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The Team at Sensory Education have been working within the special needs toys sector since early 2009 and have gained a reputation for providing special needs toys at lower prices than all of our rivals.
When we entered the special needs toys sector back in 2009 we set our to change the sector which for so many years had inflated prices of special needs toys and equipment because they could.
Our rivals felt that they could charge more because they would use excuses such as " Its such a small niche market that our prices reflect that" 
Well back in 2009 we set out with a challenge to disrupt that mindset and change it.
Since 2009 we have managed to make others in the special needs sector change pricing and come into the 21st century and offer more value for money.
However they still like to try and take more money than they should.
We at Sensory Education have always believed in offering Special needs toys at the best possible price and we will always ensure you get a better deal with us.
If you find another Special needs toy supplier at a lower price we will Beat that price.
We supply sensory toys to mums,dads,schools,charities and the NHS along with all other customers whom wish to purchase some sensory toys and special needs items

Since we started in 2009 our challenge was to disrupt the high priced rivals who believe in feathering their own nest and because we did that some of our rivals played dirty tricks along the way but we were not beaten and today here in 2017 we have become one of the UK's largest independent special needs toys company.
No matter how big we become as a company we still maintain the original mindset we held back in 2009 which is simply to ensure Parents and Schools and charities have access to Great Value special needs toys.

And remember if you find it cheaper WE WILL BEAT THAT PRICE.

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