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TTS GROUP Education Price Match

Like TTS group we use many of the same manufacturers and suppliers however we don't hike the prices up like they do.
We use the same supply chain as TTS,use the same wholesalers,same manufacturers so you are getting the exact same products like for like on all branded products.
We at Sensory Education will price match the prices offered by TTS Group.

Sensory Education will beat the price of the TTS GROUP on any products of the same brand.
We will price beat TTS GROUP across the entire range including the TTS GROUP Early years range, the TTS GROUP classroom furniture range,TTS GROUP Primary school range and the TTS GROUP Outdoor range to name a few.

Like TTS GROUP we stock the highest standard of educational supplies and equipment and in most instances we use the exact same suppliers so it would be daft to be paying a premium for the same products.

If you find a product cheaper at TTS GROUP then simply email and we will price beat the TTS GROUP price.

Like The TTS GROUP we also allow schools and charities to order online, pay on 30 day credit terms and send us purchase orders so you now have real choice when ordering school and classroom equipment.
You can shop with confidence knowing you are buying the same high quality items and goods and can choose to pay by invoice knowing you are in receipt of your educational goods prior to payment.

The one thing we pride ourselves on is shaking up the educational market and when we started 10 years ago many other retailers including TTS were operating on catalogue sales and offering 5-10 day delivery on orders, we are proud we were the pioneer of fast online ordering for schools and our delivery options are faster than all other educational suppliers.

Simply shop online and rest assured Sensory Education can save you money and allow your school budget to stretch further.

Switch to Sensory Education and we guarantee you savings.

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In the past 10 years we have worked with hundreds of school's,charities,MAT's and NHS organisations and our aim has always been best value.

Today we are delighted to take this to the next level and we are now offering a full TTS health check.

Simply send us your recent invoices and we will provide a full spending audit on the TTS products and with that information we will detail our pricing and highlight potential savings to be made.

To take advantage of a TTS health check please email our accounts team on

Pricing examples correct as of 18:30pm on 19th November 2020

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