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Our amazing range of sensory toys and special needs toys and Equipment
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6 Pack Shaker Rattles
Babies and toddlers love playing with these delightful shakers. Use for free play, treasure baskets or as an accompaniment to songs and rhymes. Made from Pine wood and acrylic.
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Bead Blocks Pack of 8
A beautifully crafted collection of wooden blocks, each containing an array of different beads. The clear windows are great for observation. There are two sets of four blocks so they make a lovely matching activity. This is a lovely way of combining a treasure-like experience with sensory and construction activities. Watch the beads bounce and swirl inside the smooth, highly finished bricks.
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Black and White Sensory Play Basket
A basket of soft, sensory black and white resources developmentally aligned for babies. Why not play peek-a-boo with the soft cloths or cover the animals up and play hiding games. All items are machine washable. Feel the different textures. There’s soft, smooth and crinkly. Find out which makes a noise. The contents are all stored in a beautifully made soft basket.
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Classroom Break Box
When children start fidgeting and getting restless, Reach out for the fantastic Classroom Break Box! This complete sensory kit is packed with our some of our best sensory toys and goodies, our Break Boxes provide an outlet for children to channel their  inner spirit and regulate feelings and emotions through play.
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Colourful Metallic Boulders
These blocks are suitable for use by babies from birth up to older children. Play is an important part of early childhood. Exploratory play and inquiry based learning encourages children to learn, develop and grow whilst they have fun.
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Cylinder Treasure Rolling Pins
These delightful Wooden Treasure Cylinders will be enjoyed by all ages.  Roll them, shake them, twist and turn them to create rewarding sounds, movement and vibration. These lovely rolling pins can be used in dough as well as in the role play area and have acrylic centres so the contents can be seen.
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Discovery Mirror Board
This Visual Discovery Mirror Board consists of a concave lens, convex lens, a magnifier and a mirror. Children will love experimenting with the different visual sensations each window offers, marvelling at the distorted images. It is a great way to introduce children to the idea of perspective and reflection.
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Easy Hold Lens
The Large Easy Hold Magnifier makes all small things become big and allows a child to explore the smaller details of the world up close.
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Easy hold magnifier
A great start for young explorers providing 3 times magnification (5 times magnification via a small enlargement lens). It has an easy to hold hardwood frame making it ideal for small hands.Size: 185mm x 120mm - lens 80mm
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Essential Senco Starter Kit
A collection of popular sensory resources chosen by School Senco's and put together in a one-stop kit to help provide students make their day more engaging and fun.
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GetSetGo Multi Activity Pack
A selection of versatile equipment to enable children to become involved in various playtime situations. Excellent for after school use. 
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Giant Sight and Sound Sensory Tubes
Stimulate curiosity and allow children to explore sight, sound, weight, colours, shapes and sizes.  Roll, tilt, shake and flip these sensory tubes and discover the different sounds they make when filled with different items. C
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Head massager
All you need to do is slowly push the massager down over your head and then raise it again. Each time you do this the metal flexible fingers massage your scalp, sending a sensual feeling across your head, down your spine and throughout your body and putting you in a very near Hypnotic trance.
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Heuristic Play Starter Set
The Heuristic plays set is a wonderful opportunity to nourish toddlers’ curiosity about the objects that make up the world around them. The resources which make up this heuristic starter set are not objects traditionally thought of as toys for young children, but they provide equally valuable opportunities for stimulating and extending children’s learning
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Large Treasure Basket
This multi sensory treasure basket is a firm favourite with children of all ages. It is filled with 50 different items ranging from a soft teddy bear through to a wire slinky and small wooden bowl
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Metallic Boulder Blocks
These silver colour, metallic blocks can be used in a number of open-ended ways which will engage children of all ages.
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Mirrors and Shapes Game
Create different visual effect with reflections and coloured tiles and various shapes
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Mystery bag
Want to grab a bargain and get some mystery goodies as a little surprise? Then our fantastic surprise mystery bag is a fantastic way of getting some sensory goodies at an excellent price.
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Mystery Sensory Balls Pack of 6
A set of 6 reflective mirror balls that look identical but all have individual characteristics. Some wobble when rolled, or turn and won’t roll in a straight line, some feel funny when twisted, spun or shaken, and others make different shaker or rattle sounds.
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Natural Sensory Cubes 5 Pack
Each Natural sensory cube is different. .  The Natural Sensory Cubes are a set of 5 small cubes designed for babies and small children. In a range of natural fabrics they are perfect for sensory activities. Great fun for patting, squashing and rolling. 
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Pine Cones Pack of 6
A fantastic tactile resource which is full of texture and makes a great hand held discussion topic.
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Primary Science Five Senses Activity Set
Making science accessible to everyone, the Primary Science products have been designed with young scientists in mind. The bright colours will keep young learners engaged while the chunky tools are perfect for little hands to manage.
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Rainbow Tongs Set of 6
Get a grip on fine motor skills with this tong set containing 6 scoops! The brightly coloured scoops have clear tops for easy observation and scissor handles for safely capturing, holding and inspecting insects or plants. Tongs come in 6 colours, 1 colour each: red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple. They are ideal for developing a number of early skills, specifically fine motor skills, hand-to-eye coordination. Holding the tongs help children practice scissor actions. They also develop observational skills and promote scientific investigation.
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Rainbow Viewers  Pack of 6
A set of observation pots with a magnifier in the brightly coloured push on lids. Ideal for investigating natural resources up close. 60mm dia lens with 3x magnification.
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Rockyroad Tunnel
A tunnel with integral soft flooring encourages crawling through and hiding inside, play peek-a-boo as you discover who is hiding there. Fit together with the Rockyroad Beam and Three Piece Slide and Climb to create an assault course designed to fully stimulate the toddler's all round physical development. Turn the tunnel upside down and you have a see-saw rocker to rock side to side and develop balance. Detailed activity sheet included.
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Sand Scape Panel
When inverted, three different coloured sands flow through a clear liquid, starting and stopping as they encounter a hole or a barrier.
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Sensory Reflective Balls Silver Pack of 4
Reflective mirror balls provide a stretched version of reality that is distorted like a fish-eye lens giving a view which is other worldly. Made from hard wearing stainless steel, robustly constructed without being heavy and can be handled by young children with ease. Age: birth+.
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Sensory Treasure Basket
A basket of everyday play items encouraging children to explore senses and the environment. Ideal to support children's learning within the "Early Years Foundation Stage" (EYSF)
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Sensory Treasure Basket Starter
Amazing sensory massage kit is a delightful collection of massage products which will help relieve the stresses of the day. Therapeutic and stimulating the massage kit is a complete collection of sensory massagers and soft brushes which are delightful to touch and very tactile.
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Inspire curiosity and exploration for children aged 10 months and older with our Complete sensory treasure basket set - designed for use with children aged 10 months and above. Providing the ultimate in multi-sensory learning experiences, the 48 treasures which fill the large basket (ensuring flexible use individually or in groups) have been carefully selected to inspire and support children's ongoing development, maximise sensory interest and play value. 
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Sensory Zone Make Over Set
Get your Sensory Room off to a stunning start with this amazing sensory zone make over set which will transform any room with ease and within a set budget. The kit is an ideal way to set up or transform a sensory room with a range of light and colour.
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Sparkle Cushions
A set of high quality, luxurious, soft metallic cushions, that children will love to sit down on or lie on. These versatile cushions are perfect for use in dens, sensory rooms, reading areas or just a quiet place to curl up and relax.
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Stress Relief Buddy Set
To help you get through those tough days, we have developed the stress relief set of stress reducing products – for progressive stress relief.
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Three Piece Slide and Climb
High enough to give a sense of height and risk but not too high as to cause anxiety. Cube has a reflective top and one side to encourage observation and exploration.
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Touch and match pair game
 A delightful touch and feel matching game which is tactile to touch and a great way to help build tactile awareness and matching skills. The board has spaces in which to place the tactile circle blocks and the board shows the colour and texture and the idea of the game is to match the block to the correct hole on the board using the colour or the texture or both.
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Delightful products from our Sensory Treasure Basket range providing excellent sensory input.

Great value treasure baskets with a fine selection of touch and feel materials.

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