs keyboard Upper Case
Ideal for those with special needs - The larger keys and uncluttered layout make the task of inputting less challenging, and the oversized letters easy to spot.
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Special needs touchscreen
Our 10.1 inch special needs friendly touch screen games pad.Pointing at something you want is a natural way to communicate and with our special needs touch screen its just become a whole lot easier.
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Touch screen Stylus
This Touch screen Stylus will make using your iPhone, android or iPad as fun as finger painting! Although you might love using the latest gadget technology, you have to admit there’s something satisfyingly ‘old school’ about holding a pencil.
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