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Cute Kitten
The fluffiest, cutest kitten we've ever seen! This appealing little kitty moves forward, pausing now and then to curl her luxuriant tail, look up and cheerfully meow. Her fur is wonderfully soft and fluffy - it's hard to resist stroking her. A great new addition to the family!
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Flipping Puppy
Everybody loves a Flippin' Puppy. A classic for decades, the small dog will yap excitedly and shuffle forwards before performing an accomplished back-flip! Our Puppy has soft, tactile fur and a little felt collar.
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Playful Penguin
This adorable penguin enthusiastically waddles around, merrily flapping his wings and making sweet, braying squeaks. He has soft, downy feathers that are lovely to stroke and his big eyes look up at you with a mixture of curiosity and adoration. His flat-footed antics are enchanting to watch as he randomly plods about the room and, unlike more unruly penguins, he can be switched off for a little rest.
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Playful Percy Pig
This furry pig walks along, stops regularly to snuffle its nose and makes lifelike oink sounds as it does. Just seeing this animated plush pig in action will be enough to convince anyone that this farm yard friend will become a firm favourite toy, thanks to its adorable walking and grunting action. This also makes it an ideal demo line that will definitely capture the attention of anyone nearby! Part of the Animigos range.
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