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Childrens Wheelchair Gloves
The Children's Wheelchair Gloves gloves are comfortable, functional and incredibly cool, whilst also helping to protect vulnerable little hands on wheelchair rims.  The Children's Wheelchair Gloves have padded grips on the palms and velcro straps to keep them secure on even the smallest of hands. 
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Disabled toilet key
Pre cut Radar Key for use with RADAR (The Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation) disabled toilet locks. ​​​​​​​Never be caught short when out and about with the disabled access toilet key.
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Green and Blue UV Giant Snake
This large and colourful stuffed snake is a great addition for a play-in-the-dark session or sensory room. Designed in a way to attract children’s attention, the snake can be placed in a large variety of ways: Behind a cupboard, with each end of the snake sticking out a different place, rolled around the leg of a table or chair or placed on a beam in the ceiling. The snake glows in the dark when exposed to UV-light.  The snake also stimulates imagination and symbolic games. Designed to provide deep pressure input throughout the day. ​​​​​
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Louis The Ladybird Lap Weight
Children will love this lovable Louis The Ladybird Lap Weight. Louis The Ladybird Lap Weight is made in a soft, plush material this lap weight is ideal for providing a deep, calming pressure for children who are anxious or need help with sensory processing. These weights can also be useful for children who like fidgeting to help them sit still.
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Manipulative House
A three sided free standing wooden Manipulative House structure with roof which allows several children or wheelchair users the space to enter and turn within the house. All three wall panels on the Manipulative House are reversible and can be manipulated from inside or outside the house.
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Move and Sit Seat Wedge
The Movin’ Sit Jr Wedge is designed for children and works perfectly for chairs in a classroom or even a dinning table, or just for those moments of quite time on the floor. The Move and Sit Seat Wedge simulates the effect of motion of a therapy ball on a chair making this a unique sensory idea.
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Multi Sensory Den Wheelchair Accessible
The beauty of this sensory den is that its reversible- white on one side, black on the other. This is ideal for different types of sensory experiences- black dens typically being for UV products and fibre optics and white dens for calming projectors, bubbles and smaller sensory toys to explore. 
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Senseez Bumpy Turtle Massage Cushion
This soft, furry Senseez Bumpy Turtle Massage Cushion pillow offers a gentle vibration when squeezed or sat on.   The Senseez Bumpy Turtle Massage Cushion operates on batteries and has a small pouch inside that can vibrate to offer sensations to help relax, calm or soothe the body.  
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Senseez Vibrating Cushion Football
The Senseez Vibrating Cushion Football can help some kids sit still and others fall asleep!  The Senseez Vibrating Cushion Football is for all the sports loving boys and girls and for parents who will love that their child sits longer due to the amazing sensory properties of this vibrating cushion.
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Senseez Vibrating Hoodie Cushion
The Senseez Vibrating Hoodie Cushion style are especially made for teenagers and adults. The Senseez Vibrating Hoodie Cushion's are larger in size and designed to be squeezed and cuddled to soothe. Teens can use them behind their backs as a massage cushion to calm down and relax during study or play!
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Sensory Leg Weight
The Leg Weight is a stretchy weighted compression sleeve that is worn on the lower leg. It pulls on like a sock, and has 4 vertical tunnels of lead-free steel shot that are located on the front (shin) side of the leg to allow for maximum flexibility and mobility. It can also be used for various gross motor and strengthening exercises.
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Space Blanket
The space blanket is the perfect special needs sensory resource and has so many sensory play benefits. The space blanket foil provides a rewarding crinkly noise which children love to experience by touch and sound making this a tactile dream which is both comforting and relaxing.
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Tote Around Turtle Weighted Lap Animal
The Tote Around Turtle enables a child to attend and focus. Improvements have been noted in reducing rocking behaviors, maintaining 90 degree hip flexion, decreasing leg wrapping around the chair and reducing the incidence of standing during fine-motor activities.
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Vibrating pillow cushtie cushion
Cushties are ultra-soft pillows, providing comfortable, gentle and uniform support for resting on. The new Vibrating Cushtie features a pleasing vibrating motion in its soft squishy body.
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