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Bazza the Weighted Snake
A great companion at home or in the classroom! This plush snake is filled with approximately 2kg of beads. Soft and cuddly, it makes the perfect buddy to hang around your shoulders, to sit on your lap or to wrap around your body (to feel your body's limits).  The snake also stimulates imagination and symbolic games. Designed to provide deep pressure input throughout the day. ​​​​​
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Bitty Bottoms seat cushion
The Bitty Bottom Cushion Seat measuring 8 in across contains crunchy beans for a smooth and more sensory experience. Cushion inflatable to desired level, is perfect for the kids who need to wiggle, fidget and move.
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Childrens Wheelchair Gloves
Does your child have to wear boring looking wheelchair gloves? Not any more! They can now be the envy of all their friends with these funky wheelchair gloves.
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Disabled toilet key
The National Key Scheme offers disabled people independent access to almost 9,000 locked public toilets
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Green and Blue UV Giant Snake
This large and colourful stuffed snake is a great addition for a play-in-the-dark session or sensory room. Designed in a way to attract children’s attention, the snake can be placed in a large variety of ways: Behind a cupboard, with each end of the snake sticking out a different place, rolled around the leg of a table or chair or placed on a beam in the ceiling. The snake glows in the dark when exposed to UV-light.  The snake also stimulates imagination and symbolic games. Designed to provide deep pressure input throughout the day. ​​​​​
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Louis The Ladybird Lap Weight
Made in a soft, plush material this lap weight is ideal for providing a deep, calming pressure for children who are anxious or need help with sensory processing.
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Manipulative House
A three sided free standing wooden structure with roof which allows several children or wheelchair users the space to enter and turn within the house. All three wall panels are reversible and can be manipulated from inside or outside the house.
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Move and Sit Seat Wedge
Helps balance, encourages proper sitting and correct posture, while aiding concentration. There are tactile bumps on the topside and smooth on the bottom, provides sensory feed back helping children to remain focused for longer. Particularly beneficial for those with poor body awareness and low muscle tone.
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Multi Sensory Den Wheelchair Accessible
Never a barrier to participation these versatile, multi-function sets are easy to set up to help you create multi-sensory spaces for learning and play.
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Senseez Bumpy Turtle Massage Cushion
This pillow is made of soft bumpy material to create more sensations by rubbing the raised bumps. This lovable animal comes with a tail that can also be used to rub between fingers or across the face for extra tactile stimulation. Perfect for the most sensitive of children or for those who love turtles!
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Senseez Vibrating Cushion Football
This colourful, lightweight, fun-shaped vinyl vibrating soccer ball cushion offers a gentle sensation when squeezed or sat on, relaxing, calming or soothing the body.
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Senseez Vibrating Hoodie Cushion
These styles are especially made for our teens and adults. They are larger in size and designed to be squeezed and cuddled to soothe. Teens can use them behind their backs to calm during study or play!
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Space Blanket
Our amazing space blanket is the perfect special needs sensory resource. The space blanket foil provides a rewarding crinkly noise which children love to experience by touch and sound. Take the space blanket and reflect light onto it and watch as the blanket becomes a beacon of light reflecting across the blanket.
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Tote Around Turtle Weighted Lap Animal
Using weight to offer proprioceptive feedback is effective for 'grounding' children with autism, sensory integration disorders and many other neurological challenges.
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Vibrating pillow cushtie cushion
Cushties are ultra-soft pillows, providing comfortable, gentle and uniform support for resting on. The new Vibrating Cushtie features a pleasing vibrating motion in its soft squishy body.
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