Amazingly we hear people saying Oh do not buy from us as the stuff must be inferior quality and cheaper this statement is usually fuelled by jealous rivals who like taking your money for doing the same work as us.

Well lets kill that MYTH shall we...

When we add a product to our range we do so using exactly the same suppliers as our sensory toy rivals.
We buy exactly the same products and sell exactly the same product its just our profit margin is not as high.
So we dont cut corners on the basis of cost we simply reduce our profit to keep more pounds in your pocket.

We buy goods from all the main suppliers and in many cases sell a product cheaper than the supplier offers a product on there own website such is our commitment to lowering prices for everybody.

All our products meet or exceed required safety standards for toys and equipment sold within the European Union.
All products are tested within a third party independant lab to check the product conforms to required safety standards.

Our website offers thousands of products and it is very difficult for us to say one way or another if that would be suitable for your childrens needs.
Obviously no two children are the same especially when our core business is within the special needs community so whilst we will be able to make suggestions it really does need your input in determing if a product is suitable for your child's needs.

For example if you have a child who is a little rough during play a 89 pence fidget toy may not be the best option in terms of durability and you would need to consider the product usage and imagine your child using a particular product to determine if that may item is suitable.
In some instances it may also be worth speaking to your childs occupational therapist so they can provide a range of items for use in play.

Well heres the good news...
If within 14 days of your goods arriving you have changed your mind and you feel they are not suitable just let us know and you can return the items without any penalty.

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